15 Bytes is designed to be viewed on the web. Because many people have said that they like to also print it out to read it, we have been trying to develop our issues so that they are easier to print.

15 Bytes is designed to print on legal size paper(8 1/2 x 14), with each web page fitting on two legal sheets. We have tried to layout the images so that they will occur before or after a line break.

In order to print them you may need to adjust your printer settings. Here are some suggestions:

In Internet Explorer or Netscape go to File, click "Page Setup." Make sure that the paper size is correct (8 1/2 x 14) and that the orientation is Portrait. Make the margins on left, right, top, bottom as small as possible. Older versions may not allow you to go less than 0.25" which may cause some problems. Eliminate any header or footer options on the settings. Click Ok.
Next, click "Print Preview" to see how your page will look when it prints. Go back and adjust the margins if necessary. Then go to the Print option in File and print.