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 January 2011
Published by Artists of Utah
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Daniel Ochoa at Julie Nester
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Up and Upcoming: To The North
Exhibition Listings in Northern Utah
Prepared by 15 Bytes staff unless otherwise indicated. UPCOMING and UP listings should reach us by the last Wednesday of the month. Those accepted will run until the closing date, or for one month if no closing date is given. Readers using the guide are cautioned to check with the exhibitor if the accuracy of the listing is crucial. Please send listings for this page to editor@artistsofutah.org


The Park City Gallery Stroll usually takes place the last Friday of every month. Note: Some venues are closed during the Sundance Film Festival.

Julie Nester Gallery UP: Figurative work by Daniel Ochoa |0| and Tor Archer.|1| In a review of Ochoa's exhibit at Julie Nester a year ago Geoff Wichert wrote, "alternatively abstract and representational, realistic and diagrammatic, impressionistic and expressionistic, detached and engaged, these paintings move back and forth as casually as truly bilingual speakers switch between shared languages, using whatever verbal gesture or linguistic brushstroke best expresses the moment’s feeling or thought" (read the review here). Archer's female figures, frequently made from copper tubing and bronze wire, represent the life giving, nurturing and creative force of Nature and the archetypal association of the female body with the earth. In the creation of the work he takes inspiration from the natural world - the structure of branches, of roots, the veins of a leaf, the layering of sedimentary rock or the geometric regularity of crystalline structure.

Gallery MAR UP: Here and Abroad, new works by George Bodine |2| and Kirk Tatom.|3| Bodine is a self-taught artist who has studied pigments, how to make them, their archival qualities, and their history. His current occupation as an airline pilot frequently takes him to Italy, his main inspiration and painting subject. Tatom is known for painting the lush green fields and farms of both this country and England, gravitating towards the rural. Preparation of the panel requires just the right placing of texture exactly where it belongs. The surface may be sanded, scraped, polished, scored then washed, stained, and glazed. Then comes the march of the elements of landscape: a boat, a vineyard, trees, farm animals. UPCOMING: Natural Impressions, featuring Amy Ringholz, Lisa Lamoreaux, and Brad Stroman. Amy Ringholz's energetic canvases portray an array of animals, each with their own playful, human-like personalities.|4| Lisa Lamoreaux creates intuitively, responding to the images, maps, and textures that comprise her works, creating a layer of mixed media papers with oil and acrylic paints.|5| As an artist-activist Brad Stroman combines his passion for making art with his concerns for the environment. His abstracted still life paintings reflect the intimate and fragile relationship between man and nature, and feature man-made wall textures alongside natural elements such as river rocks, tree limbs, fragile eggs, and other elements.|6|
Kimball Art Center
Ansel Adams: Early Works features 50 intimate prints made between the 1920s and 1950s.|7| AND: Amy Peruvian: Reflection features work by the Seattle-based artist that combines glass, metal and photography.|8| Her photographic images are both literal and metaphorical representations of memory. The glass elements of her pieces function as lenses through which memories are reflected or distorted, addressing questions of what happens to one's memories over the passage of time. AND: Carolyn Guild: Affirmations of Spirit, an exhibit of contemplative black and white landscape photography provides glimpses into our natural world, in its purest sense.|9| She seeks out the spirit in nature, reflecting her own, resulting in evocative and often surrealistic images.

Meyer Gallery UP: Wasatch Reflections, twenty new paintings by Seth Winegar.|10| Winegar's paintings begin as detailed studies of the subject but then flow into loose imaginative segments demonstrating his love of juxtaposition and glazing. "I want to capture the spirit of the scene. The goal is trying to attain immediate intimacy," the artist says. His paintings are also studies in opposition: the play of light and shadow, warm and cool tones, dramatic and diminutive are all detailed in his work.

Thomas Kearns McCarthy Gallery UP: Unseen Masterpieces, a collection of works by Grigory L. Chainikov, a keeper of the traditions of Russian realistic painting.|11| His landscapes include recurring motifs of the forest: inside and at the edges of woods, meadows surrounded by trees, bands of paths and forest roads, leading one's gaze away inside a painting.
District Gallery UP: Metamorphosis, a one man show featuring the colorful interpretations of iconography of the West by Utah artist Jeff Ham.|12|

Montgomery Lee Fine Art UP: Works by Bonnie Posselli |13| and David Bradshaw.

Mountain Trails Gallery UP: Landscapes by Shanna Kunz. |14|

Western Heritage Art Museum UP:
The Art of Rock Art, the 4th annual Utah Arts Council Traveling Exhibit. This exhibition, Ancient Painters of the Colorado Plateau, is a sample of Utah's longest running rock art style -- the Barrier Canyon style. UPCOMING: 2010 Utah Watercolor Society Juried Exhibit, a selection of works curated by the Uintah Arts Council Traveling Exhibit.

The Palette Club of Ogden's Group Show, as well as work by Natalie Raevsky, Anthony Lott , Alessandra Sulpy. Sculpture by Dan Toone and Joshua Toone. Raevsky, a graduate of BYU, finds inspiration for her art in her home life as a wife and mother. Anthony Lott, featured in Artists of Utah' original 35 x 35 exhibit, currently teaches at CEU and works in oils and acrylics. Alessandra Sulpy's works manage a push and pull between the mundane and mysterious. Father and son Dan Toone work out of the same studio and with the same found materials, but each has developed their own artistic vocabulary. You can see Karina Jones' photo essay of their studio here and a video interview with Joshua here.

The Ogden First Fridays Art Walk takes place every month on the First Friday of the month. Galleries are open for receptions Friday, January 7 from 6 to 9 pm for receptions.

Universe City UPCOMING: Basin and Range VI, the sixth annual artistic response to issues regarding the beautiful mountains that are the compelling feature of our local landscape. The exhibit features photographs by Holland Banks, freelance photographer currently living in Bountiful and employed at Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area.|15| Banks' photographs focus on Basin and Range fauna, most specifically on waterfowl that populate Farmington Bay WMA.

Eccles Community Art Center UP: Palette Club of Ogden annual exhibit.

Gallery 25 UPCOMING:
Featured artist Darlene Hamblin, who has studied at Weber State and works in oils and acrylics.|16| Her subject for this show will include landscape, florals, and mixed media using found objects. Also joining Darlene for the show, will be her husband Bert Hamblin, who makes beautiful handmade wood pepper mills. The exhibit is further enhanced with the participation of four artistic granddaughters: Tarra Tippets who will be showing her pottery, Gayle Dowdle and Janae Wood, who both create graphite portraits, and Sonya Mulvey who will be showing her handmade jewelry.

WSU Shaw Gallery UPCOMING: Weber State Student Art Exhibiton.

Brigham City Museum UP:
ith a Paintbrush and a Camera, photography and painting by Barry and Julie Parsons, of Wellsville. Barry's work includes a series of color abstracts of man-made subjects. He is drawn to a variety of subjects, from stacked ski equipment to an array of multicolored chewing gum stuck to a small area on the exterior of a building in Eureka, Utah. Julie's colorful works often use wildlife as the subject of an implied narrative.

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art UP: Uses of the Real: What's New Now? displaying 31 new works donated by the Kathryn C. Wanlass Foundation and Marie Eccles Caine Foundation.
AND: EcoVisionaries: Designs for Living on Earth, an exhibit of socially engaged artists who seek out and propose radical concepts using unusual materials to create innovations that reduce the impact of humans or preserve environments. AND: Evidence and Artifacts: Particle Matter 2.5, Christopher M. Gauthiér’s photographs of Cache Valley, made in the midst of ice, fog, and inversion, a natural and manmade regional weather phenomenon in which beauty and toxicity combine.|17| Gauthiér documents both the cause and effect of the growing air pollution problem in the valley during the coldest days of the year.

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