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February 2011
Published by Artists of Utah
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Jared Clark at Rio Gallery
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

Prepared by 15 Bytes staff. Unless otherwise noted, UPCOMING shows begin FEBRUARY 18, 6 to 9 pm. For official Gallery Stroll information visit www.gallerystroll.org. UPCOMING and UP listings should reach us by the last Wednesday of the month. Those accepted will run until the closing date, or for one month if no closing date is given. Readers using the guide are cautioned to check with the exhibitor if the accuracy of the listing is crucial. Please send
listings for this page to editor@artistsofutah.org

RIO GALLERY UP: Along Those Lines, featuring new work by Roland Thompson, Jared Clark and Allan Ludwig -- three friends exploring similar concepts with different results. Roland Thompson’s abstract, linear compositions evoke the orbits of electrons or the gravitational pull of social structures. The human-arm-scaled acrylic works are painted on shaped canvases cut from thin aluminum plate. Allan Ludwig’s geometric abstractions combine text, video games, and fantasy figures. Elements of the layered multi-media collages include thick black lines of tape, pencil, paint and layers of paper. Jared Clark explores abstract drawing through found objects, sculpture, installation, video and performance.|0| Tape, string and thread give dimension to his sketchbook drawings.

HOUSE GALLERY UP: Truss, an exhibition of new photography by Utah-based artist Chris Dunker, featuring architectural images that explore industrial culture with magnificent coolness, presenting the utilitarian as uncompromisingly beautiful.|1| Dunker sought out hangars, stadiums, warehouses, and other structures in which form dictates function, specifically focusing on trusses as the graphic elements that both define space and embody efficiency, delicacy and strength.

SALT LAKE ART CENTER UP: Sundance's New Frontier exhibit. Sundance will hold a mirror exhibit of its 5th annual exhibition of established and emerging artists from film, art, performance, gaming, and new media technology.|2|

Trevor Southey: Reconciliation, a retrospective of the life and work of the artist (see our November edition). AND: Faces: Selections from the Permanent Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art including works by Alex Katz and Andy Warhol (see our December edition). AND: Yayoi Kusama: Decades, a presentation of exemplary works by the renowned Japanese artist and key figure in the New York art world of the late 1950s and 1960s (see our November edition). AND: salt 2: Sophie Whettnall, the second in the museum’s new series of exhibitions showcasing innovative art from around the world. Whettnall, a Belgian artist, is exhibiting a video, video installation, and large-scale drawing.|3| AND: Don Olsen: Abstracts from Nature, |4| commemorating the 100th birthday of one of Utah's pioneering abstract artists (see our January edition). AND: Collecting Knowledge: Renaissance Cabinets of Curiosity, an exhibition curated by four graduate students from the University of Utah Department of Art and Art History inspired by Renaissance Wunderkammer. UPCOMING: Helen Levitt Photographs. Levitt took the activity of city streets as her primary subject, paying special attention to the children for whom the street served as a playground. This presentation of photographs drawn from the UMFA's collection includes representative works from the late 1930s and early 1940s–when Levitt emerged as a key member of the New York School photographers–as well as later photographs from her long and accomplished career.|5|

NOX CONTEMPORARY UPCOMING: Drawn, an exhibit that challenges its artists by giving them new parameters to work with and explore, taking the very familiar and common tools of drawing and changing their relationship to the body by making them a similar size to the artist. Six artists are given two unusually large drawing tools (a 4' #2 pencil and a stick the height of the artist with an attached drawing medium) & 24 sq ft of paper to create a drawing during an 8 hour period open to the public (February 12, 9am-5pm).

MAIN LIBRARY UP: Guardians: Consideration of Forms in Space and Place by Paul Vincent Bernard (see page 4). In a variety of media Bernard creates monolithic forms that appear to have permanence, looking large in our view and casting constant shadows across our human geography and history. |6| AND: Rocks and Flowers: Composition, Texture, Metaphor photographs by Sherman Bloom |7| (see page 4).

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UP: Barton, Marine and Bimstein. Tessa Barton’s photographs were produced during her recent visit to India, including volunteer work in a leper colony. Naomi Marine describes her installation as a "‘submersive’ environment in which a series of fantastical organisms engage in complex, poetic patterns of growth and decay.” And in the Park Gallery a sampling of art, from acrylic paintings to mixed media sculptures by the recently deceased Helenka Bimstein (1914-2010).

ART AT THE MAIN UP: John Hunter Stout, known for his small, even miniature watercolors presets Who Likes Small Watercolors? Stout is inspired by nature, and his paintings catch "the fleeting moments of discovery, when one is struck by the beauty of nature."|8| UPCOMING: Abstracted interpretations of nature using collage by Anne Becker.

GALLERY UAF UP: A Life’s Work, watercolor and photography by Cliff Greenwood. This show celebrates the 96 year-old artist’s first gallery exhibit. UPCOMING: Abstraction, works by Sonya Dinsdale, Jodi Steen |9| and Todd Powelson.

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP:Nonverbal Communication, the paintings of Rebecca Cooper, who uses oils to create the human form in postures and colors to express complicated emotions. UPCOMING: Recent ceramic pieces by Deral E. Barton and Steve Jerman’s exhibit Mergings, featuring provocative fine art imagery using digital collage.

PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Alla Primas, Studies & New Paintings by Brad Overton, a realist painter known for his draftsmanship and sense of renaissance space and paint handling. Where Overton has made his style his own is in the clever and often humorous twists he takes on the classic subject matter. |10| UPCOMING: The mixed-media, non-objective paintings of Dave Malone.|11|

Enjoy new additions to Night on the Town, including a new offering - limited-edition giglees of Karen Horne's Tower Theatre paintings. UPCOMING: New spring landscapes by Phyllis Horne (see attached Promise of Spring).|12| Also new dancer studies and Capitol Theatre paintings in Karen Horne's Art of Performance series.

CONTEMPORARY ART & DESIGN GALLERY (127 S. Main) UPCOMING: Time without Borders, a 21st-century spiritual awakening, featuring Liliana Matasa.

BLONDE GRIZZLY UP: New work by Dan Christofferson (see page 3). UPCOMING: Group show with a Utah Jazz theme, Featuring Dan Christofferson, Sri Whipple, Trent Call, Nick Potter, Erin Potter, Emily Wood, David Habben, Alex Hinton, Evan Carlisle, J.J. Shelton and more.

15th STREET GALLERY UP: The works of Kate Birch and Steve Smock. Birch's work is floral using mixed media to produce her paintings. Smock is an oil painter who uses great form and texture in his work. UPCOMING: Marjorie McClure and Matt Hassing.

DREAMers: Living in the Shadow of Hope is a photo documentary exhibit which focuses on the unique plight of the undocumented children in this country. UPCOMING: Curated by Chad Neilsen and Jimmy Lucero this group exhibit, Driven From the State: an exhibit of Art and Ideas, promotes dialogue on pressing immigration issues through various art forms.

UPCOMING: Brandon Gregersen’s Truth in Action, kinetic organic and metal sculpture unique for the use of plants as a metaphor for nurture and metal “because there is an honest utilitarian quality that spans 3000 years of civilized use that is very humbling.”

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UP: Dwelling in the Threshold, the work of the Salt Lake Seven, a group of photographers who meet monthly with Kent Miles for instruction, mutual critique and support (see page 1) AND: Reflect on Reflections, paintings of subjects with reflective surfaces by Marci Erspamer, and Scott Stanley's humorous works using a variety of drawing material and reference material from stacks of reference books, photocopies and sketches. UPCOMING: Big Eyed Women, a group show of 13 women artists connected in some way to Brigham Young University. Portals of Light by glass artist Sarinda Jone in Access II.

SPRAGUE LIBRARY UP: Love and Time, multi-media paintings by Natalie Raevsky that layer beeswax, gold leaf, printing, ink, pencil, charcoal, and paint. Raevsky breaks down her subjects into geometrical shapes and lines, slowing the viewer's eye, emphasizing the innate shape of everyday objects.

UTAH CULTURAL CELEBRATION CENTER UP: Art for the Soul, an exhibit curated by collector Gordon Dew and including works by contemporary African-American artists, including Raymond Lark and Charles Bibbs.

DAY RIVERSIDE LIBRARY UPCOMING: Joseph Taylor uses acrylic paints for their quick drying times; bold, seductive, modern colors; utilizing strong lines and unconventional textures. By innovating dynamic, elaborate textures, he invites investigation of his work up close and from afar.

EVERGREEN FRAMING CO. & GALLERY UPCOMING: Shea Guevara, who finds bold inspiration in both the serenity of the farm lands and the shadows and textures of the city, and potter and author Ben Behunin who has all new work and will be signing his three books.

CENTRAL GALLERY (228 E. 500 South, Suite 100) UP: Art from the Heart by Jennifer Main, an artist known for her whimsy and vibrant use of color. Her favorite subjects to paint are people, especially the face and using the eyes to tell a story as well as a reflection of the soul and spirit. Also showing Waterscapes by Lyndy Lovelady, a native artist who works with Prismacolor pencils.
Jennifer Main at Central Gallery

KAYO GALLERY UP: Captain Captain Showdown, featuring work by artists from the Captain Captain Studios. UPCOMING: Round 7, Kayo Anniversary Group Show.

Exhibit of new works by Chris Thornock (see his studio page 2).

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UPCOMING: 9th Anniversary group exhibit.

SUGAR HOUSE GALLERY UP: Nautical and landscape images by Douglas Stenhouse.

GRAY WALL GALLERY UP: Group exhibit.

Featuring Richard Foote and Delana Albrecht.

McGREW STUDIO-GALLERY 333 UPCOMING: Underwear? Under There! A history of undergarments from selected collections, cultures and historic periods.

CAFFE NICHE UP: Photography of Digitelliot (Elliott Fraughton). UPCOMING: Jamaica Trinnaman.

SWEET BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Unfolding Origami by S. Matthew Jones and Susan Jones.

ALPINE ART UPCOMING: Simply Photography 2011, featuring Shalee Cooper, Paul Dougan, Trish Empey, Tri Hunyh, Dave Laub and Lisa Mitchell.

SCHORR GALLERY (West Jordan City Bldg, 8000 S. Redwood Road) UP: Sandy Watercolor Guild Group Exhibit.

EVOLUTIONARY HEALTHCARE (461 East 400 South) UP: Group exhibit featuring the work of David Estes, Bill Fulton, Carol Fulton, Mary Tull, Kathryn Lindquist and Merritt Stites. UPCOMING: Karl Pace, Martha Klein and Lindsay Frei.

RIO GRANDE CAFE UPCOMING: New and old works by Cory Dangerfield.

FOOTHILL LIBRARY UP: Environment by Elisabeth Bunker,

ARTSPACE COMMONS UP:Urban Texture: Visualizing the Ordinary, photographs by Peter Firth, Cat Palmer, Sabina Zunguze and others.

WILLIAMS FINE ART UP:Miniatures from Utah's renowned veteran artists as well as painted violins by Gary Collins and others in conjunction with the Utah Symphony fundraiser in February. UPCOMING: Art and Poetry of Dennis Smith. Also featuring new works by LeConte Stewart, Henri Moser, George Handrahan, Kimbal Warren and Erin Berrett.

Dennis Smith at Williams Fine Art

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