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September 2010
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Sue Martin
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

Prepared by 15 Bytes staff. Unless otherwise noted, UPCOMING shows begin Septemer Gallery Stroll, SEPTEMBER 17, 6 to 9 pm. For official Gallery Stroll information visit www.gallerystroll.org. UPCOMING and UP listings should reach us by the last Wednesday of the month. Those accepted will run until the closing date, or for one month if no closing date is given. Readers using the guide are cautioned to check with the exhibitor if the accuracy of the listing is crucial. Please send listings for this page to editor@artistsofutah.org

HOUSE GALLERY UP: Position Papers, new paintings by Matthew Choberka.|0| Choberka endeavors to turn painting into argument through his recent work and to take a visual “position” on the precariousness of contemporary life. But Choberka’s positions are far from straightforward; they twist, turn and battle themselves, presenting dialogue and decision-making as an untidy, insatiable process.

GARFO UP: Containment: New Perspectives on the Human Form. This exhibition surveys and re-evaluates the figure in contemporary art from the inside out. Local, national, and international artists Jenny Morgan,|1| Pooneh Maghazehe, Sri Whipple, Jayoung Yoon, Rebecca Campbell, Rob Lorie, Shantel Kristin Bennett, and Jaron Anderson—work across diverse media to examine the figure; both as a container for human emotion and the mind, and as something contained by the outside world and all its cultural and historic implications.
ART AT THE MAIN UP: Improvisation, Sue Martin's new collection of paintings, in acrylic and oils.|2| These works reflect her playful, improvisational collaboration with paint and surface to produce a multilayered conversation hinting at hidden meanings. Her landscapes, figurative and floral works arise out of an "improvisation" with initial layers of abstract color and shape. UPCOMING: Plein Crazy, new works by plein air oil painter Candace Skrabut's. AND: Special showcase for emerging student artists Nick Mendoza and Paris Gerrard.|3|

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP: Abstract Waterscapes, Dayle Record's images from nature concentrating on repetition and mirror images.
AND: Jake Reese's figurative work, a colorful blend of disciplines, fine line structure, subtle pastel contour and vivid acrylic colors.|4|UPCOMING: Dichotomy, in which Anthony Granato weaves a gritty seamless tapestry with pencil, brush, camera and computer to create works that contain social messages woven into the concept and visual structure of the images.|5|

SALT LAKE ART CENTER UP: Contemporary Masters, 18 fully playable works of artist-designed miniature golf fill the Art Center's Main Gallery (see July edition). The idea was launched over a year ago by the 337 Project, which has now become a program of the Salt Lake Art Center. To extend playing time, the Art Center will also be open Sundays, noon to 5 pm throughout the duration of the exhibit. AND: Girl Ascending: Photograping the Dreams and Expectations of Girlhood in the Street Level Gallery.|6| Grounded in attentive observation of the world, Chicago-based photographer, Melissa Ann Pinney reveals how dreams and expectations of girlhood are constructed and communicated between mothers and daughters, society and friends.

UMFA UP: Pablo O'Higgins: Works on Paper, a selection of lithographs by the late Pablo O'Higgins (see May edition). AND: Las Artes de Mexico explores the art, history, and culture of Mexico across many eras and regions, from the ancient work of the Mayans and Aztecs to groundbreaking modernist painting of the twentieth century. INCLUDES: salt 1, the first of an ongoing series of semiannual exhibitions entitled salt, features the work of Mexico City-based artist Adriana Lara (see July edition). AND: Painting Utah’s Mount Olympus. For the past century-and-a-half, some of Utah's most talented artists, including Lee Greene Richards, Gilbert Munger, Edwin Deaken, Anton Rasmussen, David Meikle, and others, have attempted to do justice to this silent sentinel.

GALLERY AT LIBRARY SQUARE UP: A Gesture of Kinship: A Story of Change in Self, Community, and Culture in One Navajo Community, presented by cultural anthropologist Dr. Donna Deyhle and photographer Bruce Hucko, is a project involving documentary photography, audio recordings, and cultural studies. It offers the viewing public a rare view into the changing lives of young Navajos.

HORNE FINE ART UP: Summer in the City offers a new series of relaxing local restaurant patios by Karen Horne. These inlcude scenes from Market Street Broiler, Cannella's, Trio, and Tuscany. UPCOMING: Celebrating Phyllis, a show of Phyliss Horne'slatest paintings of scenes of the Mountain West.

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UP: 16th Annual Partners Exhibition, featuring eight emerging adult artists and their professional artist mentors. AND: 13th Annual Teen Workshop Exhibition
features the juried artwork of 50 teens with and without disabilities, who participated in this year's program. UPCOMING: Paintings and drawings by Blue Critchfield & Erica Houston. AND:
Mixed media by Chad Crane

ALPINE ART UP: Traditional Contemporaries, featuring the work of Marian Dunn, Anthony Ithurralde, Dave Marlaire, Cassandria Parsons, Jeff Pugh and Angela Woods.

MESTIZO UP: Starving Harvest featuring the paintings of Carlos Perez. The show features dramatic narratives and complex combination of urban, eastern, and western academic principles.

MUSEUM OF CHURCH HISTORY & ART UP: The Salt Lake Tabernacle: Gathering the Saints under One Roof. The exhibit examines the architectural influences on the Tabernacle's design and construction, and displays historical photographs that document the construction progress.

MICHAEL BERRY GALLERY (163 E 300 S) UP: Group show featuring works by Lucia Heffernan, Willamarie Huelskamp, Tim Little, David Marti, Pilar Pobil, Victoria Stovall and others.

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UP: Glass Art Guild of Utah, annual juried exhibit of work by guild members. UPCOMING: Kathleen Carricaburu’s small metal sculpture and jewelry, Regina Stenberg’s large scale graphite drawings, and Sam Wilson’s paintings and drawings.

SALT LAKE ACTING COMPANY UP: Salon 2010, showcasing the work of 20 local artists associated with the company, will transform SLAC's Green Room (a longtime pre- and post-show party room for audience members) into a gallery space, filled with drawings, photography, oil paintings, prints, mixed media,
and illustrations.

Metropolis Now! photographs by Travis Nikolai focusing on daily life and architecture in Hong Kong.

APERTURE GALLERY UP: 3rd annual Local Artist Showcase. This year’s exhibit will emphasizes process as art and will include fashion design, photography, sculpture, multi-media and oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings in addition to graphite drawings and recycled glass art (see page 5).

SALTGRASS PRINTMAKERS UPCOMING: Impressionable, a showcase of contemporary Utah printmakers, juried by Erik Waterkotte.

PATRICK MOORE GALLERY UPCOMING: Geology, new landscape paintings by Leslie Thomas (see page 1) and abstract work by Darryl Erdmann.

Direction, by Darryl Erdmann, at Patrick Moore

PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Annual Summer Group Show featuring the entire collection of gallery artists including a few new faces. UPCOMING: Sightseeing, new works by Maureen O'Hara Ure. AND: Lindey Carter in the Dibble Gallery. Phillips Gallery

WILLIAMS FINE ART UP:Contemporary paintings of historic Black Rock. UPCOMING: University of Utah Invitational exhibit organized by Brian Snapp.

New works by Brian Koch.

UTAH CULTURAL CELEBRATION CENTER UP: Intermountain Society of Artists exhibit.

EVERGREEN FRAMING CO. & GALLERY UPCOMING: Landscapes and portrait work by Jeff Pugh. Also showing fabulous glass birds by Morag Totten and mixed media birds by Alison Armstrong.

SUGAR HOUSE GALLERY UP: The Dark Arts, photographic works Nada Meeks, loaded with ambiguous and sinister content. UPCOMING: Floral paintings, abstract paintings and pencil drawings by Sonia Helfer.

Sean Lyman and Matt Glass. UPCOMING: Side Show,
featuring Ben Thomas, Gentry Blackburn and Pushy Galore.

15th STREET GALLERY UP: New works by Gia Whitlock.

TANNER FRAMES UPCOMING: New multi-media work by Namon Bills.

GALLERY UAF UPCOMING: Works on paper by Kay Terry.

FRAME SHOP AT 6TH AND L ( 752 E 6th Avenue; 801-359-4604) UP: Glery Becerra and Jane Carlston Myers. UPCOMING: Expansive abstract art by the self-described "Brahms of art," Jayne-Anne Mulholland's.

Celebrating the Life and Memories of the Rio Grande's 100 Years, sponsored by the Utah Division of State History.

BLOND GRIZZLY UP: Featuring paper cuttings by Cindy Ferguson, Inspired by roadtrips throughout the country and a general feeling of patriotism. UPCOMING: The whimsically illustrative works of Nick and Erin Potter collaborating in a variety of mediums including screen print, installation and mix media.

EVERY BLOOMING THING UPCOMING: Change of season party featuring new work from Aaron Stills, Christina Pellegrina, Steve Lawrence Peterson, Carol Evans, Bradford Overton and Renon Huletmore, as well as great food, live music and a store filled with home decor items for fall.

GRAY WALL GALLERY UPCOMING: Daren Young's landscapes, Jason Wells' stencil paintings, Alex Boynton's abstracts, Jacob Shirley's sprayed canvases, Guadalupe Rodriguez' photography, Matthew Hall's deconstructions of books, Tamara Fox' reconstructed animals and Sarah Cuvelier's vases and vessels.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UPCOMING: Terra Firma, the latest collection of abstract paintings from Utah artist, David Maestas.

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