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 September 2010
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The Family by Federico Castellon at Gallery East
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Exhibition Announcements
Up & Upcoming to the South
Prepared by 15 Bytes staff unless otherwise indicated. UPCOMING and UP listings should reach us by the last Wednesday of the month. Please send listings for this page to editor@artistsofutah.org

Gallery East UPCOMING: Art for the Masses, an exhibit of 24 prints by members of Associated American Artists created between 1934 and 1958.|0| The Associated American Artists began in 1934 when Reeves Lewenthal opened a gallery in New York City to market and sell art to the middle classes in the form of prints and later as home furnishings. When he opened his gallery, he met with notable America artists such as Thomas Hart Benton, John Steuart Curry, and Grant Wood to produce editions of lithographs which he would sell to middle-class buyers at $5 a piece and $2 per frame; the artists would receive $200 for their editions. The idea was to combine quality and affordability for profit. Artists represented in the collection include: Thomas Hart Benton, Joseph Hirsch, Lawrence Beall Smith, Federico Castellon, and Dale Nichols.

Spring City Arts UPCOMING:
Plein Air Competition, Studio Tour and Arts Festival. In addition to visiting the results of the three-day plein air competition,|1| art enthusists can participate in this unique opportunity to visit about 30 local artists in their own studios throughout the National Historic Spring City area. Tickets and maps for the tour will be available at the Spring City Arts Gallery at 79 South Main Street, at 10:00 am Saturday. In addition all the art galleries in town will open, exhibiting and selling local artists work.

CUAC UP: ACTION: A Survey of Performative Works by Contemporary Utah Artists, a group show curated by Adam Bateman and Jason Metcalf, featuring Utah artists who are utilizing performance as artistic medium. The artists in ACTION provide several glimpses across the performance-art-medium spectrum. Emily Fox's sculptural installations become the stage whereby she unravels the meaning of personal spaces through videotaped scenarios - all in the midst of her traditional art objects.|2| Denzil Egan's biological installations are relational environments that facilitate direct experience and immersion within an otherworldly space - a locale that is mediated by live DJ performances. Alternatively, Amy Jorgensen and Jeff Larsen use traditional media as the product of performative actions - a process that simultaneously obscures and hermeticizes their artistic experiences. Tyrone Davies and Justin McBride's collaborative video is a faked director's commentary for the hollywood movie, Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties. The artists discuss the entirety of the film in real-time, and effectively reveal the shortcomings of contemporary blockbuster cinema.

St. George Art Museum UP: Botanical Illustration: From Penstemons to Pines in the Main Gallery.|3| This exhibit consists of thirty-two juried works on paper -- in graphite, pen and ink, colored pencil, and watercolor -- revealing the remarkable biodiversity of the Rocky Mountain, ranging from alpine tundra to open grassland. AND: Summoning the Spirit of the Southwestern Lands, photographs by Willie Holdman in the Mezzanine Gallery.|4| Thirty-two works by the photographer whose work has greeted millions of visitors to Utah in the moving walkway in the Salt Lake City airport terminal. AND: Forgotten Places, photographic works by Sam Scholes & Ben Kuhns in the Legacy Gallery.|5| Scholes and Kuhn set out to photograph and capture things made by and subsequently abandoned by humans, resulting in an exhibit of 50 pieces. Scholes has been making photographs since he was a child and his recent degree in Anthropology is evident in his interest in images that reveal the presence of man. Ben Kuhns is Nebraska born, Utah raised, and west coast loving and spends his days dedicated to one thing: improving his craft as an image maker.

St. George Art Academy UPCOMING: Artwork by the students at the St. George Art Academy, as well as students from Pine View High. The ages will range from 3 to 17. September 8 - October 1st.

Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery UPCOMING: 2010 High School Fine Arts Competition features the creative visions of 33 high school art students from the state of Utah.|6| The students, working in ceramics, color pencil, graphite, photography, acrylic and metal, used Shakespeare's line from The Tempest, "Such stuff as dreams are made on," as the theme for this year's exhibit.

Brigham Young University Museum of Art UP: The First 100 Years: Collecting Art at BYU from the permanent collection. AND: As the Rose, sculpture by Adam Bateman in the MOA Sculpture Garden.|7| Created from farm sprinkler components, Bateman’s sculptures evoke the storied relationship Utahns have with their desert landscape, from early Pioneer use of irrigation systems and their yearning to make the desert “blossom as a rose,” to a more modern look at conservation and the link of the traditional sublime landscape to Modernism. AND: Bill Owens: Suburbia, a sly photographic study through 65 black and white photographs of suburban life in the 1970s—the second generation of the post-war suburban movement. |8| AND: James Tissot: The life of Christ showcases 124 watercolors from the Brooklyn Museum's collection of 19th-century New Testament illustrations by French artist James Tissot.|9|

BYU Harold B. Lee Library Exhibits
99 Most Beautiful Names, works by Andrew Kosorok in the L. Tom Perry Special Collections, level 1.

Utah County Art Gallery
UP: Brotique, Children's Illustrators Showcase.

Springville Museum of Art UP: The Art of Topaz: Beauty Inside Barbed Wire. During WWII, over 11,000 Japanese Americans were relocated to an internment camp in Topaz, Utah. This exhibit highlights art created by Japanese-American artists at Topaz Internment Camp, as well as a few works inspired by the events at Topaz.

Woodbury Art Museum UPCOMING:
Art Through the Cultural Revolution, includes the work of several artists known as the Cave Artists Group (Yaodong Huapai) who worked under the direction of Beijing based artist Jin Zhilin.|10| The collection includes Jin’s early work from the 1950s, which was heavily influenced by Soviet Social Realism, work produced during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) that towards the end was illustrative of the Revolutionary Romanticism engulfing the arts in China, and works from the post-Cultural Revolution period (late 1970s-early 1980s), reflecting more traditional themes and aspects of local culture that Jin encouraged his students to study.

Covey Center for the Arts UPCOMING: Ghosts, Conversations and Concerns, the first exhibit in the Covey's new gallery space, features work by BYU art professor Joseph Ostraff.|11| AND: BYU Studio Faculty Group Exhibition, in the original gallery space, will include paintings and sculpture by BYU faculty members Von Allen, Gary Barton, Fidalis Buehler, Brian Chris tensen,|12| Bryon Draper, Peter Everett and Sunny Belliston Taylor.

The Family by Federico Castellon at Gallery East
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 additional media coverage of the visual arts in Utah

8/1 Carel Pieter Brest van Kempen on the cover of Catalyst Magazine

8/5 Following the shape of the world: Summerfest art feels both familiar and quietly exotic

8/5 Art festivals abound: August offers a trio of artsy celebrations in Park City and SLC.

8/6 Art News in the Ogden Standard Examiner

8/6 Sand sculptors vow to amaze at Weber fair

8/6 Art consultant shares advice for Festival-goers: Robert Valline gives tips for the casual collector

8/6 What does abstract sensualism look like? Artist Chris DeRubeis paints live during Kimball Arts Fest

8/6 Art notes: Girl, ascending, the ‘River of Life’ mural, plus performance art in Ephraim

8/6 Sky's the limit at library exhibit

8/7 Jim Jones the 'premiere landscapist of southern Utah'

8/7 Art classes and events around Utah

8/7 Art galleries and openings in Utah

8/7 Park City festival: another stop on the art vendors’ tour
8/9 Nearly Nude: Local visual artists lament the conservative culture that turns away from figurative art.

8/12 Park City’s first annual Redstone Art Fair is like a two-day Gallery Stroll set outdoors; however, you can actually visit every gallery by foot before they close shop.

8/13 Art notes: On artistic improvisation, waking up and good causes

8/14 Mountain Majesty: Exhibition features paintings of Salt Lake's Mount Olympus

8/14 Aluminum wildlife works are selling for a pretty penny.

8/14 Art classes and events around Utah

8/16 Utah art: Rock of ages: The Great Salt Lake's "Black Rock" has been a Utah artists' tradition ever since the 1920's.

8/17 Arts Festival deemed a success: Kimball executive director lauds community collaboration.

8/23 SLAC's Salon 2010 Links Visual Art With Theater: Provides artistic conversation starters for the intermissions.

8/27 Art notes: Choberka’s colors, Latino aesthetics and rock art

8/28 Endless Possibilities: Artist's sculptures give new life to discarded parts.

8/31 The art of seeing: Devorah Sperber explores intersection of art, science and technology

8/31'Mirror, Mirror' at the gallery: Meyer Gallery presents collection of new figurative works

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