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October 2010
Published by Artists of Utah
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Gu Wen Da at UMFA
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

Prepared by 15 Bytes staff. Unless otherwise noted, UPCOMING shows begin October Gallery Stroll, OCTOBER 15, 6 to 9 pm. For official Gallery Stroll information visit www.gallerystroll.org. UPCOMING and UP listings should reach us by the last Wednesday of the month. Those accepted will run until the closing date, or for one month if no closing date is given. Readers using the guide are cautioned to check with the exhibitor if the accuracy of the listing is crucial. Please send listings for this page to editor@artistsofutah.org

UMFA UP: Painting Utah’s Mount Olympus. For the past century-and-a-half, some of Utah's most talented artists, including Lee Greene Richards, Gilbert Munger, Edwin Deaken, Anton Rasmussen, David Meikle, and others, have attempted to do justice to this silent sentinel. UPCOMING: The Ideal Landscape brings together thirteen Chinese landscape paintings dating from the Ming dynasty to the twentieth century.|0| AND: Trevor Southey: Reconciliation, |1| a retrospective of the life and work of the artist, giving prominence to four life passages that have defined the artist's character and art: his youth in Rhodesia and education in England; his life as a married, practicing Mormon and his desire for a utopian lifestyle created around family, farming, and art; his decision to acknowledge his homosexuality in 1982, which coincided with the first major public awareness of the AIDS epidemic; and the reconciliation of his life decisions as expressed in his revised artistic approach to the human form. AND: Faces: Selections from the Permanent Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art including Alex Katz’s series of screen prints depicting young people in the 1970s, and Andy Warhol’s Polaroid portraits, a recent gift from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, on view for the first time. AND: Yayoi Kusama: Decades, a presentation of exemplary works by the renowned Japanese artist and key figure in the New York art world of the late 1950s and 1960s.|2| From her early watercolor paintings of the 1950s to her “accumulation” sculptures of the 1960s, to recent, large-scale “infinity nets” paintings, the exhibition highlights works from each decade of the artist’s long career.

HOUSE GALLERY UP: Inner Space, an exhibition of new work by New York-based artist Matt Jones. |3| Jones’s paintings record repetitive, methodical movement, and are often the result of a single thought being turned over again and again.
These paintings are monochromatic, the colors ranging from royal blue to dirt brown, and combine dense gatherings of intertwined lines, crosshatched marks and fluid washes, giving them systematic texture that tell a story of accretions and convergences. The artist uses an old wheel chair, as well as his own body, as his tools, riding over canvases that have been spread out on the floor again and again.

SALT LAKE ART CENTER UP: Girl Ascending: Photograping the Dreams and Expectations of Girlhood in the Street Level Gallery.|4| Grounded in attentive observation of the world, Chicago-based photographer, Melissa Ann Pinney reveals how dreams and expectations of girlhood are constructed and communicated between mothers and daughters, society and friends. UPCOMING: Go West, an exhibition that brings together twenty contemporary artists who are engaged in unearthing myths of the American West, organized by Jill Dawsey, acting chief curator, Utah Museum of Fine Arts. Working in a range of media (including painting, works on paper, sculpture, photography, and video), the artists in Go West offer reflections on the West as both destination and destiny. The exhibition considers the varied reasons people came west over the years: some, like the Cherokee Indians, were forcibly moved west, while others, like the Mormons, sought exile here; some came in search of fame and fortune, while others staked their claim to a separatist space, away from mainstream society.

UTAH ARTS ALLIANCE UP: Week Without Violence exhibition featuring local artists Cat Palmer and Peter Hays and sponsored by the YWCA of Salt Lake City. For this exhibit award-winning photographer Cat Palmer will present visual messages of hope expressing "how you have to get through the rain to get to the rainbow."|5| Peter Hays teaches Biology at Rowland Hall and paints in an abstract expressionist style.|6|

MONDO FINE ART (at Poliform SLC) UP: Road Trip: Landscape Perspectives, an exhibition of new works by San Francisco/Chicago artist Angie Renfro and Salt Lake City artist Aaron Bushnell.
Both artists pursue the non-pastoral, overlooked elements of the landscape. Renfro’s body of work for Mondo Fine Art is a collection of images from meandering road trips across several states, comprised of the complicated, heavy structures of factories tempered with a delicate sense of loneliness.|7| Aaron Bushnell’s most recent paintings concentrate on the anxious energy of the city. “Urban areas create an overwhelming emotion of panic and fear within me. There is simply too much energy and movement in too small a space” |8| (watch an interview with Bushnell on page 6).

TANNER FRAMES UP: New multi-media work by Namon Bills and Justin Wheatley. Wheatley uses collage, paint and photo transfers, presenting every-day architecture in a new light, full of visual metaphors.|9| Bills' pieces combine collage and painting, exploring the Hegelian concept of sythesis.|10| The painted elements are often faces from figurative sculpture. Text becomes important in his compositions as well.

GALLERY AT LIBRARY SQUARE UP: A Gesture of Kinship: A Story of Change in Self, Community, and Culture in One Navajo Community, presented by cultural anthropologist Dr. Donna Deyhle and photographer Bruce Hucko, is a project involving documentary photography, audio recordings, and cultural studies. UPCOMING: Barrel of Surprises by Leslie Randolph, a clay artist who fires his work in a 55-gallon steel drum. AND: Enigma by Angie Ju, an instinctual artists who says, "While I identify with the quiet minimalistic sensibilities of Eastern aesthetics, I am always drawn to the rawness of particular Western art."

PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Sightseeing, new works by Maureen O'Hara Ure influenced by foreign travel and filled with her characteristic assortment of beasts in imaginary landscapes.|11| All paintings are on panel with mixed-media—acrylic washes, ink and pencil—applied in dozens of thin, finely sanded layers over months, sometimes years, of revisions. AND: Delicate watercolor landscapes by Lindey Carter in the Dibble Gallery.|12| Carter brings a focused eye to the minimal abstract elements of landscape in her textured watercolors. UPCOMING: New abstract works by Korean born UVU professor Hyunmee Lee (see here for our profile of the artist).

HORNE FINE ART UP: Phyllis Horne's latest crop of paintings celebrating the Intermountain West, including paintings of the pleasures of hillside kiting, disappearing pastureland, |13| and stands of hollyhocks. In a more urban vein, linger in local restaurant patios, including Tuscany, Trio and Market Street, in paintings by Karen Horne.

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP: Dichotomy, in which Anthony Granato weaves a gritty seamless tapestry with pencil, brush, camera and computer to create works that contain social messages woven into the concept and visual structure of the images.|14| UPCOMING: Recent Works by Randi Lile, ceramic sculptures, using a variety of clays, finishing surfaces and firing techniques. |15|

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UP: Paintings and drawings by Blue Critchfield (see page 4) & Erica Houston (see page 5). AND: Mixed media by Chad Crane (see page 6). UPCOMING: A Few of My Favorite Things, featuring Elizabeth Crowe's series of porcelain pots distorting classic form and imbued with texture, and Erin Berrett's dazzline paintings of mundane objects (see an interview with the artist here). |16| AND: Illuminated Paintings, a series of mixed media psychological landscapes by Vance Mellen.|17| Mellen's psychological landscapes have small transparent/plastic giclee objects that the artist photographed, embedded in them. They are illuminated from behind with rope lights and LED lights. These objects can act as portals through which an anecdote, a memory, a mood or a haunting, emanate as if through a frame of film.

BLOND GRIZZLY UP: The whimsically illustrative works of Nick and Erin Potter collaborating in a variety of mediums including screen print, installation and mixed media. UPCOMING: Classic Movie Monsters Group Show.

ART AT THE MAIN UP: Plein Crazy, new works by plein air oil painter Candace Skrabut's. UPCOMING: Watercolor A Medium With a Mind of its Own by Kristine Groll.|18| Groll's newest paintings of flowers and landscapes demonstrate her mastery of the medium with vivid transparent colors that capture the light in her subjects.

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UP: Kathleen Carricaburu’s small metal sculpture and jewelry (see page 3), Regina Stenberg’s large scale graphite drawings (see page 3) and Sam Wilson’s paintings and drawings (see page 1).

PATRICK MOORE GALLERY (2233 S. 700 East Salt Lake City. 801-484-6641) UP: Geology, new landscape paintings by Leslie Thomas (see our September edition) and abstract work by Darryl Erdmann.|19| UPCOMING: Utah Watercolor exhibit.

STOLEN AND ESCAPED GALLERY (117 East 300 South, downstairs at Frosty Darling) UPCOMING: Hot Young Suicides: Audition for the 27 Club, new mixed media works by Travis Nikolai that focus on juxtapositions of youth and death through a paranoid and unstable lens.|20|

Gu Wen Da at UMFA


EVERY BLOOMING THING UP: Change of season party featuring new work from Aaron Stills, Christina Pellegrina, Steve Lawrence Peterson, Carol Evans, Bradford Overton and Renon Huletmore.

WILLIAMS FINE ART UP:University of Utah Invitational exhibit organized by Brian Snapp.

New works by Brian Koch. UPCOMING: Industrial and urban landscapes by Donald Yatomi.

SPRAGUE BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Works by Suzan Rasmussen reflecting four decades of Rasmussen's travels in France.

DAY RIVERSIDE LIBRARY UP: 25 Years in the Marshall Islands: Photography by Carol Lynne Curtis.

CHAPMAN BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Working Identities: A Collection of Portraits from the Dominican Republic.

SWEET BRANCH LIBRARY UP: Images by Gordon Schrock and vessels by Joshua Flicker.

FOOTHILL LIBRARY UPCOMING: Aerial Alchemy: Works by Jan James.

UTAH CULTURAL CELEBRATION CENTER UP: Intermountain Society of Artists exhibit.
EVERGREEN FRAMING CO. & GALLERY UP: Landscapes and portrait work by Jeff Pugh. Also showing fabulous glass birds by Morag Totten and mixed media birds by Alison Armstrong.

SUGAR HOUSE GALLERY UP: Floral paintings, abstract paintings and pencil drawings by Sonia Helfer. UPCOMING: Still-Son Wrench, a show by K.F.Simons featuring sculptures, welded pieces, collages, paintings and drawings.

Side Show, featuring Ben Thomas, Gentry Blackburn and Pushy Galore. UPCOMING: Lora Fosberg.

15th STREET GALLERY UP: Abstract paintings by Lloyd Platt (take a look at his studio page 2). UPCOMING: Andrew Skorut.

GALLERY UAF UP: Works on paper by Kay Terry. UPCOMING: Possible Realities with Jaquelyn Muir, Chris Madsen and Ai Mitton.

FRAME SHOP AT 6TH AND L ( 752 E 6th Avenue; 801-359-4604) UP: Expansive abstract art by the self-described "Brahms of art," Jayne-Anne Mulholland's. UPCOMING:
Presenting Michael Rusnack's interpretive realism in luscious oils and water colors.

RIO GALLERY UP: Utah Arts Council Statewide Annual: Mixed Media and Works on Paper.

GRAY WALL GALLERY UP: Daren Young's landscapes, Jason Wells' stencil paintings, Alex Boynton's abstracts, Jacob Shirley's sprayed canvases, Guadalupe Rodriguez' photography, Matthew Hall's deconstructions of books, Tamara Fox' reconstructed animals and Sarah Cuvelier's vases and vessels. UPCOMING: A group show that includes the Utah debut of Erica Harney, a recent MFA graduate (Penn State).

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UP: Terra Firma, the latest collection of abstract paintings from Utah artist, David Maestas.

LOGE GALLERY (at Pioneer Theatre) UPCOMING: paintings by Grant Fuhst and sculpture by Adrian Prazen. October 22 - November 6, during the run of Dracula.

ALPINE ART UP: Traditional Contemporaries, group show . UPCOMING: Group exhibit with Layne Bennion, Erin Berrett, Carlisle, Benjamin Higbee and Steven Sheffield.

Jane Meyers.

Visual Art Institute Faculty show.

MESTIZO GALLERY UPCOMING: Will Thompson’s I'm Changing So Fast, I Can't Keep Up With Myself, a demonstration of what happened when the artist questioned the labels he imposed on himself, and the categorizations and stereotypes he accepted from others.

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