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March 2010
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

Prepared by 15 Bytes staff. Unless otherwise noted, UPCOMING shows begin January Gallery Stroll, February 19, 6 to 9 pm. For official Gallery Stroll information visit www.gallerystroll.org. UPCOMING and UP listings should reach us by the last Wednesday of the month. Those accepted will run until the closing date, or for one month if no closing date is given. Readers using the guide are cautioned to check with the exhibitor if the accuracy of the listing is crucial. Please send listings for this page to gwichert@artistsofutah.org

UP: Love is Not on the Table, recent watercolors, pastels and digital mixed media by Dayle Record. UPCOMING: , bromoil prints by Elise LeJeunesse.|0| A prize-winning photographer, LeJeunesse was trained in the rare art of bromoil, a labor-intensive process, which began in the late 1890’s and is currently practiced by a small number of artists worldwide. It is a unique art form, which begins with a black and white photograph. The silver is removed through a bleaching process. Ink is then added back to the bleached image with a variety of techniques. This results in a beautiful painterly quality and rich textures, thus creating a one of a kind art image.

UTAH CULTURAL CELEBRATION CENTER UPCOMING: Air Space, an exhibit of sixteen of North America's leading airbrush artists, putting the "pop" in pop culture. Using freehand, stencils and templates, artists use a variety of creative palates, including steel panels, model planes, full size automobiles, miniature automobiles, snowboards, oil cans, skateboards, mannequins, cabaret tables and electric guitars.|1| AND: Design Eggs by Brian Baity, an exhibit of uniquely designed and intricately hand carved eggshells of all types, from quail eggs to ostrich eggs.|2|

UTAH ARTS ALLIANCE UP: Perspectives, a photographic exhibit in three parts by local photographer Doug Sims. Mannequins - Reflects on the human tendency to act and pretend to be someone they are not. p1115 - A collection of images portraying post nuclear war daily life and the associated isolation and nothingness. American Gothic - Based upon the classic portrait, this collection satirically exploits the stereotypes that surround us. AND: The Psychotronic Psychic Tour and Universal Zero by Chance Odekirk and his new painting technique, Universal Zero. Odekirk will be scientifically mapping participant's reactions to the painting technique with Internal Brainwave Visual Analyzer (I.B.V.A.). This will be a live demonstration with questions and answers. Viewers can be connected to the I.B.V.A. and have their brainwave results added to the ground breaking studies in art as science.

SALT LAKE ART CENTER UP: Seven Deadly Sins, a rare example of a contemporary artist taking on a topic long associated with the history of Christian art. In his paintings, the sins are acted out by seagulls, which he has observed for decades along the coast of Maine.|3|
ART ACCESS GALLERIES UP: House. Home., the mixed media art of Justin Wheatley as he examines memories and realities associated with where we live (see a video interview in our February edition). In Access II, Cindy McConkie's photography exhibition, Flow in Light and Color. UPCOMING:Landscape: Shaken Gently With a Twist, a thoughtful look at landscape by 10 diverse Utah artists working in painting, drawing, cutting edge construction, collage, quilting and digital photography. AND: Outside is In, a stimulating group exhibit of Utah outsider artists: Radford Cuch, Kaziah Hancock, Marcee Blackerby, José Hernandez, Bob Moss,|4| Carole Alden, Peter Scott Stone, Jesse James Whitfield and GUTS4.

UP: New figurative paintings by Heather Barron and Gerald Purdy.|5|
The figures in Barron's paintings, mainly female figures, singular in pensive poses or two sisters, a mother & child or even friends comforting one another, gaze gracefully out toward the viewer. Purdy uses realism to create an intriguing narrative. His small scale oil paintings draw the viewer in for their enchanted scenes and immediately challenge your perception of the artists’ message. UPCOMING: Colorful abstract paintings by Carolyn Coalson and minimalist sculptures by Francesc Burgos (see page 4).

THE LIVING ROOM UP: In their final exhibit at their Holladay location, The Livingroom presents Bright Future, an exhibition of sculptures and paintings by Los Angeles artist Walpa D'Mark.|6| D’Mark creates DIY cardboard and mixed media sculptures that combine bright colors, and assemblage to explore for spiritual loci within our media-saturated lifestyles. The artist's use of cheap, free and everyday materials such as light bulbs, color swatches, gifts, foam, duct tape, light fixtures, books and cardboard implies that art serves an alchemist's function where ordinary media can comprise spiritual work that is embedded in powerful ideas about history, religion, archaeology, and poetry. Also on view, large-scale paintings by the artist. With a lyrical and profoundly humorous palette, the artist examines psychedelic and Latin American themes, along with imagery and collage concerning the human condition, power, and religion.

UMFA UP: Africa: Arts of a Continent. Explore themes of the spirit world and afterlife with African art objects from the UMFA’s permanent collection. AND: Influences of the Silk Road, objects from the Museum’s permanent collection that either traveled on the Silk Road or reflect the religions, technologies, and goods that were exchanged en route. AND: Pablo O'Higgins: Works on Paper, a selection of lithographs by the late Pablo O'Higgins, a Utah artist dedicated to creating heroic depictions of the working class in revolutionary Mexico. |7|

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UP: Paul Reynolds and Rod Heiss.|8| In A Quiet Voice Is Heard, Rod Heiss' abstract sculptures in exotic wood, (see page 3) Paul Reynolds’ paintings are created with oil and graphite on wood, and extend onto and include their frames. (see page 1)

(461 East 200 South) UP: New abstract paintings by Kathryn Stedham (see February edition).|9| UPCOMING: Seven Poems And Seven Paintings a collaboration between Utah poet Joel Long and landscape artist Dave Hall. The poet and artist have roots in the Missouri River country of southwest Montana – an area that has inspired both.

GALLERY UAF UP: Three photographers. Savana Jones uses self-portrait photography as a form of introspection. Cat Palmer works in mixed 2D – photo, metal, acrylic paint, and Xerox transfers. Through her arts she is exploring the theme of self-reliance. Miranda Whitlock uses photography to discuss individual alienation and the complexities of human experience.MAIN LIBRARY UP: Chinese Painting by Yaodong Hu. AND: West Desert Horizons by Sean Toomey. From Fish Springs to the Bear River Bird Refuge, and from the eastern shore of the Great Salt Lake to Pilot Peak, Toomey paints landscapes that are foreboding, but their starkness holds a unique beauty: a sea of salt, sand and mud; plants struggling against the heat and salinity; mountains cast from fire; skies of infinite variety and width; water in unlikely places.

Uconoclasts, Suite I: Literary Figures. Word and visual portraits by Ken Sanders and Trent Call of Utah iconoclasts in the literary world (see February edition).|10| UPCOMING: Thomas Aaron.|11|

Wild Things, featuring the work of Ron Russon, Willamarie Huelskamp and Curt Hawkins. UPCOMING: Celebrating the opening of the Artful Cup - locally roasted coffees and teas served in handmade pottery from local artists, and featuring a collection of artful teapots in both pottery and paint.

HORNE FINE ART UP: Phyllis Horne Paints Spring and Summer featuring the warmer weather paintings of this noted Utah landscape painter. Although skilled at capturing all the seasons, Phyllis Horne is best known for her garden paintings. This current show presents a new crop of these appealing works, capturing the charm and color of back and sideyard gardens, country lanes, lush meadows, and even artists painting on the landscape.|12| Also on view are new selections in Karen Horne's series on the Art of Dance, including dancer pastels and views of the Capitol Theatre.

ART AT THE MAIN UP: Figuratively Speaking, 30 paintings, in oil and watercolor, and drawings by Colleen Reynolds. UPCOMING: Country and Western, western themes, animals, and bright colors from painter Amy Miller. |13|

GARFO UP: Friends of Friends, an exhibition featuring 20 local, national, and international artists that surveys contemporary art using paper as a medium and/or surface. Ten artists were initially invited to participate, and those ten were asked to invite one artist each. The exhibition explores all forms of works on and with paper including sculpture, animation, installation, print, painting, drawing, and bookmaking.|14|

(375 E. 1530 S.
Art & Art History Bldg, U of U; 801.581.6764) UP: Aerial Alchemy, MFA exhibit by Jan James.|15|

MUSEUM OF CHURCH HISTORY & ART UP: The Salt Lake Tabernacle: Gathering the Saints under One Roof. The exhibit examines the architectural influences on the Tabernacle's design and construction, and displays historical photographs that document the construction progress.


BEANS & BREW UP: Randy Laub photographs of Italy. UPCOMING: Impressions, SX-70 Polaroid photography by Elliott Fraughton. His impressionist style moves pigments inside of the photograph around to create an image with a painterly quality.

ALPINE ART UP: Annual Photography Show, featuring work by local photographers. UPCOMING: Del Jou Art Exhibition, published fine art work originals on paper for home or commercial spaces.

SPRAGUE BRANCH UP: The Beauty of Plein-Air Watercolors, works by Douglas Simms Stenhouse.

15th STREET GALLERY UP:Small Wonders, landscapes by Aaron Bushnell and Shirley Britsch and encaustics by Sean Diediker (see page 5).

EVERGREEN FRAMING UP:Contemporary landscapes by Jodi Steen and fresh, bright florals by Cassandria W. Parsons. UPCOMING: Vibrant landscape work of Aaron Fritz and moody figurative and landscape paintings by McGarren Flack.

(163 E 300 S; 521-0243 ) UP:Utah Watercolor Society Miniature Show. UPCOMING: Work by Jake Reese and Dan Baxter.

KAYO GALLERY UP: Round 6, a group exhibit of works by gallery regulars. UPCOMING: Print Exchange.

CAFE NICHE UP: Large-scale photographic images by Ian Booth and Michael Brown. UPCOMING: Pointillism on canvas and wood by Kathy Simpson and Synapse, an abstract photography project by Michael Brown.

Kathy Grossman with Winter Juices, large acrylic paintings in vibrant colors featuring musicians, Parisian cafe sitters, women in intimate settings and scenes of the Arab world. UPCOMING: Abstractly Yours, a collection of paintings by Sony Dinsdale.

SUGAR HOUSE GALLERY UP: Magnificent and Mysterious, paintings and sculptures by artist Helenka Bimstein. With an Egyptian motif and a multi-cultural edge, these works create a sense of otherworldliness and life-everlasting. UPCOMING: Doors, a series of photographs by local artist Nic Tucker. This show takes vernacular imagery under assorted circumstances, then abstracts them between light and constructed physical form.

RED KILN GALLERY UP: Naked: An intimate look at two bodies of work. Featuring new work from Lara Carroll and Chuck Parsons.

PIONEER PRECINCT COMMUNITY GALLERY (1040 West 700 South) UP: A Face Mosaic, work created by 3rd, 4th and 5th graders, facilitated by Donna Pence.

PIONEER THEATRE LOGE GALLERY UPCOMING:Common Ground, an exhibition of works by David Meikle and Greg Newbold. Meikle is a graphic designer for the University of Utah and creates fine art landscapes as well. Greg Newbold is an award-winning illustrator.
Unburdened by Greg Newbold

DAVID ERICSON FINE ART UP: Around Spring City, recent paintings by Michael Workman.

RIO GALLERY UP: Three Mormon Towns, featuring the photography of Mark Hedengren and the poetry of Kim Johnson, Susan Howe, Lance Larson and Nathan Robison.

UP: A Glimpse of Individualism, by Helenka Bimstein.

UP: New arrivals by Minerva Teichert, Charles Muench, Dennis Smith and Erin Berrett.

RIO GRANDE CAFE UP: Watercolors from Mexico by Tracy Strauss and photographs of the Great Salt Lake by Dayle Record.

A GALLERY UP: 2nd annual Start Your Collection, an opportunity for potential collectors to get started at reasonable price points and current collectors to add to their collection at a great value. UPCOMING: Andy Taylor.

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