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 March 2010
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Exhibition Announcements
Up & Upcoming to the South
Prepared by 15 Bytes staff unless otherwise indicated. UPCOMING and UP listings should reach us by the last Wednesday of the month. Please send listings for this page to editor@artistsofutah.org

Amy Jorgensen's 21 Bites
Rising star and Snow College professor Amy Jorgensen scarcely needs to curry favor with us, so we are confident that any resemblance between her title and ours is purely coincidental. On display to the public now through March 26 during Snow’s bi-annual faculty show, “21 Bites” features that many neon pink marshmallows that the artist has risked health and welfare to bite in half.|0| While recalling the portrait-booth series in which she gobbled an apple, the puffy residues, complete with forensic evidence of oral violation, bring to mind some of the same anatomical conundrums that her Body Archive raises (both available in the December 2006 edition). Post-Modernist Hypothesis (which never qualified as a ‘theory’ and, it’s now obvious, never will) might argue that the artist doesn’t exist, but that a process was here permitted to play out, its meaning to be determined only by society at large. Presumably, then, the 33-inch tall nude female student by sculptor Brad Taggert, elsewhere in the gallery and to all appearance invisible to the scrupulously proper LDS audience that attended the opening, doesn’t actually exist. As for “21 Bites,” while Duchamp’s Female Fig Leaf and the ‘scarification’ sculptures of Hannah Wilke come to mind, these three-times-seven gape-mouthed Koi who have risen to the surface to be fed are both more intimate and more provocative.
-- Geoff Wichert

Snow College Art Gallery UP:
2010 Snow College Visual Arts Faculty Biennial.

Central Utah Art Center
Training an exhibition by Angela Ellsworth, examining the body in motion.|1| Collaborating with volunteers and various community members, Ellsworth set up a "cardio-drawing" workshop in a local gym in Scotland and created a series of drawings based on movement, repetition, and participation.

The College of Eastern Utah's Gallery East
UPCOMING: Art Meets History -- the John Wesley Powell Expedition and drawings by Price native Dean Fausett.

Sears Art Gallery UP: The 24th Annual Robert N. and Peggy Sears Dixie Invitational Art Show and Sale, opens every year on the Saturday of Presidents weekend in February. The show boasts a variety of representational art including landscape, portrait, western, and impressionistic pieces.

St. George Art Museum UP: Curator Deborah Reeder says that with the number of new residents in St. George she felt it was time to focus on the City's history. Three exhibits of work from the permanent collection take a look at "Our Town." A Portrait of St. George: Its History - A Look to the Past Historic Photographs of the Cotton Mission in the Main Gallery.|2| AND: A Portrait of St. George: Its People and Its Landscape in the Mezzanine Gallery.|3| AND: A Portrait of St. George: Its People and Its Landscape in the Legacy Gallery.

Bingham Gallery
(2200 S. State St., Maynard Dixon Property, Mount Carmel, Kane County, 800-992-1066) UP: Artwork of the Zion National Park.

Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery UP: SUU Art and Design faculty exhibit. After spending time at Parowan Gap during the Fall 2009 semester, faculty members created new work inspired by the area. Other work created by faculty members will also be on display. AND: In the South Hall Gallery, works by printmaking students, compiled by Professor of Art Brian Hoover.

Woodbury Art Museum UP:
Tawni Shuler: Ecotone, works by the native of Wyoming who is currently a visiting faculty member at UVU (see page 7). |4| . AND: Kelly Larsen: After Vermont, works by the UVU alumnus complete after a current residency at the Vermont Studio Center.|5|

Springville Museum of Art UP:
38th Annual All-State High Schools of Utah Show.

BYU Harold B. Lee Library Exhibits
Abandon East Abandon West photographs by Andrew and Nick Bontorno.|6| Hallway Gallery, level 2.

Brigham Young University Museum of Art UP: Mirror Mirror on the Wall, an exhibition of contemporary art that explores identity and perception. Notable international artists join Utah artists, in an exhibit of 56 works that trace the influences of rituals, facades, social media, and the family on the formation of individual identity. A variety of media is on display including installation art, painting, photography, multi-media and video art (see December edition). AND: Types and Shadows: Intimations of Divinity encourages viewers to participate in the process of seeking out and finding meaning in the symbols, metaphors and veiled visual references that “point to” the divine mission of Jesus Christ. AND: The First 100 Years: Collecting Art at BYU tells the remarkable story of the development of the university art collection through the display of 150 of the outstanding works that have been acquired over the past century.

UP:Utah Valley Artists Guild Show.

Covey Center for the Arts UPCOMING: Expressions in Oils: A Reagan Academy Student Art Exhibit featuring the art of four different grades from the charter school in Springville, Utah.|7| .

Terra Nova
Green, a group exhibit featuring green as a color, title, material.

Shrine for a Green


 additional media coverage of the visual arts in Utah

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2/4 Late-blooming artist shares talents with children

2/5 Visual art notes: Show aids Haiti relief.

2/8 'Brilliant colorist' thinks big and goes the distance

2/10 Haiti Relief Art Show

2/10 Upper Iowa University
to exhibit Utah artist John Diggle's “Visual Investigations”

2/11 Helenka's art as colorful as her life

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2/13 Celebrating 100 years of art collecting at BYU

2/13 Art canvas

2/17 Public Displays: Artists and venues unite to explore who’s allowed to show their affection to the world.

2/18 Durrant explores shape, color, feeling in Lamplight exhibit

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2/20 Art Canvas

2/24 Photo exhibit shows early days of Zion National Park

2/24 Laying Down the Law: Former attorney Adam Price is bringing new vision to The Salt Lake Art Center.

2/26 Twelve scribes of
Utah: Exhibition reveals state's literary 'Uconoclasts'

2/26 Visual art notes: Pablo O'Higgins, longhorns and goths

2/27 Talent, not disability, comes first at 'real inclusion' Art Access

2/27 Art canvas — Events throughout Utah

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