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 January 2010
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Up and Upcoming: To The North
Exhibition Listings in Northern Utah
Prepared by 15 Bytes staff unless otherwise indicated. UPCOMING and UP listings should reach us by the last Wednesday of the month. Those accepted will run until the closing date, or for one month if no closing date is given. Readers using the guide are cautioned to check with the exhibitor if the accuracy of the listing is crucial. Please send listings for this page to editor@artistsofutah.org

Showing this month at the fine art gallery located in Ogden's Union Station is the watercolor work of Layton artist Terrece Beesley.|0-3| Beesley attended Utah State University, where she earned a BFA in painting and textile design. After raising her children and pursuing successful careers both in publishing and in design, the artist has been devoting herself to watercolors for the past decade.

Beesley paints the world around her. Many of her paintings are postcard scenes -- a fly-fisherman in mid-cast, a scenic cabin, a wooded path -- that while adequately executed are easily forgotten. These are executed in naturalistic colors, with a straightforward approach. Her talents become evident, however, in her still life paintings. These are busy, crowded works, a welcome change from what seems to be the "Utah" (mostly University of Utah graduates) approach to still life -- a single object is placed on an anonymous foreground that takes up the bottom third of the painting; an equally plain background focuses all the attention on the single, fetish-like object. By contrast, Beesley's interest is in the entire surface of the painting, where background, foreground and middle-ground are all fused into one. This over-all approach may derive in part from her studies in textile design, where attention is given to the entire pattern rather than a single focal point. These works have the quality of looking at life through a crystal, where color and form become refracted and dazzle before the eye. When the approach is applied to city- and other scapes the result is equally effective. A busy intersection in New York City, a crowded flower market, or a messy table filled with comic strips, statuary and other disparate objects, come alive in a ricocheting riot of color and form.

The Ogden First Fridays Art Walk takes place every month on the First Friday of the month. On January 8thgalleries are open from 6 to 9 pm for receptions.

Gallery at the Station UP: Terrece Beesley (see above).

Shaw Gallery at Weber State
UPCOMING: Weber State Student Art Exhibiton,

Universe City (2556 Washington Blvd, 801.458.8959) UP: Basin and Range IV: An Artistic Response to Our Mountains, an annual exhibit artistic responses to issues regarding the beautiful mountains that overlook the City of Ogden. The exhibit will feature paintings by Larry Clarkson and LeRoy Jennings and photography by Chris Miller and Charles Trentelman. Jennings paintings focus on the local landscape in geologic detail. Clarkson's works feature bright color and thick paint. Chris Millers black and white photos can be stark, with exaggerated perspective. Charles Trentelman's photos always tell a story.

Eccles Community Art Center UP: Irene Rampton |4| and Lindey Carter |5| in the Main Gallery. The paintings of Roy Moore of Hooper in the Carriage House Gallery. Raised and educated in Salt Lake City, Utah, Irene Rampton is a graduate of Illustration and Design from Utah Technical College. She works most often with watercolor and acrylics. Drawn to painting people she encounters in everyday life, the core of her work has revolved around faces and figures of women. Recently, Irene has focused on places visited and experiences shared, while traveling abroad. Her current work includes a series of cottages and street scenes found in the ancient villages of the Cotswolds, England. Raised in Kaysville, Utah, Lindey Carter grew up in a large family of very active children where spending time along drawing was an escape. She paints with watercolors on gator board, using a subtractive method that gives her paintings a rich, grainy feel. Her subjects are landscapes that have been stripped down to essential elements. Roy N. Moore paints in the studio and en plein air in oil.|6|

Gallery 25 UP: Featured artist Lauri Eskelson. Eskelson is a landscape painter who goes out on location as often as possible, then paints her studio pieces using the study, to try to convey the feeling of experiencing the landscape. She primarily paints Northern Utah scenes, taking advantage of the nearby mountains, streams, and pastures, but is also executes paintings of southern Utah's red rock country.


Brigham City Museum UP: Tribute to Friendship: Quilting Round Robin, showcasing close to 50 quiltes created in eight-state quilting round robins.|7| Artists in Arizona, California, Georgia, Idaho, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming were involved in the group project. Some are members of the Utah Quilt Guild Round Robin, and others belong to local quilting chapters. The pieces are owned by Kaye Evans of Ogden. Evans selected the theme and the fabric for all the quilts. A quilter works about a month on her portion (block) of the quilt. It usually takes nine months to complete one round robin. All of Evans’ quilts were returned as blocks, and she assembled, quilted, bound, added embellishments as needed and labeled them. She says, “What fun when you open the mail each month to see what surprises are inside.

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art UPCOMING: 2nd Annual Tippetts Intermountain Regional Competitive.

Studio 102 Gallery UP: Chris Terry: Paintings from Germany, a group of paintings from the USU professor's sabbatical in Germany (see page 4). |8|

Tippetts Exhibition Hall UPCOMING: Print Folio Exhibition.|9|

BDAC UPCOMING: Utah Illustrators Exhibit, an exhibit featuring the current landscape of illustration. This year's exhibit is a juried competition with entry fees and cash awards. AND: Simply Abstract, art by and Sonya Dinsdale|10|and Scott Buckner.|11| Sonya Dinsdale's abstracts explore color, shape, pattern and texture, inviting the viewer into a visual participation. Scott Bruckner explores elements of the urban environment subject to entropy, with the desire to "document moments of beauty in the elements of decay."

The next Park City Gallery Stroll is Friday, January 29, from 6 to 9 pm.

Kimball Art Center UP: Kevin Hogge: Left to the Elements. In Kevin Hogge's paintings, abandoned trucks and industrial equipment are just some of the man-made objects that struggle to exist in the elements of nature. Through January 14. AND: KAC Members’ Pin Up Show, a non-juried exhibition and sale open to artists who are 18+ years of age. Through January 14.

Gallery MAR UPCOMING: Migration: Into the Wild, new works by Lisa Lamoreaux|12| and Amy Ringholz.|13| Ringholz moved from Ohio to the West in 2002, and found work at an historic dude ranch to make her way, while she was building an identity in the art world. She begins her works by drawing her wildlife images in ink, then adding colors inspired by the west. Mixed media artist Lisa Lamoreaux approaches her canvas with the end result in mind, only to discover that the relationship between the medium and brush results in more interesting and complex narratives and compositions than the subjective mind originally conceived. Systems Theory, a model found in physics, is Lamoreaux’s primary source of inspiration, which demonstrates the interconnectedness of all things.

Julie Nester Gallery UP:“The Cuarto,” new paintings by Daniel Ochoa. Ochoa is an emerging artist from San Francisco, CA.|14| These evocative figurative paintings show an artist that is adept at translating the mood of the subject, while his use of abstraction within his process provides a veil of ambiguity and gesture (see page 7). Phoenix Gallery UPCOMING: Mixed media by Denise Duong, opening January 29.

Meyer Gallery
Thomas Howard and George Allen

Coda Gallery UP: Jamie Perry and Staci Phillips. UPCOMING: Aaron Fritz. |15|

District Gallery
Don Prys & Jodi Steen, celebrating the gallery's new location. UPCOMING: T Barney, a stone and bronze abstract sculptor.
Montgomery Lee Fine Art
Paintings by Jared Sanders and Joseph Alleman.

Mountain Trails Gallery UP: Shanna Kunz. UPCOMING: Glen Edwards, February 5–10.

Thomas Anthony Gallery UPCOMING: Tea and Sea, a study of light, motion and the beauty of tea cups in relation to the sea, by Betts.|16| Artist reception January 29th, 6 - 9 pm.

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