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 January 2010
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month

Prepared by 15 Bytes staff. Unless otherwise noted, UPCOMING shows begin January Gallery Stroll, January 15, 6 to 9 pm. For official Gallery Stroll information visit www.gallerystroll.org. UPCOMING and UP listings should reach us by the last Wednesday of the month. Those accepted will run until the closing date, or for one month if no closing date is given. Readers using the guide are cautioned to check with the exhibitor if the accuracy of the listing is crucial. Please send listings for this page to gwichert@artistsofutah.org

MAIN LIBRARY UP: qi peng: industrial landscapes. This group of works on paper is a departure for the conceptual artist, who normally executes "interviews" as a form of collaborative portraits with various art professionals and also uses primary/secondary documents to examine the contemporary art market. In these drawings peng has executed a "personalized series of urban or isolated building/object/structure drawings that reflect an interest in the impact of humanity on the environment and the shifts within our cultural desire to have something new and fresh at the expense of recycling lost history."|0| The large drawings show urban scenes such as a row of shopping carts, or the doorway to a high rise building, landscapes where "nature and machine/man-made buildings intersect." AND: Through the Eyes of Youth by Bad Dog Rediscovers America. The Bad Dog Art Apprenticeship Program (AAP) gives teens a jump-start on the realities of an art career by providing the opportunity for youth to apprentice with professional artists. This exhibit highlights the recent work of Bad Dog's Comic Art and Digital Photography Apprenticeships. .

CORINNE & JACK SWEET BRANCH UP: Journey: Images for Contemplation by Sonya Dinsdale. Dinsdale has a BA from the University of Utah and an Art History graduate degree from UCLA. Her works are abstract explorations of shapes, patterns and textures that invite the viewer into participation and contemplation.|1|

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UP: Sacred Geometry by Trent Alvey and Corey Bowman. Alvey's exhibit includes two-dimensional collages and wall assemblages that combine objects and tactile surfaces. She draws upon references from eastern religions, concepts of physics, philosophy, and medicine to introduce symbols of ancient knowledge into a contemporary format.|2| For the assemblages, Alvey selects found objects and tactile surfaces like wood, rope, Korean paper, iron and cloth. Corey Bowman encourages “viewers to walk around, inside, and through space.” For this installation, Bowman looks to Foucault’s statement that “Museums have become places where time never stops building up . . . the will to enclose in one place all times, all forms, all tastes, a place of all times that is itself outside of time.” He continues, I hope to look deeper into the state of the present within the urban landscape through this concept of accumulated time. I refer to the urban landscape as a matrix that connects and organizes the dynamic processes and events around us. It is an active surface structuring relationships and interactions. Using cardboard as a sculptural medium to represent layered time, I hope to show that the urban landscape is not devoid of context.|3| Layer upon layer of context is added constantly to the relationships and interactions around us. Each built-up layer of cardboard represents the added layering in this process. He earned a BFA in Studio Art at Brigham Young University and is currently studying for his Masters of Architecture at the University of Utah.

THE LIVING ROOM UP: East Coast Meets West Coast, a two-person exhibition with Charles
Fresquez, a New Mexico minimalist painter, and James Huckenpahler, a digital painter based out of Washington D.C.. Charles Fresquez presents a new set of his luminous cast acrylic and enamel works that include parallel and perpendicular lines of pastel hues.|4| Reminding the viewer of a combination between color field and minimalist painting, the artist's paintings gently allude to the concept of light within the mechanical precision of electronic music such as Crystal Castles, Kraftwerk, Gyorgy Ligeti, and ADULT. As a contrast to Fresquez's handcrafted panels, James Huckenpahler is showing his newly created set of digital paintings executed strictly in black, grey, and white forms sweeping across the surface of his works.|5| Originally intended as vinyl stickers created within Photoshop to be placed all around a city like abstract graffiti, the artist's printed works are designed in an unlimited edition that draws the viewer's attention into the plunging depths of seemingly random yet tightly mathematical architectures that depict otherworldly landscapes of the personal imagination resembling fractals and chaos theory.

SALT LAKE ART CENTER UP: Reawakened Beauty: Tillman Crane's Jordan River Photographs. The exhibit features 30 platinum prints that document the Jordan River from its source at Utah Lake to its mouth at the Great Salt Lake (see December edition). . AND: Displacement: The Three Gorges Dam and Contemporary Chinese Art features four artists whose work responds to the massive hydroelectric dam project on the Yangzi River in China (see page 7). UPCOMING: Seven Deadly Sins, a rare example of a contemporary artist taking
on a topic long associated with the history of Christian art. In his paintings, the
sins are acted out by seagulls, which he has observed for decades along the coast
of Maine.|6| In the words of the artist, “Gulls are nasty birds, filled with their own
jealousies and rivalries. . .”

MUSEUM OF CHURCH HISTORY & ART UP: The Salt Lake Tabernacle: Gathering the Saints under One Roof. The exhibit examines the architectural influences on the Tabernacle's design and construction, displays historical photographs that document the construction progress, pays tribute to the sacrifice and dedication of the pioneer workers, and honors the Church Presidents who have spoken from its pulpits.

PIONEER THEATRE LOGE GALLERY (U of U campus) UPCOMING: Suzanna Tornquist, a Utah artist who has gained national recognition for her versatility as an artist and an illustrator with such entities as Microsoft. She is also an artist and illustrator for the Salt Lake Newspaper Agency Corporation. Her Loge Gallery collection will consist of multicultural and abstract works. Tornquist says, "Painting, for me, is a visual reaction to mood, movement, and color."|7|

GALLERY UAF UP: A Holiday Show showing the work of: E Kent Eichbauer, Stephanie Swift, Patty Street, Julie Shipman, Kaye Wankier, Marian McDevitt. UPCOMING: The Captain Captain Studio Artists: Trent Alvey, Trent Call, Steven Larsen, Chase Leslie, Tessa Lindsey, Jennica Sheets,|8| Sri Whipple, and Cein Watson.

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP: Carefully observed animal life sculpted with twisted wire and cut paper by Juule De Haans and Jeanine Piper TeKrony's age-old tradition of smoke fired clay pottery pieces and animal forms. UPCOMING: Collage and assemblage works by Susan Ure.|9| The use of found objects and textual surfaces create a rich symbolism which is shared with the viewer encompassing the personal myths of the artist.

UMFA UP: Africa: Arts of a Continent. Explore themes of the spirit world and afterlife with African art objects from the UMFA’s permanent collection. AND: Influences of the Silk Road, objects from the Museum’s permanent collection that either traveled on the Silk Road or reflect the religions, technologies, and goods that were exchanged en route. AND: Desert Secrets: Photography from the UMFA's Permanent Collection presents provocative images of Southwestern deserts, exploring the histories hidden in these vast, seemingly barren and uninhabited spaces. Using both traditional photographic techniques as well as newer forms of digital imaging and surveillance technology, the featured photographers engage themes of technological intrusions into the land; nuclear testing; clandestine military operations; conspiracy theories; and the mysterious appearance of the desert landscape itself. HORNE FINE ART UP: A tempting array of gorgeous small paintings in their evolving exhibitions. Phyllis Horne presents new Fall and Winter landscape gems, and Karen Horne captures the iconic urban landscape with paintings of Tower Theatre, Abravanel Hall, Temple Square, Capitol Theatre, and 7-11.

KAYO GALLERY UP: Small Works, a group show of miniscule proportions, juried by Jill Dawsey. Window installation by Micquelle Corry. UPCOMING: Wren Ross, Stephanie Toland and Brian Patterson.

ART AT THE MAIN UPCOMING: Winter Lights, luminaries by William James. With cold winter nights in mind, ceramic artist William James has
created a new collection of luminaries that not only emit light, but also
reflect it back in dancing shapes of light and dark. Some of the luminaries are reminiscent of wind-sculpted snow drifts, with overhangs, sinuous curves, and a contrast of soft fragility with cold hardness.|10|

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UP: 15th Annual Holiday Exhibition with over 20 participating artists. Access II features Ukrainian painter Mark Vaynshteyn and his exhibit focusing on homelessness, much of it from personal experience. UPCOMING: Fiber artist, John Hess, who says that his woven textile reliefs are based upon his fascination with folded paper constructions.|11| “I often make paper mockups of various sizes and then translate them to a double woven format.” Hess lives in Salt Lake City and works on two wooden looms, one of which fills an entire room. Rachel Van Wagoner will show her colorful ceramics which she says are “a friendly reminder of Futro, a time that examines the retro past and the mysterious future.”|12| Her ceramic bowls and vessels “harken back to the brilliant age of Technicolor dreams and cosmonautical adventures, harnessing emotions of playfulness, nostalgia and hilarity.” AND: In Art Access II Gallery, John Welch will exhibit his unique “suspended cultural forms,” made of pieces of painted screen and scraps of metal.|13|

ROSE WAGNER ART CENTER UP: Leap, featuring 170 pairs of plaster legs showering down the balcony entrance wall in various stages of dance jumps, by Jen Harmon Allen (see December edition).|14| New paintings by John Sproul.

WILLIAMS FINE ART UP: New works by Kate Starling, who was featured on the cover of October's issue of Southwest Art Magazine. UPCOMING: Newly-acquired works from Elva Malin, Dennis Smith and Larry Wade.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UPCOMING: Wild Things, featuring the work of Ron Russon,|15| Willamarie Huelskamp and Curt Hawkings.

UTAH CULTURAL CELEBRATION CENTER UPCOMING: Utah's African History: Storytelling through Art and Artifact, tells the story of Utah's African heritage and culture through artifacts and family heirlooms. AND: Reawakened Beauty: Tillman Crane’s Jordan River Photographs on Display at Utah Cultural Celebration Center. Nine mural-sized photographs selected from Tillman Crane’s book A Walk Along the Jordan truly capture a sense of place that is sacred and profane; beautiful and flawed in the black and white collection.


ALICE GALLERY UP: Watercolor paintings from the State Fine Art Colleciton.

BEANS & BREW UP: Abstract, Sensoria & On Black. Artist John Harris' layered images of work blend together in stunning contemporary pieces. Also, unique ghostly sensor-exposures and striking 'crispy' on-black images. UPCOMING: Jerry Hardesty's abstract paintings in an expressionistic style.

ALPINE ART UP: Small works by local artists.

SPRAGUE BRANCH UPCOMING: The Beauty of Plein-Air Watercolors, works by Douglas Simms Stenhouse.

15th STREET GALLERY UP: Group Show featuring Steven Larson, Lane Bennion, Wendy Chidester, Chris Miles, Dennis Smith, Blue Critchfield, Trent Call and Zach Hixson. UPCOMING: Small Wonders, landscapes by Aaron Bushnell and Shirley Britsch and encaustics by Sean Diediker.

EVERGREEN FRAMING UP: Winter and Christmas themed paintings for our annual Small Works season. UPCOMING: New designs on printed cotton by Nathan Florence and Candace Rideout's landscapes.

MICHAEL BERRY GALLERY (163 E 300 S; 521-0243 ) UP: Devils of Deseret & other Deviations, clay art and pen and ink drawings by Judith Romney Wolbach (see November edition). UPCOMING: Judy Wolbach, Tim Little, Pilar Pobil and Willamarie Huelskamp.

MEYER GALLERY SLC UP: Cheryl Warrick and Sushe Felix. Cheryl Warrick creates "Patchwork of Memory" paintings in mixed medium. Sushe Felix, from Denver, Colorado, has a dynamic style that is both whimsical and surprising.

NOBROW UP: Defstar Guestars, Kir Defstar Colaberations featuring: Baki, Chuck Landvatter, Trent Call, Stem, Dusk, Benjamin Weirmeyer, Chew, Damage Control, Sri Whipple, Leki of Somoan Ink, Brinttney Flores.PATRICK MOORE GALLERY ( 2233 S 700 E; 801-484-6641) UP: Pits and Perception. Painter Cyrus Mejía, contemporary artist and co-founder of the Best Friends Animal Society, presents paintings of the much maligned pit bull. PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Holiday Group Show (see December edition). UPCOMING: Joe Carter.

RIO GALLERY UPCOMING: Seeing Through a Glass, Darkly, works by Dallas Graham, Janelle Wride and Robert France.

BRUSHWORKS GALLERY (160 E 800 S; 801-363-0600) UP: Beneath the Surface, a group show featuring new works by D.W. Drage, Rosalyn Drage, Howard Brough, Vita Kobylkina, Savana Jones, Alisha Drage and Ryan Harrington.

CAFE NICHE UP: Caitlin Connelly's Ebb and Flow: a Feminine Experience; and Matt and Amanda Black’s video art and photography. UPCOMING: Todd Powelson’s portraits, figures and abstractions; a show blending cubist and abstract form with metaphysical ideas. Also, paintings by Afton Harding.

SAM WELLER'S GALLERY ON THE MEZZANINE (Sam Weller's Bookstore, 254 S. Main, 328-2586) UP: Novel Pulp: New Paper Works by Amber Heaton, Lauren Huber, Jared Steffensen and David Wolske. Five artists explore the formal and conceptual themes of the dimensionality and mass of paper (see December edition). UPCOMING:

TIN ANGEL CAFE UP: Brooke Connolly's Take Your Places, an interesting take on her travels through the country and Laura Besterfeldt with Amuse-Bouche, jewelry and silver castings of items that appease the palate. UPCOMING: Al Hartmann with Idioms and Illusions, a show of his digitally painted photographs.

GARFO UP: Oh So Material
an exhibition working across a variety of media--installation, sculpture, found object, textile, and painting that explore material and its role in the finished work. Featuring: Shawn Porter, Jared Lindsay Clark, Stephanie Leitch, John Andrews, and Brenda Wattleworth.

814 GALLERY (814 E. 100 South, 801-533-0204) UP: Fun & Games, art by Daniel Ramjoue.

Tyler Hutzinger.

SUGAR HOUSE GALLERY UPCOMING: Natural Wildlife, a series of photos by Tiffany Daines. These images showcase a variety of Western flora and fauna taken in their natural habitat.

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