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 November 2010
Published by Artists of Utah
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Leo Krikorian at CUAC
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Exhibition Announcements
Up & Upcoming to the South
Prepared by 15 Bytes staff unless otherwise indicated. UPCOMING and UP listings should reach us by the last Wednesday of the month. Please send listings for this page to editor@artistsofutah.org

CUAC UP: Geometric Abstractions, work by Leo Krikorian.|0|AND: Events, presents work by Todd Chilton, a contemporary artist whose painting is related to the geometric abstraction of Krikorian.|1| UPCOMING: Orbital, an exhibit by Jared Clark in which the artist sees an intersection of the worlds of installation, sculpture, drawing, painting and even performance. As each of Clark’s collected objects interacts with the others, they provide a narrative for the whole. AND: Crossing the Continent by Stefan Hagen. From short strolls around ponds and along trails, to epic cross-country tours, his images convey his travels. Hagen is a photographer of grandiose proportions. His exposure times last into perpetuity, sometimes spanning days at a time, and frequently spanning distances of great immensity. AND: Emergence by Dianna Lindquist, a recent graduate of WSU. This series is based on plant and biological forms struggling with the chaos of growth. These might be read as symbolic of human life forms, which also face challenges as people are created.


St. George Art Academy UPCOMING:
Doors of Hope, a collection of 25 doors by sculptor Daniel Pettigrew.|2| The doors were commissioned by the Erin Kimball Memorial foundation to raise awareness about domestic violence.
St. George Art Museum UP: Beyond the Literal, abstract painting and sculpture by Lynn Berryhill,|3| Noel Logan, |4| Pearl Meadows |5| and Anne Weiler-Brown |6| in the Main and Mezzanine Galleries. AND: Land Beyond Literal, expressionist landscape paintings by Royden Card in the Legacy Gallery.|7|

Sears Gallery UP: A Panel Of Women Present: Music For Your Eyes featuring Cathie McCormick, Aimee Bonham, Alisha Tolman, Sunny Belliston Taylor, and LuAnn Williams. These artists share a background of traditional realism and have chosen this point of departure as a valid form of expression and communication. All are art educators with strong connections to Southern Utah.


Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery UP:
Winslow Homer in America: 1857 - 1887 includes 125 original wood engravings focusing on the artist’s early development.

UP: Holiday Art Show, featuring new works from local and regional artists as well as great gift ideas for the holiday season.

Gallery East UPCOMING: Ingressio: Entering In, a series of photographic vignettes and small, narrowly-focused images by UVU BFA student Rebecca Poulsen Harbaugh.|8| Harbaugh uses the blue- and brown-toned cyanotype process to capture the iconic subjects of her personal vision in which she investigates the process of life, spirituality, and personal development. Harbaugh’s images touch upon self reflection, life, worship, and sense of place.

Utah County Art Gallery UP: Utah Valley University Student Exhibit.

Terra Nova Gallery UP: Great Things/Small Packages '10, the galleries annual exhibition of small works by gallery regulars.Springville Museum of Art UP: 25th Annual Spiritual and Religious Art of Utah.

Brigham Young University Museum of Art UP: Bill Owens: Suburbia, a sly photographic study through 65 black and white photographs of suburban life in the 1970s. |9| AND: James Tissot: The life of Christ showcases 124 watercolors from the Brooklyn Museum's collection of 19th-century New Testament illustrations by French artist James Tissot.|10| AND: Wide-Open Spaces: Capturing the Grandeur of the American Southwest, an exhibition that explores the artistic innovations in color, composition and technique developed by 20th-century artists to capture the grandeur of the region.
AND: Carl Bloch: The Master's Hand, an exhibit of five large altar paintings by Lutheran Danish artist Carl Heinrich Bloch (1834 – 1890).|11| The artist's works are well-known to many in Utah because the LDS church has reproduced them in their publications and buildings. Four of these works will be traveling from the original installation for the first time since their creation. The other altar painting, “Christ Healing the Sick at Bethesda,” has become the museum’s signature piece since it was acquired in September 2001. Additional religious paintings and etchings along with genre, history, portrait and landscape paintings from Danish museums also will be included in the exhibition.

BYU Harold B. Lee Library Exhibits UP: Animal Brilliance, an exhibition of works by husband and wife Lance and Jacqui Larsen.|12| Lance, a poet, and Jacqui, a visual artist, have created a series of individual works created in a play of collaborative inspiration.

Woodbury Art Museum UP:
Art Through the Cultural Revolution, includes the work of several artists known as the Cave Artists Group (Yaodong Huapai) who worked under the direction of Beijing based artist Jin Zhilin.|13|

Suburbia at BYU MoA
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 additional media coverage of the visual arts in Utah

11/1 The Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) presents Trevor Southey: Reconciliation, a retrospective exhibition of the most significant works from each period of former Utah-based artist Trevor Southey’s (b. 1940) career.

11/1 In the Footsteps of Thomas Moran: Second Annual Plein Air Artist Invitational at Zion National Park

11/1 Michael Workman in Southwest Art magazine

11/1 Surrendering to the Muse: Jung, Meade and Southey in Salt Lake City

11/4 Visual art notes: Adult nightlights, Danish Jesus, Jewish rockers and tinyscapes.

11/6 BYU museum to exhibit Danish artist's work

11/6 Paintings by Richard G. Scott on display at the flagship Deseret Book store

11/7 UMFA curator brings world’s art to Utah

11/12 Visual art notes: Holiday art shows, plus early Ansel Adams photography, a heroic epic with ‘The Hideout,’ plus ‘What Grows on Trees’

11/13 Crown Jewel: Mathewson highlights our island’s treasures

11/15 A bold look at the bald look: Photographer Cat Palmer gathered 14 women who shaved their heads and were photographed

11/15 UMFA's Reconciliation is a journey through artist Trevor Southey’s life.

11/18 Visual Art notes: UMFA launches ‘salt 2,’ plus holiday art shows.

11/19 Seuss on the loose at the Redstone Gallery: Prints, sculptures and books celebrate the late artist's career

11/20 Power in his brush: Danish painter’s depictions of Christ exhibited at BYU

11/20 Art canvas: Art events in Utah

11/27 Visual Art notes: Free art at UMFA, plus a Toy Story exhibit, and Carolyn Guild’s black-and-white photography at Kimball Art Center

11/29 ‘Tis the Season Exhibit at the Rio Winter and Holiday Art from 37 artists

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