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  March 2009
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Studio Space

Work by Wendy ChidesterWendy Chidester by Shawn Rossiter

Fresh from an exhibit in Palm Desert, Draper artist Wendy Chidester was busy preparing for a show at Coda Gallery when we visited her studio in February. Chidester has converted her spacious garage into a studio space, storage unit and frame shop. Racks filled with odds and ends that are the subjects of her still lifes form an intimate alcove where she creates her vivid still lifes. She uses overhead lights and a kerosene heater during the cold winter months, but opening the double doors of the garage fill the space with light. To see how Chidester transforms the antiques and everyday objects that fill her studio, visit Park City's Coda Gallery through March 20.
 Studio Space

Erin Berrett's Studio Space

Feature: On the Spot
Salt Lake's Katharine Coles

Kat ColesKatharine Coles lives in Salt Lake City, and in 2006 she was named to a five-year term as Utah's Poet Laureate. Her poems have been included in numerous public arts projects, including Salt Lake City's Passages Park, for which she served on the design team; and NUMBERS AND MEASURES, an installation by Anna Campbell Bliss in the Leroy Cowles Mathematics Building at the University of Utah. Her ongoing collaboration with visual artist Maureen O'Hara Ure has resulted in two major installations and an artist's book, SWOON.

She is on the faculty of the English Department at the University of Utah, where she teaches creative writing and literature and, with mathematician and biologist Fred Adler, co-directs the Utah Symposium in Science and Literature , which she originated in 2001.

What hangs above your mantel?

I have no mantel because I have no fireplace--only glass walls on the long sides of the house and bookshelves on the short sides. On the interior walls, we do have paintings hanging, mostly by Utah artists, including Maureen O'Hara Ure, Anna Campbell Bliss, David Ruhlman, and Bonnie Sucec.

What is your favorite building in Utah?

As you can already tell from my first answer, my favorite building is my house. I'm also very fond of the new downtown library.

What is the most memorable exhibit you've seen recently?

I really loved the Maria Sibylla Marian and Daughers Women in Art and Science exhibit I saw at the Getty last fall; but the Bodyworlds exhibit that was at the Leonardo this winter was also unforgettable.

15 Bytes: About Us
This Edition

Lane Bachman hitchhiked around Europe and the Balkans and did time at the Naropa Institute in Boulder Colorado (a minimum security facility) played in a series of defunct ambient funk dance bands, and is now paying for past sins in Salt Lake City.

Ehren ClarkEhren Clark received his BA in Modern and Contemporary Art History and Critcism at the University of Utah and an MA in the art of the Renaissance at the University of Reading, UK. He currently writes for the In Utah This Week, as well as being published in other journals in Utah.

Hikmet Sidney LoeHikmet Sidney Loe
teaches art history at Westminster College and runs the literature program for Utah Humanities Council. In her spare time she writes and herds a bunch of animals around her house.

Shawn Rossiter Shawn Rossiter successfully dropped out of a Masters Program in Comparative Literature to become a painter. In 2001 he founded Artists of Utah and is the editor of 15 Bytes.

Elena Shtromberg
is assistant professor in the Department of Art and Art history at the University of Utah. She received her Ph.D. in Art History from UCLA. Her main areas of research include twentieth-century Latin American and Brazilian art, as well as art from the U.S.-Mexico border region. Her current book project investigates Brazilian artistic practices during the 1970s, the most repressive decade of the military dictatorship.

James StoddardJames Stoddard
is currently enrolled in the photography program at Salt Lake Community College, and set to graduate in 2009. He has always been fascinated with cameras, and received his first one at the age of 14. James grew up in Utah and loves photographing both its landscape and its people. His images have been seen in publications in Utah and throughout the West.

Geoff WichertGeoff Wichert
has degrees in critical writing and creative nonfiction. He teaches writing at Snow College, where he also taught Art History for six years. His profile of Kate Starling will appear in the Winter issue of Wasatch Journal.

Tiffini Porter WidlanskyTiffini Porter Widlansky
likes art, so she’s decided to write about it, collect it, and volunteer in various ways to help people view and produce it. She has a college degree and other pertinent credentials but feels that, if you’ve read this far into her bio, you really should move on to the more interesting content…you know, the parts about the art!

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