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  September 2008
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Moab artist Chad Niehaus at his easel
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Exhibition Announcements
Up & Upcoming to the South
Prepared by 15 Bytes staff unless otherwise indicated. UPCOMING and UP listings should reach us by the last Wednesday of the month. Those accepted will run until the closing date, or for one month if no closing date is given. Readers using the guide are cautioned to check with the exhibitor if the accuracy of the listing is crucial. Errors reported to us will lead to correction and earn good Karma. Please send listings for this page to editor@artistsofutah.org

MOAB STUDIO TOUR: On September 6th and 7th, 2008, fifteen of Moab's finest and most enduring local artists will open their homes and studios to you for the 5th Moab Studio Tour. |0 -2|

Moab is blossoming as an arts destination. In addition to the gorgeous natural scenery and variety of recreational opportunities, people now come to Moab to visit its art galleries, attend folk, rock and classical music festivals, participate in the annual Moab Arts Festival and to enjoy Moab's growing display of public art. In addition, Moab offers literary, film, dance, theater and performance art events. How is this possible? A survey by the Moab Arts Council revealed that approximately 6% of Moab's population (5,500 in the city), or about 330 residents are actively engaged in the arts.

The tour will take place on September 6 and 7 from 10 AM until 4 PM. Maps and driving directions will be available at the first artist studio you visit and are also at the tour website: www.moabstudiotour.com. This is a rare chance to see Moab artists in their native home habitat and to purchase work directly from them.

The Moab Artwalk will occur Saturday, September 13th 6-9 pm.
Moab Art Works UP: So Much Red Rock - So Little Time, recet paintings of Zion National Park by R. Geoffrey Blackburn,|3| along with several "Spaced Miners" pieces inspired by his time as a uranium prospector in Moab, Utah. Born in Utah in the late 1940's, R. Geoffrey Blackburn has been drawing and painting since he was a child. Although he studied art at the University of Utah, he is mostly self-taught. His professional art career began in 1970 and he has created art, taught art and worked in various art-related fields his entire professional life. Through September.

Framed Image Fine Art Gallery UPCOMING: Frida Kahlo, the Rediscovered Photographs by Nickolas Muray, opens September 13th during the Moab Artwalk. Reknowned Greenwich Village photographer of the 1920's and 30's, Nikolas Muray photographed iconic Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, during their on again, off again relationship. On display will be six, silver-gelatin prints, a platinum print, and a stunningly vibrant, color carbon pigment transfer.|4| Six images come from previously unknown negatives. They were found in a forgotten truck in Moab, Utah by the photographer's children, Mimi Muray Levitt, and Christopher Muray who currently reside in Moab. Through September.

Spring City Studio Tour
: On September 20th, the artists of Sanpete's Spring City invite you to visit them in their studios. You'll have the chance to visit the studios and galleries over over 40 artists and galleries (see page 5). Saturday, September 20th, 10 am - 4pm.

Central Utah Art Center UP: Constructing Nostalgia, a group exhibit (see page 7).

UPCOMING: Mixing Context, work by GianPietro Pierotti. Pierotti's work draws from a rich visual and conceptual history ranging from traditional porcelain tea sets to simple constructions that resemble an attack vehicle you would see on the Empire Strikes Back. Drawing from these disparate mythologies Pierotti is able to imbue his objects with multiple meanings. By contrasting a medium with such a long traditional history with a form that is so awkward yet intriguing he is able to present an object that possesses a duality of meaning. A simple shape with a complicated history. September 5 - October 1, with an opening Reception Friday September 5th 6-8pm.

AND: Constructing Abstraction, work by Sunny Belliston. Belliston constructs contemporary landscapes. Using the language of abstraction and formalism she is reconstructing her personal landscape. Using the layering and removing of paint as a stand in for the passing of time she is able to construct environments, tear them down, and reconstruct them in a new way. On closer inspection the viewer is able to find the remnants of past forms and recognize a timeline or history of the painting itself. September 5 - October 1, Opening Reception Friday September 5th 6-8pm.

Beacon by Sunny Belliston

Brigham Young University Museum of Art UP: Dismantling Geneva Steel: Photographs by Chris Dunker (see March edition), documenting the dismantling of the Geneva Steel Works in Vineyard, Utah. Through November 1.

AND: Turning Point: The Demise of Modernism and the Rebirth of Meaning in American Art, explores how two groups of American artists in the late 1960s rebelled against Modernist abstraction by creating artworks that directly challenged Modernism's theoretical tenets (see page 1). Through January 30.

UPCOMING: Windows on a Hidden World: Japanese Woodblock Prints from the BYU Museum of Art Collection offers museum visitors a glimpse into Japanese culture during its period of isolation by displaying many of the same woodblock prints that first circled the globe after the country opened to the world in 1854. September 26, 2008, through Saturday, Jan. 17, 2009.

BYU Harold B. Lee Library Exhibits UP: Mark Hedengren, " New York Street Performers" and "The Financial District" through September 30. Hallway Gallery, level 2

AND: Frank McEntire. "Spontaneous Memorial."

August 16 - October 2, 2008

Auditorium Gallery, level 1m

Woodbury Art Museum UP: The da Vinci Experience an interactive exhibit of over 60 machines inspired by the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci that allows visitors a chance to see the master's genius up close (see July edition). Through October 4.

Springville Museum of Art
UP: 35th Annual Quilt Show, a display of color, pattern, creativity and skill is showcased through the creative medium of quilting. Through September.

AND: Blaine & Louise Clyde Retrospective Exhibition.
Blaine P. and Louise Clyde have given remarkable support to the Springville Museum of Art for over 25 years, donating of their resources to enhance the Museum's collection and build a new wing. In honor of their contributions and on the occasion of Louise's 90th year, the Springville Museum of Art presents this retrospective exhibition displaying the artwork given to the Museum by them and the extended Clyde family. Through March 22, 2009.

UPCOMING: Unbound: Original Picture Book Art by Utah Illustrators. A collection of children's book illustrations; this exhibition showcases the work of 27 illustrators who have their roots in Utah.
13 September - 16 October.

AND: Terpsikhorov: Master Artist of Mother Russia. 13 September - 16 October.

ALSO: The Art of J. Kirk Richards. Provo artist J. Kirk Richards has been gaining notoriety over the past decade for his skill, creativity, and unique manner of representation. Richards' show will focus mainly on self analysis and religious works of art.13 September - 16 October.

AND: The State Street Project: A Portrait of Utah, an exhibition of photography bringing together 8 artists, 450 miles, and 1 road.

The Downtown Provo Gallery Stroll occurs the first Friday of every month. UPCOMING EXHIBITIONS will open Friday, September 5 with a reception 6 - 9 pm. Exhibitions run through the month of September. The following are participating locations.

Coleman Studios UPCOMING: Brittany and David Scott.

Muse Music UPCOMING: Paintings by Michael Barrett.

Legion (167 N University Ave, 718-3038) UPCOMING: Paintings and grip tape art by J.J. and Jesse Rader

Storefront Galleries (250 W Center, 273 W Center; 377-5700) A group show curated by Abe Kimball, as well as mixed media works by artists from the Center for Change.

Coal Umbrella UPCOMING: Raquel Smith Callis.

Mode Boutique UPCOMING: glass and sculpture by Brian Christensen.

Utah County Gallery (151 S University Ave; 785-2059) UPCOMING: Photography/Digital art juried show.

Terra Nova UPCOMING: 5th Anniversary Exhibit, a group exhibit of artists from their inaugural exhibit. Artists include; Donna Corno, Ben Hammond, Garth Harrison K.A., Brett Larsen, Courtney Lunt and others.

Provo Community Church (175 N. Univ. Ave; 368-1180) UPCOMING: Works by members of the congregation

Covey Center for the Arts UPCOMING: Mark Finch Hedengren.

Maestro's Gelato Cafe (22 W Center St; 691-5550) UPCOMING: Photographs by Vanessa Harper

Provo Community Church (175 N. Univ. Ave; 368-1180) UPCOMING: Works by local artists.

Sego Art Center UPCOMING: Collective, a two person exhibition of new sculpture by Utah artists Adam Bateman and Pam Bowman. Composed of hundreds of used books often gathered from libraries, Bateman's sculptures at first appear Minimalist, but upon closer examination these towering stacks are full of complex conceptual meaning. Weaved with compulsive gesture, Pam Bowman's latest sculpture is an amalgam of personal experience and communal navigation. The sculpture is the result of thousands of sinuous fibers looped together over and over in a continuous braid. The fibers are caulking cotton, a material used to bind and seal wooden planks together in ship-building. For Bowman, the intertwined strings represent the intersections of people, the combined whole ultimately stronger than the individual.

AND: In the Annex (Sego's space connected to the main gallery) , Autumnau, an exhibition of paintings by Utah artist Roland Thompson.

Work by Roland Thompson
 additional media coverage of the visual arts in Utah

8/1 On the Cover of Catalyst magazine: Sally Shatz.

8/3 BYU showcases '60s and '70s art rebels.

8/5 Artist's suicide has loved ones looking to his last show for answers.

8/9 Hot off the press: Printmakers share wares at Kayo Gallery.

8/9 Salt Lake Gallery Stroll highlights: Kids and cats and teens.

8/14 A Gift of Art from the Heart: The Sorenson Legacy Foundation just donated $12 million to the University of Utah, earmarked to enhance the arts in Utah's public schools.

8/19 Electric Perspectives: Exhibits by Walt Hunter, Jesus Silva and Benjamin Davis, showing at the (BDAC)

8/19 Chinese artist brings ink paintings to life.

8/20 Visual art notes: Henri Moser's vibrant art on exhibit.

8/23 Tell us, does junk mail as art really work?

8/24 Book Displays Artist's Work: Greenwich Workshop Press will publish "Men and Angels: The Art of James C. Christensen".

8/26 Serenity in Lamplight’s hidden gallery.

8/28 “Notorious” portrait posters steal the show at Phil Sherburne and Leia Bell’s new venue.

8/30 UMFA lesson: Art of collecting pays off.

8/30 Portrait of the artist as Lazarus: One-time miner paints the world he left behind.

8/31 Visual Arts Notes: The Utah Arts Festival, this year and next.

8/31 Art installation 'North Star' at WSU's Kimball Visual Arts Center.

8/31 Moab artists share their creative process.

Thunderbird Foundation at Mt. Carmel
UPCOMING: Maynard Dixon Country Annual Art Show and Sale 2008. Every year in the last full week of August, The Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts hosts Maynard Dixon Country, an art show, gathering and sale of work by thirty-five to forty of America's premier painters.

St. George Art Museum UP: The Art of Zion: A Century of Sanctuary. To mark the 100th anniversary of the St. George Art Museum hosts the most comprehensive exhibit of Zion ever mounted, a landmark three-part exhibiton on display August 25, 2008-January 24, 2009. The Historic exhibit showcases seventy-four paintings and photographs tracing the history of art in Zion Canyon beginning in 1870 and commencing decade by decade through changing styles and artistic movements to the present day. Artwork by famed artists Thomas Moran, Maynard Dixon, Ansel Adams, Frederick Dellenbaugh, Jack Hillers, and Gunnar Widforss will join the work of many other artists of national renown and local impact to form a panoramic history of Zion art. Through January 24

Sears Art Gallery UP: Mythical Objects - Detached Realties, showcases two of Utah's finest artists, featuring the ceramic work of Susan Harris and the paintings of Brian Hoover. Harris, who is currently a professor of art & design at Southern Utah University, is recognized as one of the top ceramicists in the country. Her work has been exhibited not only in Utah, but also nationally and internationally, in solo and group exhibitions. Hoover also serves as a professor of art at SUU, where he instructs students in painting and printmaking. His highly detailed and symbolic oil works are exhibited nationally and are part of many public and private collections throughout the country.
September 5 - November 4.

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