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  March 2008
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Ben, etching by Jen Marie Suflita

Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month
Prepared by 15 Bytes staff. Unless otherwise noted, UPCOMING shows begin March Gallery Stroll, March 21, 6 to 9 pm. For official Gallery Stroll information visit www.gallerystroll.org. Please send listings for this page to gwichert@artistsofutah.org

Another pirate on the pirate ship . . . . Jennifer Marie Suflita at the Art Barn on Finch Lane
by Geoff Wichert

Jennifer Suflita makes portraits that strive to capture both the enduring characters and the fleeting moods of her subjects in a single image. Her new show at the Finch Lane Gallery was inspired in part by the color exercises Albers and Itten promoted at the Bauhaus and helped import to American art schools. Recalling how a foreground color will display a variable character depending on which color background surrounds it, Suflita wondered how the expression on a face might change depending on the context in which it is placed. It’s a question she shares with the great Russian filmmaker, Sergei Eisenstein. And so she will be showing two sets of portraits in three formats. In one, their arrangement on the walls and architectural circumstance will divide sixteen copper etchings into groups—conversations of a kind. The same sixteen faces will also be bound into two accordion-pleated artist’s books, where they will be subject to more intimate confrontation. In the room’s center, another sixteen images—large drypoints, hung back to back in open space—will assemble two images apiece of eight subjects who are also four couples. In Suflita’s images, shown close up and severely cropped, there is a balance between the physiognomy of the subject and the characteristics of the rendering, so that the lines printed on the paper correspond to the psychology imprinted on the man or woman who wears the face.

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UP: In the Tops of the Mountains: large scale paintings by Rob Adamson, representing the life of some of the artist's ancestors who settled high in the mountains. Each panel includes a larger painting with smaller predella panels below.
AND: Jennifer Marie Suflita:large drypoint prints of intimate situations that give the viewer the feeling of having looked in on a very intense, private moment, and 16 small etchings, alternately wall-mounted and bound together into an accordion-style artist's book.
AND: in the Park Gallery, documentary photographer Shalee Cooper. "I am very attracted to signs that represent a place in time: signs that invite you into their small business, hand-painted signs, signs that leave a mark in history."
Through April 11.

UMFA UP: Suitcase Paintings: Small Scale Works by Abstract Expressionists
Abstract Impressionism usually means big --- big ideas, big scale. These sixty works presents another side of Abstract Expressionism. Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, Joan Mitchel -- to name a few -- also made small-scale paintings of intense beauty that exhibit all the bravura and energy found in their larger and more acclaimed works, suggesting that Abstract Expressionism works rather well in a small format, and second, many terrific artists from the period who are not well known deserve to be. Special arrangements have been made to show a stunning black and while Jackson Pollock oil on paper, titled Triad, from 1948. Through March 29. AND: Forgotten Splendor: Echo and Weber Canyons. This exhibition, including privately held and rarely seen photographs and promotional materials, recalls the impact of Western landscapes on the world's imagination. Through April 13. ALSO: Susan Swartz Natural Revelations. Through April 13 (see February edition).
NOTE: UMFA is not open during Gallery Stroll.

KAYO GALLERY UP: Round Four, an annual group show of emerging artists. This year's theme is small works, and all art displayed will be 12 x12 inches. Artists include: Erin Berrett, TrentCall, Tessa Lindsey, Steve Larson, Cara Despain, Lenka Konopasek, Sandy Brunvand, Stefanie Dykes, Andrew Callis, Corey Day, Gentry Blackburn. AND: A Tribute to Battered Women, featuring local photographers Cat Palmer, Emily Allen, & Penelope Moore

WOMENS ART CENTER UP: Fusion, collaborative works by couples.
UPCOMING: Political is Personal: Activism Embodied. Photographer Cat Palmer celebrates Women's Week with an exhibit foregrounding her intimitable view of women's circumstances and options. Reception March 3 from 4-7 p.m. at Bailey Exhibition Hall, College of Architecture, 375 South 1530 East. Through March 14. AND: Persephone, Spring Fundraising Party, the evening of March 29.

ART AT THE MAIN UPCOMING: Fields of Color, Rivers of Light, the debut exbibit by Ogden-based artist Debra Marin, will open March 17, with a reception for the artist during the March Gallery Stroll. Primarily using pastels and oils to express her experience of the western landscape, Marin works outdoors to capture effects of sunlight and seasonal change. Through April 12.

PALMERS GALLERY UP: New Artworks by David Maestas, Joyce Braon, and Fred Hunger. One painter, one painter & glass artist, and one steel sculptor, all three showing abstract works evoking the western landscape. Through March 14. UPCOMING: Aleksandr Taymer, Russian-born proponent of a style he calls Popular Expressionism, or PopEx. Aleks pushes his artwork to be brighter, bolder, more experimental, in order to further capture the eye of its viewer. Through April 11.

ALICE GALLERY AT GLENDINNING UP: Selections from the State Fine Art Collection, featuring recently conserved paintings by artists such as Lee Greene Richards, Francis L. Horspool, John Hafen. Through March.

PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: New works by Michael Hall, each piece telling a story that becomes layered and more complex as he goes on; becoming something to dive into image by image, discovering what is lost in the folds of life and resonates in the mind. Through March 14. UPCOMING: Deborah Hake Brinckerhoff & Heather Barron, March 21 - April 11.

SALT LAKE ART CENTER UP: Three Decades of Paintings by Gaylen Hansen, a Northwest painter of oddly configured animals & human figures and oddly scaled still lifes. Think H.C. Westerman or Philip Guston. Look for edgy narratives with humor and heart (see page 1). Through May 31.

THE UTAH ARTS ALLIANCE UPCOMING: Gene A. Stark Retrospective. The prolific visual and commercial artist is celebrated in a retrospective so large it will require two consecutive exhibitions. Part One, Early to Mid Career Works, will show from March 4 through March 29, with a reception on Friday, March 7. Part Two, Mature to Current Works, will show from April 1 through May 3, with a reception Friday, April 4. The artist will be on hand during both receptions, from 6 to 9 pm in the gallery.

RIO GALLERY UP: The Utah Art's Council's ongoing celebration of Highway 89 continues with People, Places, and Things Along US-89, the first complete showing of BYU professor and photographer John Telford's 60 photos documenting "the daily lives and shared experiences of Utahns who live along historic Highway 89." Opening on Friday, March 7, with a reception for the artist during March Gallery Stroll. Through April 12.

UPCOMING: Yesteryear: Phyllis F. Horne paints Utah's bygone era. From cheerful nostalgia to a sense of isolation, Phyllis F. Horne explore the period homes and disappearing rural landscape in new oil paintings. Born in the central Utah town of Richfield, Phyllis Horne takes us on a journey down back roads and onto Victorian porches, into cottage gardens and over weathered fences. Check the gallery for hours. Through May 3.

DON BRADY DRIVE-THROUGH GALLERY (1301 S 2100 E 801-582-4300) UPCOMING: Storm's Coming, an installation and first collaboration by Elmer Presslee and Xkot Toxsik. Though the gallery never exactly closes, the best times for viewing are said to be between dusk and 3 am.

ADDICTED CAFE (511 W 200 S, 532-1453) UPCOMING: Qi Peng's series entitled Monochromes will feature the artist's first paintings, done in 2004 in Philadelphia, comparing them with the experimental minimalism of his colorless monochrome abstractions. The larger scale of this work will be featured for the first time in these lyrical and poetic works which have pure texture "without" any "color."

UTAH CULTURAL CELEBRATION CENTER UPCOMING: Sudan:The Land and the People March 14 - April 30. Opening Reception March 14, 6-9 pm. The 70 photographs presented in this stunning exhibition are drawn from the recent book, Sudan: The Land and the People, written by U.S. Ambassador Timothy Carney and his wife and collaborator, journalist Victoria Butler. Award-winning photographer Michael Freeman spent over two years compiling extraordinary images of the rich ethnic, cultural and geographical diversity of Africa's largest country.

ART ACCESS GALLERIES UP: The State Street Project. A portrait of Utah that combines an historical record with personal self-expression (see page 1). AND: The New Orleans Project. A multi-media response to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Both through March 14.

UPCOMING: What I Thought I Saw, from a book project by photographers Kim Silcox and Sasha Polak and writers Peta Owens-Liston and Amy Albo (see page 5).
AND:Emerging Light, an installation by kiln-formed glass artist Sarinda Jones. Though a member of the Glass Art Guild of Utah, Jones brings a connection to Northwest and West Coast glass, and through that to Australia and the world. Her glass is metaphorically connected with the fragility and uncertainty of life.
Through April 11.

ROSE WAGNER ART CENTER UPCOMING: A set of 25 block prints by lost Utah artist Everett Ruess will be on view at the Art Gallery at the Rose Wagner Center from March 14-30, in coordination with Salt Lake County and the world premier of Plan-B Theatre’s play, THE END OF THE HORIZON (see page 5).

WASATCH FRAME SHOP UP: Bill Barron photographs nature, seeking to capture the elusive passage of time. Paul Reynolds deliberately chooses to paint awkwardly and to embed messages to himself and others in abstractions that suggest journals, specimen boxes, or desk drawers. Through March 29.

Paul Reynolds at Wasatch Frame Shop

Brick #1 by McGarren Flack
ALVIN GITTINS GALLERY (375 S. 1530 E. UofU Art Dept. 581-8677) UP: McGarren Flack MFA Thesis Exhibition: Salt and Mortar through March 21.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS UP: Postcards from Utah, Utah landscapes by gallery artists in honor of the gallery's 6th anniversary.

WILLIAMS FINE ART UP: New arrivals including works by David Meikle, John Collins, John Berry, Colleen Howe and others.

pARTnership GALLERY (534 S 500 W) UP: Oil, mixed media and acrylics by Howard S. Clark, Jeffrey Cobabe and John Cobabe.

TIN ANGEL CAFE UP: Architectural Details, photographs by Guy Wheelright.

Charcoal and pastel by Ryan Buffington, works on paper by Marian McDevitt and black and white and color photography by Susan Slade through March 17.

ARTOPIA (60 Exchange Place) UP: The displaced Sugarhouse gallery offers Randall Nigonosiah, Tracy O'Brien, and MASO.

Original paintings by Jennifer Long, Cami Bay and Olivia Glascock, winners of last year's Amateur Artist Competition, through April.

PICKETT FAIRBANKS GALLERY UP: Utah Watercolor Miniature Show through March 19.

CHARLEY HAFEN GALLERY UP: The Prospect of Spring, figurative paintings in oil by Cori Redstone (see page 3). Through March 10.

GALLERY AT LIBRARY SQUARE UPCOMING: A World of Water by Laurel Casjens, featuring infrared photographs by Casjens, through April 19.

CAFE NICHE UP: New and re-mastered photographic images and pigmented ink on various media by Walt Zwierzycki; acrylic projection on canvas by Steven Peterson; and paintings by Marty Stenerson and Ellen McConnell.

LOCAL COLORS OF UTAH (535 S. 700 East, 363-3922) UP: Paintings by Kristine Groll and Pat Heberling and fused glass work by Terry Horton through March 18.

MICHAEL BERRY GALLERY (163 E. 300, 521-0243) UP: Paintings by Wayne Lyndell Geary through March 15.

RED BUTTE GARDEN UP: The Nature of Sustainable Art, an indoor exhibit featuring ten artists who sustainable and recycled materials. Regular Garden Admission.

NOBROW COFFEE UP: Neither Here nor There, new works by Andrea Grace and Adam Derobiaia. Through March 17.

Modern8 GALLERY. UP: The Still Life Project, mixed-media photography by Weber State's Josh Winegar, AND: Landscape oil paintings by graphic designerRuss Gray.

ANDERSON FOOTHILL LIBRARY UP: Ruralscapes by Julie Crews through April 19.

DAY-RIVERSIDE BRANCH LIBRARY (1575 W. 1000 North, 594-8632) UP: Holga Photographs & Desert Decay by Brett Johnson through April 26.

SAANS PHOTOGRAPHY UP: Disputed Premises, featuring photographs by Tanya Ortega de Chamberlin, through March 19.

A GALLERY UPCOMING: Enigmas, new works by Suzanne Kanatsiz and Jake Gilson March 27 - April 30.

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