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   December 2008
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Harvey Breverman, Fiedler in Pont Aven  ©1995
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Exhibition Announcements
Up & Upcoming to the South
Prepared by 15 Bytes staff unless otherwise indicated. UPCOMING and UP listings should reach us by the last Wednesday of the month. Those accepted will run until the closing date, or for one month if no closing date is given. Readers using the guide are cautioned to check with the exhibitor if the accuracy of the listing is crucial. Errors reported to us will lead to correction and earn good Karma. Please send listings for this page to editor@artistsofutah.org

Woodbury Art Museum UP: Woodbury Invitational. The art works presented range from the clean aesthetic of restraint exercised in Robert Stuart’s |1| explorations into material and simple geometric form - through the complex content laden images of Harvey Breverman,|0| the ceramic forms of Von Allen and symbolic figurative work of museum director Marcus Alan Vincent - to the elaborate fantasy compositions of James C. Christensen. Through February 29, 2009.

AND: Amazonia Photography, an exhibit originating from the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C.. The exhibit comes to us after a showing at Harvard University. Photographs in this exhibit capture the immense and fragile beauty of the rain forest and the destruction often associated with the careless and unregulated exploration and exploitation of its abundant resources. Through January 16.

Springville Museum of Art
UP: Blaine & Louise Clyde Retrospective Exhibition. A collection of artwork donated by Blaine P. and Louise Clyde and their family members over a 25-year period. Through March 22, 2009.

AND: Unbound: Original Picture Book Art by Utah Illustrators. A collection of children's book illustrations showcasing the work of 27 illustrators who have their roots in Utah. Through December 28 (see October edition).

ALSO: 23rd Annual Religious and Spiritual Show, an annual juried exhibition showcasing artwork of any medium or style and represents a variety of different spiritual beliefs. Museum Director, Vern Swanson says concerning the show's spiritual nature, "Unlike regular exhibitions, where artists mainly address aesthetic issues, this show deals mainly with the artists own heart and soul. It is refreshing to see artists abandon artistic restraints and let their content and message completely overwhelm formal concerns, at least for one show." Over 100 pieces by local artists are being exhibited, including "Greatest in the Kingdom," a painting by J. Kirk Richards (whose work was reviewed in our October edition) that received the Director's Award, and Ron Richmond's "Water with Titian" and "Three Bowls with Titian" which won the 1st place award (these works were discussed in our December 2007 edition). Through 28 December

UPCOMING: 23rd Annual Christmas Lamb Show, This juried exhibition of children's artwork is open to all K-10 students in Utah County. The show is sponsored by David and Ingrid Nemelka of Mapleton, Utah. December 6 - December 28.

AND: Utah Valley K-12 Educators Exhibition. This juried exhibition features works from educators of all subjects and ages throughout Utah county. December 6 - February 1 2009.

Brigham Young University Museum of Art UP: Turning Point: The Demise of Modernism and the Rebirth of Meaning in American Art, explores how two groups of American artists in the late 1960s rebelled against Modernist abstraction by creating artworks that directly challenged Modernism's theoretical tenets (see September edition). Through January 30.

AND: Windows on a Hidden World: Japanese Woodblock Prints from the BYU Museum of Art Collection offers museum visitors a glimpse into Japanese culture during its period of isolation by displaying many of the same woodblock prints that first circled the globe after the country opened to the world in 1854. Through January 17.

UPCOMING: Dan Steinhilber, an exhibition of installations by the Washington, D.C.-based artist. The exhibition will consist of nearly 20 installation works made specifically for this show from an assortment of everyday, consumer goods, such as dry cleaner hangers, trash bags, bottles of soda pop, fluorescent light bulbs, crowd control stanchions, Styrofoam packing peanuts, soy sauce packets, stacking lawn chairs, and PVC pipe.|2| Steinhilber's works are intended to encourage viewers to rethink their experiences with and their expectations of these ubiquitous mass-produced consumer items. "By utilizing a visual language familiar to most of us, Steinhilber explores the beauty and the natural qualities of the mundane in a way that compels us to become more aware,” said BYU Museum of Art Contemporary Art Curator Jeff Lambson. “He uses these seemingly unexceptional items to examine the wonder that can be found all around us. His sculptures and intuitive installations express the essence of a seemingly simple object without manipulating the medium against its will. Instead, he takes advantage of the objects’ natural properties and illuminates their inherent traits through subtle twists and formations.” Opening reception December 5. Through June 6, 2009.

BYU Harold B. Lee Library Exhibits UP: Carla Jimison + Cassandra Barney + Jennifer Barton, Recent Works. Through January 4, 2009. Auditorium Gallery, level 1.

The Downtown Provo Gallery Stroll occurs the first Friday of every month. UPCOMING EXHIBITIONS will open Friday December 5, 6 to 9 pm. Fire pits will be lit along downtown to warm strollers and allow them to roast marshmallows. An appearance of the 337 Project Art Truck (see page 2) in downtown Provo is also expected for Friday night.

Coleman Studios
UP: Resident artist Ryan Brown, recently returned from studying in Italy.

Sego Art Center UP: What ought to be, new sculptures by Gian Pierotti.|3| Evolved from their earliest stages as formal variations on a Minimal theme, Pierotti's latest porcelain sculptures encase small polygonal shapes in architectural exoskeletons that may be disassembled and reassembled. The results are a playful advancement of an archaic process. The unique forms are deliberately accidental, artificially organic and defy any one direct referent. Pierotti's works, fantastic constructed entities that call upon us as viewers to animate them, remind us to embrace childlike wonder in the gallery. In the aftermath of Postmodernism, the trend in art has been toward what ought to be – both formally and contextually. Through December 27 (closed the December 24 - 26. The exhibit will feature an adjoining critical essay by writer and art historian Megan Whittaker.

AND: In the Annex, Chicken, A Provo Story, a group installation from 75 students and several instructors from Brigham Young University. The group has completed 5,326 (the approximate number of chickens eaten daily in Provo) small paintings to be sold for $1 each. Paintings will be sold on a first come, first served basis. The majority of the proceeds will go to the Food and Care Coalition of Provo. Through December 27 (closed the December 24 - 26.

ALSO: The Sego Art Center is also proud to unveil a new streetside sculpture in front of the art center by Brian Christensen. Through this new curated space, Sego hopes to bring more contemporary public sculpture to the streets of Provo.

On Thursday December 18 Sego's monthly Evening with the Artist lecture and discussion series will feature Gian Pierotti, Megan Whittaker, and participants in Chicken: A Provo Story . 7:00 - 8:30, free and open to the public.

Maestro's Gelato Cafe (22 W Center St; 691-5550) UP: Oil paintings by Merick White.

Coal Umbrella UP: New paintings by Jessica Eckerl.

Provo Community Church (175 N. Univ. Ave; 368-1180) UP: New works by members of the congregation.

Muse Music UP: Paintings by Lisa Marie Crosby.

Legion (167 N University Ave, 718-3038) UP: New works by Makana Hansen”

Mode Boutique UP: New paintings by Kelly Larson.

Utah County Gallery (151 S University Ave; 785-2059) UP: Angels and Art, new works by Nada Meeks.

Terra Nova UP: Great Things Small Packages. An exhibit of works done in small scale by several local artists.

Provo Community Church (175 N. Univ. Ave; 368-1180) UP: Works by members of the congregation

Covey Center for the Arts UP: “A Collective Season of Joy,” 12 artists, mixed media. Under the direction of Gomm Stained Glass Studios..

Storefront Galleries (250 W Center, 273 W Center; 377-5700) A group show curated by Abe Kimball, as well as mixed media works by artists from the Center for Change.

Central Utah Art Center UP: Frames of Reference: Images of the Manti Temple, an exhibition of works local and international artists, curated by Kathleen Peterson and Lee Bennion (see page 1). UPCOMING:The Skies Are Not Cloudy All Day, work by Laurel Hunter & Lisa Carroll. December 12 - January 7. This exhibition examines our presence in the landscape. The artists will combine small-scale taxonomies with large installation arrangements, discarded materials with technical drawings in order to reassert the landscape into a contemporary context. Drawing on personal experience and utilizing basic principles and media from familiar art historical movements these artists create a complex yet deeply sensory moment of understanding for the viewer.

Snow College Fine Art Gallery UP: 24:7, annual faculty exhibition featuring works by 11 artists created in the 24 hours prior to the show's opening (see page 1). Through December 14.

Moab Art Works UP: Trees, the gallery's 3rd annual group show and first exhibit in its new space. Features photographs by Steve Mulligan, Chris McCaw, Cissy Spindler, Bruce Hucko, Jim Becia, Marian Boardley and Brian Parkin. "The gallery is now solely focused on presenting photographic images and the wonderful natural light in the new space is perfect for viewing prints" said gallery-owner Brian Parkin. Through January 6.

 additional media coverage of the visual arts in Utah

11/1 Catalyst magazine's interview with Heather Ferrell, SLAC's new director.

11/2 In her life and art, Shauna Cook Clinger is at ease in her own skin.

11/4 Arts pathway students hear from Templeton.

11/6 The Utah Museum of Fine Arts’ Young Benefactors unveiled their latest acquisition

11/6 Visual Art | First (Amendment) Things First: Visual artists and writers collaborate to explore civil-liberties controversies.

11/6 Troubled Kimball Art Center lands new director.

11/7 Infared art at Brigham City Museum-Gallery

11/8 LDS artist Brian Kershisnik paints deity with reverence.

11/8 Arts: Beverley Taylor Sorenson's legacy.

11/8 Partnership nurtures the arts in Utah schools.

11/11 Top of Utah artist teaches, shares the love of art.

11/13 Visual Arts notes: High art for the head, crafts friendly to the wallet.

11/16 Birth of a nation — Photography exhibit displays Israel's 60 years of history

11/16 Photographers in the latest SAANS Downtown art exhibit were required to use Holga "toy" cameras to produce their photographs for display.

11/20 Lamplight Gallery offers taste of the exotic

11/20 BDAC's artistic gifts.

11/20 Sri Whipple’s abstract sensuality meets Steven Larson’s war-torn imagery at Kayo Gallery.

11/20 German-born artist Daniel Ramjoue still takes the time to make every brushstroke count towards the final effect.

11/21 From New York to Logan: Unlikely art collectors lend treasures to USU

11/21 Visual arts notes: Utah Arts Council brings new members aboard.

11/23 Taylorsville sues brother of repeat graffiti artist

11/25 USU gets $3 million to back arts education.

11/27 Real Time: An international online artists’ collective brings its diverse work to Provo.

11/27 "The later Works of William Utermohlen, 1995 - 2000" chronicles the final years of a great artist slowly suffocating from the degeneration of Alzheimer’s.

11/28 New exhibit celebrates womanhood.

11/29 Artists worth their salt can submit spirited designs for tequila bottle.

St. George Art Museum UP: The Art of Zion: A Century of Sanctuary. To mark the 100th anniversary of the St. George Art Museum hosts the most comprehensive exhibit of Zion ever mounted, a landmark three-part exhibiton on display through January 24, 2009. The Historic exhibit showcases seventy-four paintings and photographs tracing the history of art in Zion Canyon beginning in 1870 and commencing decade by decade through changing styles and artistic movements to the present day. Through January 24. (see November edition)

Sears Art Gallery UP: Art for Animals, featuring the 575 Project, Cyrus Mejia's project to call attention to the 5 million pets put to death each year in U.S. shelters (575 dogs and cats are killed every hour). Several other invited artists will also be featured on gallery walls. These works all follow a theme depicting dogs and cats as intelligent, sensitive, and aware beings. The juxtaposition of these works with The 575 Project highlights the tragedy of using euthanasia as a solution to the problem of pet overpopulation. (see page 5)

Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery UP: Fiona Phillips-Passage: New Paintings and Photography, works exploring themes of loss and nostalgia (see our November editiont). Through December 6. Closed the rest of December.

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