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    September 2007
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Up and Upcoming: To The North
Exhibition Listings in Northern Utah
Prepared by 15 Bytes staff unless otherwise indicated.

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BDAC UP: Invited Artists Exhibit opening September 7th at 7pm, featuring themed selection of works by Anne Gregerson, Marilyn Read, Jerry Boorda and Merrily Kulmer. The exhibit continues through September 28.

Jerry Boorda's work is The Passion of Nature. Boorda was born in South Bend Indiana. As a teenager he moved to California and received a B.A from California State University. He worked as a freelance graphic designer for 25 years, and moved to Bountiful in 2002 where he has worked at the art of painting full time. Boorda's medium is oil, pastel, and watercolor.|0|

Dream Dialogue features work by Anne Gregerson and Marilyn Read. Gregerson was born and raised in Idaho. She studied art at the Tucson Museum of Art School and Pima College in Arizona. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculpture at Brigham Young University in 1997. She taught art in Utah schools for several years, and now works as an artist full time in her home studio. Fired clay is her primary medium and the subject matter is most often the female human figure.|1|

Marilyn Read is a native of Ogden, Utah.|2| At age 20 she moved to Hawaii where she immersed herself in a melting pot of diverse cultural influences including India, the Middle East, Africa and Mexico. Her paintings reflect these powerful cultural influences. After returning to Utah she received a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Utah. Since that time she has shown her work in several one-woman exhibits and as an invited artist in shows and in galleries along the Wasatch Front.

Bold Strokes features works by Merrily Kulmer, a professional Utah artist who received her education from Weber State University, the University of Utah, and at art schools in California. Her work has been primarily portraiture and she is a member of the American Society of Portrait Artists. She also enjoys abstract painting which she believes invites viewers to use their imagination to create an individual interpretation of each work.|3|

ALSO: A companion exhibit entitled The Troika with three artists, Anne Marie Oborn, Torgesen Murdock, and Victoria Reese, who have studied Russian Impressionism in St. Petersburg, Russia, will run concurrently with the featured artists. These artists will teach a three-day workshop at BDAC, September 12-14, from 9 AM to 9 PM. The cost of the full workshop is $300, but the instructors will offer a variety of options for registration and attendance.

Lamplight Art Gallery (170 S. Main, Bountiful) UP: Colored pencil drawings, acrylics and oils by Rebecca Lee through September.

Paisley Pomegranate
UPCOMING: Emily Chaney, a one-person show of works capturing the Utah landscape, beginning Friday, September 7th 6-9pm.|4| Chaney was recently featured in Southwest Art Magazine in the "21 Under 31" article. She is a graduate of the University of Utah and as has studied under Doug Braithwaite. When she is not painting she is running Terzian Galleries on Park City's Main Street. The Paisley Pomegranate, owned by Kimberli Brown, always has a wide spread of gourmet food mixed with a crowd of dedicated art collectors.

Kimball Art Center UP: Looking West, landscape paintings by David Meikle in the Main Gallery through October 28. |5| Contemporary landscape paintings by Joy Every in the Garage Gallery |6| and The Great Pots of Mata Ortiz in the Badami Gallery through September 18. The Kimball is bringing a unique selection of precious pottery to the nonprofit community art center in Park City. The new exhibition will feature a collection of ceramics from the village of Mata Ortiz in North Central Mexico. The village is located in the high desert area of Chihuahua. The pottery comes from the ancient Indian Casas Grande tradition. The tradition of making this pottery had been dormant for many hundreds of years. Juan Quezada, one Mata Ortiz villager, reawakened the ancient Indian tradition to create these pieces of artistic genius. Then, Juan shared this tradition with his fellow villagers. You can see the results in the Badami Gallery at the Kimball Art Center.

Julie Nester Gallery UPCOMING: Fall Group Show September 21 - November 27. A Group show of gallery artists, including new artists John McCormick, Carol O'Malia and Judy Poldi. Opening reception, September 22, 5:30 - 8:00 pm .

Terzian Galleries UP: Zachary Proctor and Justin Taylor. These artists are both figurative painters, with a high technical skill level, but differ in their approaches. Both the artists will be featured in Southwest Art Magazine's September issue.

The Sleeper by Zachary Proctor

Brigham City Museum UP: Peach Days Art Festival featuring works by current and former residents of Box Elder County, through September 14. Just as Paul Cezanne wanted to "astonish Paris" in the 1800s with a still-life of an apple, 48 artists hoped to dazzle jurors of the Brigham City Museum-Gallery’s 2007 Peach Days Art Competition. Participants entered works in five categories. Jurors Michael Calles and R.T. Clark were impressed with the entries and awarded 25 prizes.

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art UP: Dark Metropolis, Irving Norman's Social Surrealism through October 6. Originating at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento California, this exhibit, curated by Scott A. Shields, Ph.D., Chief Curator at the Crocker Art Museum, consists of approximately 25 large-scale paintings by Irving Norman along with 14 examples of the artist's works on paper, and it is accompanied by a 228-page color catalogue. Unmasking the realities of human nature and the contemporary society in which we live, Irving Norman aimed only "to tell the truth of our time." His highly detailed paintings are powerful critiques of modern life, painted in the hope of promoting change. The atrocities Norman witnessed in volunteer service during the Spanish Civil War jolted his consciousness, and he began to express his experiences through drawing and then painting from the 1940s to the 1980s. With the belief that his paintings could act as agents of social reform, Norman felt that pointing out the inequities, horrors and foibles of human behavior might somehow cause people to reconsider their actions. Most paintings were intended for public institutions, particularly museums, where the artist thought "all people could come and study them and contemplate."

AND: On exhibit, a newly purchased work by Seattle-based sculptor Trimpin. Klompen consists of 120 Dutch wooden clogs that "dance" a different rhythmic pattern each time the sculpture is activated. The artist will show slides of his work during a lecture September 6th at 7pm. Trimpin is a sculptor, musician and composer, most of whose pieces integrate sculpture and music in some way, and many make use of computers to play these instruments.

Wellsville UP: American West Art Show, now in its 36th year. The show will run during the 2007 Fall Harvest Festival. The show will open Friday evening, September 28 at 7 pm and will run through Saturday, September 29.

The Ogden First Fridays Art Walk takes place every month on the First Friday. Galleries are open from 6 to 9 pm for receptions.

Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery at WSU Up: Images for Survival, through October 12. This exhibit showcases the posters of US and Japanese graphic designers that commemorate the forty year anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. Twenty-five years later, these posters are a timely reminder of both the tragic events at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the contemporary reality of the continued proliferation of nuclear arms. This exhibition will be the first time this international collection of posters will be exhibited in Utah. Larry Clarkson, one of the designers featured in the exhibition, will give a lecture on Thursday September 13th from 7 to 8 pm in the Lindquist Lecture Hall/Ethel Wattis Kimball Visual Arts Center/WSU.

Eccles Community Art Center UP: The work of three photographers, Larry Carr, Tom Szalay and Charlie Trentelman, and potter Craig Haaser in the Main and second floor galleries during September 2007.

Larry Carr Tom Szalay

Gallery at the Station UP: Paintings by Royden Card and pottery by Ben Behunin. Also "Henry & Angela Hite Amish Quilt Collection" through September 28.

Ogden Arts UP: Pieces from the Ed Davies Collection, through September 2008. Davies was a collector of art throughout his life. He traveled the world, and purchased art from the places he traveled. Davies' taste in art was varied and he did not just collect one style or one theme. The Ed Davies Collection will be rotated monthly and will run September 2007 – 2008. This month features the work of Anna Campbell Bliss, Salt-Lake Based art historian, mathematician, architect, designer, and artist; Kent Rigby, architect, sculptor, and ceramic artist; and Carl Van Brunt , New York Gallery owner and artist.

Universe City UP: Photographs by Peter Hansen. The exhibit will run Fridays, September 7, 14, 21, 5:00-8 p.m. and Saturdays, September 8, 15, 22, Noon-8:00 p.m. Peter Hansen graduated from WSU in 2005 with a BFA in Photography. He currently works as a free-lance artist and business entrepreneur. The exhibit features two themes: spaces and objects that personify a loved one. The artist says, "My current work began shortly after the death of a close relative. I meant for the pictures to be something the family could have as a way of remembrance. I was struck for example, by an almost obsessive yet charming quality of decorating and housekeeping. Each space so cared for, each object so thoughtfully placed. These pictures became less about documenting a life and more about evoking a presence. Gloves, Pins, Curlers: These daguerreotypes make a shift from spaces to objects. They are things that belonged to my grandmother. I chose them in part because I feel they say something about grandmothers in general, but also they are very personal and specific to her. In showing them with this series of pictures I hope they may speak of her person."
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