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    September 2007
Ralph Becker Interview . . . from page 3

1. What was the last piece of art you bought?

Print, North Rim Grand Canyon, James Jones. Purchased about a year ago

2. Who is your favorite Utah artist living or dead?

WPA artist Culmer.

3. Have you ever attended a gallery stroll event in Salt Lake City, when?

Yes, a couple of months ago

4. What is one of your favorite galleries/museum/art spaces in SLC?

Phillips, Tivoli (when it was still here), A gallery, Southam, UMFA, Salt Lake Art Center. Utah Artist’s Hands

5. The Salt Lake City Arts Council is an important part of the Salt Lake City visual arts scene. What could be done to increase funding for this entity?

I don’t know what their funding sources are? ZAP Fund, City Budget. I think Nancy is fantastic at her job. I really don’t know what their need is versus what they get.

6. Do you have any final thoughts about what the mayor’s office could do to better serve the visual arts community?

Gallery Stroll is a great start. We need to be continually promoting the great Utah art we have, both performing and visual. We have a great diversity of visual artists and galleries. I just saw an amazing exhibit on Nipples at Kayo gallery. I think part of the job of mayor is promoting Utah and Salt Lake City’s assets. The gallery stroll really helps in this regard; I think it helps to have a well-identified arts corridor in Salt Lake. We actually did that back when I was on the planning commission in the mid nineties, as part of the downtown master plan, we identified a cultural district on 300 South extending east west. I think it really helps to have a concentration of art places. We actually have that right now with Broadway. We need to examine how to protect that space.

SLC Mayoral Candidates . . . from page 3

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