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    October 2007
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Up and Upcoming: To The North
Exhibition Listings in Northern Utah
Prepared by 15 Bytes staff unless otherwise indicated.

Doug Braithwaite

The Ogden First Fridays Art Walk takes place every month on the First Friday. Galleries are open from 6 to 9 pm for receptions.

Wilkerson Fine Art & Consulting UPCOMING: Doug Braithwaite One Man Show, October 13th. This event will feature dance performances by Valley Dance Ensemble and musical performances by singer, songwriter, Nathan Fox as well as art by one of Ogden's foremost artists. Owner Kris Wilkerson notes that due to the popularity of the artist's work, it is difficult to gather a sufficient number of great paintings for a one-man show. "We have been looking forward to a one man show by Doug Braithwaite, one of Utah's premier plein air painters for over two years. Doug's work is extremely popular and therefore it can be difficult to gather a sufficient number of great paintings to conduct a one-man show." But the artist's love of the Ogden Valley and his long partnersip with Wilkerson Fine Art led him to set aside time in his schedule to paint exclusively for this show. The exhibit features new works, many of them depicting Ogden Valley scenes. In talking about his work Braitwaite says: "I enjoy the outdoors - plein-air painting is a lot about surviving the elements. Feeling the heat or cold, the bugs, the wind, all somehow become translated into the paintings. I also work in the studio, but all my work is based on time I have spent outside. Keeping my work fresh, I have found, is a challenge. I often worry that it will be hard to continue to be a landscape painter in a place where you have lived and worked all your life. But I have found that what used to seem to be a limited resource is, in fact, quite limitless." In a recent 15 Bytes review, Brandon Cook commented on the artist's work: "He approaches his canvases with surgical precision, employing a technique that convinces you he is in control of everything and yet leaves room for an energetic expressive experience." The opening will begin at 4 pm at Pineview Lodge, 3923 Wolf Creek Dr. Eden, Utah with African and Modern Dance performed by Valley Dance Ensemble followed by Nathan Fox who will provide his earthy groove, textured colorfully by catchy melodies and the raw soul of his voice.

Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery at WSU Up: Images for Survival, through October 12. This exhibit showcases the posters of US and Japanese graphic designers that commemorate the forty year anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. Twenty-five years later, these posters are a timely reminder of both the tragic events at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the contemporary reality of the continued proliferation of nuclear arms. This exhibition will be the first time this international collection of posters will be exhibited in Utah.

Figure Drawing by Patricia Kimball UPCOMING: The Female Gaze, an exhibition exploring the work of three female artists -- Kristi Hager, Jen Davis, and Patricia Kimball, working with the human figure, October 22 - December 14 (see page 4).

Eccles Community Art Center UP: Three Generations of Painters: Dawna Barton, Jill Barton, & Paris Gerrard. Salt Lake City artists, Dawna Barton, her daughter Jill Barton, and grand-daughter Paris Gerrard will display oil paintings in the Main Gallery. Dawna Barton paints daily. "The joy of painting is what motivates me.... The actual experience of working is more fulfilling than the result." Dawna Barton although trained in graphic arts was gradually drawn to the fine arts. She known for both her watercolors and oils. Jill Barton painted her first oil at age eight and her love of art remains undiminished. She paints full time. She explains “Painting for me, is the vehicle by which I explore consciousness and creation. It is a way to look for those elusive characters ~ beauty and truth. ... I want to explore everything- traditional, contemporary, abstract plein-air. I am in love with the ancient and inspired by the images of the past." Paris Gerrand, “Art is my thing. It is a constant practice in my daily life. I never planned on being an artist, but I grew up in a family of artists, and thankfully, the passion is present in me."

Featured in the Carriage House gallery will be the paintings and collages of Katie Brandt, daughter-in-law Julie Brandt, and grand-daughters Megan and Emily Brandt.

Universe City UP:Universe City presents two local artists and a traveling poster exhibit opening in conjunction with Ogden’s First Friday Art Stroll, October 5, 5-8 pm. Music will be provided by Sue Hallen, Cristine Lewis and Mark Stevenson. Sharing the Strawberry Gallery will be WSU student Evan Carlisle and WSU faculty member Alicia Giralt. The Studio will feature a traveling exhibit of Human Rights posters presented by Amnesty International USA.

Carlisle has designed the poster images for the entire Weber State University theatre season ala Toulouse Lautrec. There will be numbered, limited edition silkscreens from this project for all six of the plays and a single image that includes a character from each play. One feature of the exhibit will be a step-by-step display of how the many layers of colors are applied in the silkscreen process. Carlisle will also have other recent works included in the exhibit.

Dr. Alicia Giralt, a native of spain and member of the Department of Foreign Language at Weber State University, is also a student in the Department of Visual Arts, pursuing her dream of being an artist. She has recently written and illustrated a bilingual children's book, The Kingdom of the Apples/El reino de las manzanas. All of the illustrations and text for this book will be included in the exhibit. At first glance the works appears to be painted but a closer examination shows them to be finely detailed collage. Although the book is intended for children the brilliantly colored illustrations and charming story will appeal to all ages.

The “Art for Human Rights” exhibit, shown exclusively at Universe City while in Utah, was created by students at Southern Methodist University. The artwork will address such issues as women’s rights, the death penalty and the Jewish holocaust.

Gallery at the Station UP: Paintings by Judith Jones and pottery by David Scott through Oct. 30. Artists' reception October 5 from 6-8.

Gallery 25 UP: Art by Lucile Chamberlin, her daughter Robyn Munro and granddaughter Josephine Bradbury through October. Opening reception October 5 from 6-9 during Art Stroll.

Ogden Arts UPCOMING: The Cost of Silence, photographs by Ryan Spencer Reed, October 5 thru November 13. The opening date of the exhibit coincides with Ogden's monthly First Friday Art Stroll, which is being billed as "Art Stroll for Darfur." Local galleries and businesses in the Art Stroll area have agreed to donate a portion of any sales received that evening to the Salt Lake Saves Darfur organization. The photographer himself, Ryan Spencer Reed, will be present at the opening reception from 6-9 pm. This exhibition, featuring 36 black and white photographs, is a visual narrative of war, genocide, and the humanitarian crisis currently ravaging the Darfur region of Sudan, movingly captured by photojournalist Ryan Spencer Reed. After graduating from college in 2002, Reed left everything behind to document critical social issues in East Africa. He has since visited Sudan numerous times, photographing its victims, interviewing those involved on all sides of the conflict, and writing his own eyewitness dispatches. This exhibition, soon to travel to a number of college and university galleries around the country, makes one of its first stops at Ogden Arts Gallery.

In addition to the photo exhibit, the Community Gallery will feature African sculptures and paintings, as well as Native American themed framed art as a continuation of the Ed Davies Collection that is being displayed in the Community Gallery from September 2007 to September 2008.

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art UP:
On exhibit, a newly purchased work by Seattle-based sculptor Trimpin. Klompen consists of 120 Dutch wooden clogs that "dance" a different rhythmic pattern each time the sculpture is activated. Trimpin is a sculptor, musician and composer, most of whose pieces integrate sculpture and music in some way, and many make use of computers to play these instruments.

Brigham City Museum Gallery
UP: Reflections, an invitational exhibition curated by Adrian Van Suchtelen, through October 27. In this exhibition twenty-one artists uphold the age-old tradition of painting, drawing and photographing reflections in art. Curator Adrian Van Suchtelen, Utah State University Professor Emeritus, says Pablo Picasso's "Girl in the Mirror," M.C. Escher's "The Mud Puddle" and Michelangelo Caravaggio's "Narcissus" were the stimulus for the show. "All of the participants are friends and worked with me one time or another," says Van Suchtelen. Artists from Utah as well as New York, Colorado, Arizona and Idaho will bring imaginative power to the exhibition. UPCOMING: Fiber art exhibition November 2 - December 31.

BDAC UP: Art by Erin Westenskow Berrett, George Nackos, Joanne Smith and Blanche Wilson through November 2. Opening reception October 5 at 7pm.

Lamplight Art Gallery (170 S. Main, Bountiful) UP: Watercolors by R. Myron Laub and Helen Hepworth through October. Opening reception October 5 from 6-9.

Julie Nester Gallery UP: Fall Group Show through November 27. A Group show of gallery artists, including new artists John McCormick, Carol O'Malia and Judy Poldi.

Terzian Galleries UP: The Essence of the Land, works by Christopher Perry, through October. Capturing the land's essence is a characteristic of Christopher Perry's paintings. Perry uses a "reductive process" when painting. He layers paint and then wipes it away, bringing a softness to each piece. Perry's work has a dream-like quality, which reminds the viewer of an echoing memory.

Meyer Gallery UPCOMING: Utah Art Students Juried Show beginning October 26. The Meyer Gallery recently announced a call to artists for its "Utah Art Students Juried Show," open to all Utah student artists 18 and older. The gallery says the response to the call for submissions was overwhelming. The cash awards will be announced the night of the opening reception, Friday, October 26th from 6 to 8 pm.

Kimball Art Center UP: Looking West, landscape paintings by David Meikle in the Main Gallery through October 28. AND: In the Badami Gallery, the black-and-white photography of Caryolyn Guild. ALSO: Susan Gallacher: Utah Painter and Art Activist, through November 18.Gallacher is best known for her paintings of the Utah landscape, especially for her rural depictions in and around her country home in Spring City, Utah. Gallacher began painting as a young teenager studying with local instructors and later at the University of Utah. In 1984, she established Kings Cottage Gallery and Art Academy in Salt Lake City, where she continues to maintain her private studio, direct and teach. Her academy provides an environment for students in figurative study, still life and landscape. She organizes and promotes classes and workshops for other artists and herself in Salt Lake and in Spring City. Gallacher has always been actively involved in the promotion of art in Utah and an artist advocate. She is a founding member of Spring City Arts and helps organize and provide art functions for the public. She is a Change Leader representative of the Utah Arts Council, a founding member of The Plein Air Painters of Utah, and a founding member of the Figurative Painters Group where she participates in exhibits and functions. She has also been involved in the mentoring program with Art Access.

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