December 2006
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White Russian by Erin Westenskow Berrett
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Up & Upcoming: Salt Lake Area
Up & Upcoming This Month:
Compiled by 15 Bytes Staff. Unless otherwise noted, UPCOMING shows begin December Gallery Stroll, December 15th, 6 to 9 pm.

If you've ever wondered just how many artists there are in Utah, put on a scarf, warm hat and head out to many of the area's local galleries; because December is the month of Holiday group shows, which means galleries are looking to offer a wide selection of generally affordable art; and it means that you'll have a chance to see just how many talented artists there are in Utah, who most months may have to wait in the closet or back room. To list all the artists in every holiday group show would just be too lengthy (and a mite tedious) so just rest assured that visiting one of the many group exhibits listed this month you're sure to find something to delight and to surprise; and just maybe something to give as a gift.

Photography by Christine Baczek will be presented in two consecutive exhibits starting in December. The two exhibits represent separate but connected bodies of work. In both groups of images, the subject is not the objects or landscapes depicted, but the relationship of the viewer to the things depicted, the act of observing things or spaces and the relationship of details, or parts, to the whole.

In Contact, which opened Saturday December 1 at the Main Library in downtown Salt Lake, the images have the appearance of slightly enlarged sheets of contact prints made from 35mm color negatives -- we see the edges of the film, sprocket holes, sequential numbering. The individual frames function both as separate images and as parts of larger images which appear, as it were, behind the black grid formed by the film edges. The sites photographed are ordinary -- a park, a street corner, the interior of an inhabited room -- which draws our attention to the process of depiction rather than the objects in the pictures.|0| Contact runs through January 13, 2007.

Beginning January 12 Finch Lane Gallery will show Baczek's Vertical Landscape series. In this work, black and white enlargements of individual 35mm frames are butted together in a vertical stack which comprises a 180 degree top to bottom scan of a slice of landscape. The locations photographed range from rural roadsides to back country hiking trails. Without the intervening black lines of the film edges the tones in adjoining frames play off one another so that the effect from a distance is that of shimmering bands of tone. Vertical Landscapes will be on display through February 23.

GALLERY AT LIBRARY SQUARE (Main Library, 210 E. 400 South, 524-8200) — Contact by Christine Baczek featuring photography by Baczek. Also Dancing With Pattern and Color by John Hess. Both exhibits run through Jan. 13, 2007.

WASATCH FRAME SHOP UP: Apricot Alley photographs by Justin Carruth and C.W. Cannon through December 14th. Carruth is a painter who recently turned his attention to photography and in this exhibit presents a selection of his photographs that explore his personal life and relationships. Cannon concentrates on the human form as subject matter, cropping images so as to compartmentalize sections of the whole to bring attention to the separation achieved.|1| "Ultimately, I am inspired by the complexity of the human form," the artist says. "Casual, social, intimate, or otherwise a singularity in physicality and gesture varies within their contexts. But what truly interests me are the subtle oddities that are so easily missed: a person simply turning or a hand gesture.

RIO GALLERY UP: Susan Barratt, K Stevenson and Amy Adams through January 5, 2007. Adams has become recognized for her unique and elaborate "voodoo" dolls.|2| The faces are sculpted using beeswax, natural resins and pigments. Each figure suspends on a single vertical axis of cord or wire that runs through the length of the torso, exiting through the crown of the head. Torsos are assembled of various cast-off materials including old textiles, rusty bailing wire, bones, weathered sticks, enameled tin, glass or metal beads, and plastic flowers. Says Adams, "My movement over years has been toward figures that are raw, visually susceptible to gravity, time* all the forces to which humans are susceptible. These figures speak to me of struggle and transcendence."

Barratt's work consists of various photographic processes.|3| "I believe the photograph is simultaneously an elemental truth (action of light on photo-sensitive particles) and a patent fiction (a fraction of time, fragmented and rendered in single point perspective). The photograph is the perfect foundation for my work. It embodies a certain division of meaning that I am continually attracted to."

Stevenson explores both collective and personal memory and perception in her installations and mixed media works.|4| "Within our habits of the ordinary, we are stymied by shadows, hints, misconceptions, unknowing. In this work, as in our experiences, we are called upon to patchwork together an ever fluid interpretation and translation of meaning, to seek the deepest of desires within the minutia of the most common."

VISAGE SALON (2006 S. 900 E., 860-4333) UP: An exhibit of fine art photography featuring artists and photographers Tiffany Daines and Whitney Lauren Robinson Stubbart, through December 11th. The exhibit will be available for public viewing during normal salon business hours or by special appointment. Tiffany Daines is a Salt Lake City fine art nature and landscape photographer. Her love of photography started at age 10 when she received her first camera. Since that time she has studied photography seriously, had her photographs published and won several awards. Tiffany’s work is inspired by her deep appreciation for the earth. Artist and photographer Whitney Lauren Robinson Stubbart currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her passion for artwork and photography also began at a young age. Stubbart has worked with a number of mediums, though her photography holds a special interest for her. Formerly doing freelance work, she has developed her own business, Lambi Arts Artwork & Photography, which opened in January 2004. For more information call Kacie Hersh at 860-4333.

SALT LAKE ART CENTER UP: Robert Taplin: Five Outer Plants, through January 27, 2007 in the Main Gallery. The Five Outer Planets is an installation in which the Planets are envisioned as massive, internally illuminated figures suspended in a darkened gallery space(see article November edition). ALSO: In the Project Gallery, David Baddley: Peace Garden October 21, 2006 - December 30, 2006. Salt Lake City photographer David Baddley has recorded the International Peace Garden, located in Jordan Park along the banks of the Jordan River. Baddley's black and white prints chronicle the sculptural and architectural installations in the gardens, and reveal the natural decay, and human abuse of the objects that seems oddly counter to the optimistic intent of the participating nations, and their wishes for world peace. AND: Unseen Shores:The Post-Vietnam Era from U.S. Navy Collection. This exhibition fills a void in the now 'traditional' contemporary art world that typically favors artwork from a freethinking perspective and with theoretical significance. Twenty-eight contemporary artworks by thirteen artists celebrate both the patriotism and the scars of those who serve in the United States armed forces.

MUSEUM OF UTAH ART AND HISTORY UP: Painters of the Wasatch Front, an exhibit featuring paintings from the book of the same name. Drawn from private collections as well as museums and state collections, this exhibit will give viewers the opportunity to contemplate beautiful works depicting the Wasatch Front, one of the beloved landmarks in the state of Utah. Explore the intriguing geography of the Wasatch Mountains through the works of noted landscape artists in an exhibition based on the publication, Painters of the Wasatch Mountains through January 28, 2007.

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY UP: Berrett, Huelskamp and Rennert, paintings and sculpture on exhibit through December 30th. Erin Westensko Berrett, a graduate of the University of Utah, is exhibiting a series of still life images (see page 6). Willamarie Huelskamp's paintings represent people in her life, whether they are about her family of origin or her current family and family of friends. Huelskamp has developed her own style of layered, textured, water-based painting with stylized, almost cartoon-like figures that remind one of paintings by Marc Chagall. Self-taught sculptor Jim Rennert's most recent work is a series of sculptures focusing on the competitive nature of business. Willamaire Huelskamp

UTAH ARTS ALLIANCE UP: Man's Best Friend, through December 23. Utah artists, of any age, were invited to submit up to five original art works, in any media, including photography, corresponding to the exhibit theme. All art works were required to contain, at a minimum, an image of a dog depicted in someway, either abstract or representational. Exhibiting artists include, Pauline Locke, Kimberly Silcox, Gracie Larsen, Tera K. Hunter, Christine McDonough, J.M. Coombs, Karen Prestwich, Richard Menzies, Polly Parkinson, Hannah Franti, Derek Dyer and Natalie Hart.

JEWETT CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS (Westminster College, department of art, 1840 S. 1300 East) UP: Emma Eccles Jones Conservatory Places, featuring art by Anne Watson through January 2007.

UTAH MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS: UP: Quilts Rooted in Tradition: Art Quilts from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum featuring 64 quilts by internationally known artists, from 1980 to the present, ALSO: Sideshow, an exhibition of new work by Bonnie Sucec, is on view in the UMFA’s Great Hall through January 28, 2007 (see November edition). UP: Department of Art and Art History Faculty Exhibition through January 21, 2007. The biannual exhibition reflects the latest in contemporary and traditional practices in the visual arts. "The concepts presented in this exhibition will be particularly interesting to seekers of ideas and culture, contemporary art collectors, students and prospective students," says Kathleen Carricaburu, UMFA's faculty exhibition coordinator.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS: UP: All in the Family an exhibition of three generations of related Utah artists through January 13th. This family exhibit features the work of well-known Salt Lake City artist, M'Lisa Paulsen, as well as her daughter, Jenni Thompson, and her grandchildren, Finn and Maris Thompson and Steiner and Chandler Paulsen (ages 8 --12).

TRACY AVIARY UP: Changing Nature: Ebb & Flow, a juried fine art exhibit presented by Tracy Aviary and the Utah Arts Alliance though December 14, at the Mill at Tracy Aviary. Exhibit entry was open to Utah artists of all ages working in all media in a realistic or representational manner reflecting the theme of the ebb and flow of our natural environment. A committee of artists from the Utah Arts Alliance and Tracy Aviary personnel juried entries. The exhibit originated as a means to help draw public attention to the new and ongoing educational programs available at the Mill at Tracy Aviary.

MODERN8 UP: Justin Smith and Seth Calder. Justin Smith is a Salt Lake City native currently attending The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art on a four-year scholarship. He previously studied at the University of Chicago majoring in art and computer science. He’s been employed at Maccarone, an avant garde art gallery in New York for the last two years. The selections in the exhibit are primarily taken from Justin’s sketchbooks and preliminary studies for larger works. Seth Calder uses graphite and watercolor in his portraits. “My work is blood red to use terminological laxity. A wise man said that art is a 'reflection of the creator's perfection' and if it is so, then I am gravely flattered. Because my pieces are like great children to me, but as children are not uncommonly taller than their parents I think the sage was off just a titch. I am beneath my work. It weighs so much visually but lightens the heart.”

Dave Hall

A GALLERY UP: Holiday Group Show featuring gallery artists.

SALTGRASS PRINTMAKERS UP: Trifecta, Saltgrass Printmakers' third annual fund-raiser, featuring prints by 19 invited artists, through Jan. 31, 2007.

STUDIO 42 GALLERY (366 S. 500 East, 532-0250) UP: Holiday show, featuring works by Jessica Patton and Marah Brown Rohovit, through December.

LOCAL COLORS ARTWORKS UP: Holiday Group Show, featuring art in all mediums, through December.

MICHAEL BERRY GALLERY (163 E 300 S) UP: Holiday Group Show, featuring Willamarie Huelskamp, Shami Kanekar, Chris Kapsa, Rebecca Livermore and more, through Jan. 13.

MAGPIE'S NEST UP: 7th Annual Holiday Show, featuring art by more than 30 gallery artists, through December.

ART ACCESS GALLERIES: UP: Holiday Exhibition Art shown, includes: ceramics, oil paintings, Peruvian retablos, glass stars and ornaments, wood carving, clay angels, black and white photography, mixed media paintings, found object constructions, beaded jewelry and more. Each Art Access Holiday Exhibition also features an artist decorated holiday tree This year we will continue that tradition by featuring Bonnie Sucec as the creator of our festive tree.

SOUTHAM GALLERY UP: Group Holiday exhibit.

BAD DOG UP: Bad Dog Holiday Gift Gallery at the new artspace city center trhough December 23

PATRICK MOORE GALLERY (511 West 200 South) UP: Terrain new landscapes by Holly Mae Pendergast. Also works by Tom Aaron.

PHILLIPS GALLERY UP: Holiday Group Show through January 12th.

GALLERY AT EVOLUTIONARY HEALTHCARE (461 E. 200 South, 519-2461) UP: Photography by Walt Zwierzycki through Dec. 13.

HORNE FINE ART UP: A Gift of Art, featuring all mediums of art.

THE PICKLE COMPANY UP: Two installations -- Aerial by David and Mathieu Ruhlman and we are woven (see page 7)

ROSE WAGNER ART CENTER UP: Shawn Harris Scultography and sculpture by T. S. Johnson (see page 7).

WOMENS ART CENTER: UP: Paintings by married duo Pamela and Brian Beach through December.

LOGE GALLERY (Pioneer Memorial Theatre, 1340 E. Broadway, U., 581-7222) — Paintings by husband and wife artists Ron and Norma Molen through December 23.