December 2006
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Charley Snow Studio Space

Jim Rennert's Studio Space
|| photos by Tami Baum

Jim Rennert worked for ten years in the business world, and the ladder-climbing struggles of the suit and tie clad American male are the subjects for the bronze sculptures he creates out of his Salt Lake City home. Rennert had his first bronze sculptures cast by a foundry in Lehi, Utah in 1992 and he devoted himself fulltime to his art shortly after. Working closely with the foundry in Lehi, Jim learned to execute all aspects of the lost wax method of casting bronze and then bought all the necessarily supplies to work out of his home (to the chagrin of his patient wife). At the Rennert home, tools, supplies and sculptures spill out into the yard and driveway and finished bronzes populate the living spaces inside. Rennert's work is currently featured in a three-person exhibit at the Salt Lake Arts Council's Finch Lane Gallery. He is represented locally by Park City's Meyer Gallery and works can also be viewed online at
Artist Charley Snow
Artist Charley Snow

AoU News
Our Fundraiser and Future Plans

These are the individuals and organizations who have helped to make 15 Bytes possible by making financial contributions during our Fall Funds Drive. We raised over $5000 over the past month. So, if you see someone on this list walking down the street, give them a warm handshake, embrace or even a polite kiss (or kisses, depending on your cultural heritage) on the cheek. Ah heck, considering the cold weather it might even be appropriate to pucker up and give them a wet one on the lips, Russian style. However you choose to express it, give them your thanks. We do.

Sandy Brunvand
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Utah Artist Hands
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Museum of Utah Art & History
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15 Bytes: About Us
This Edition

Tom Alder is a banker by day but in his free time explores his interest in Utah art. He is on the board of the Museum of Utah Art and History, organizes the yearly Zion's Bank Art Show, and is currently working on a Masters Thesis on Henri Moser.

Tami Baum is a native of Utah. She graduated from BYU in Education but has always been more fond of the arts. She found photography after the birth of her last child and has not put the camera down since. She is always looking for new ways to capture the image she sees through the lens.

Kasey Boone is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has been living in Utah since 1990. He has a BA in French and Cultural Studies. He is a self-described "orphaned post-modernist."

Cara Despain
has a BFA from the University of Utah and is an artist and freelance writer.

Ani Heinig is an artist living in the 9th & 9th area of Salt Lake City. Augmenting her art career with work in the film business, she now vows to steer clear of movies and give all her energy to painting and writing. She has cats.

Bren Jackson is an Art History major at Brigham Young Univeristy. Currently, she is employed at the BYU Museum of Art in the education department. Bren plans to gain a graduate degree in museum education and work with children.

Sue Martin has never been able to choose – art or writing – as her preferred creative expression so she does both. She holds an M.A. in Theatre and has worked in public relations. As an artist, she works in watercolor, oil, and acrylic to capture Utah landscapes or the beauty of everyday objects in still life.

Frank McEntire,
a sculptor and installation artist, is a former director of the Utah Arts Council and art critic for The Salt Lake Tribune

Shawn Rossiter
is a self-taught artist who lives in Sugarhouse. He has been the editor of 15 Bytes since its inception in 2001.

Geoff Wichert is a professor of Art History at Snow College, as well as a glass and multi-media artist. He has been writing about art for over 25 years in regional, national and international publications.

15 Bytes is published monthly by Artists of Utah, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization located in Salt Lake City Utah. The opinions expressed in these articles are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of 15 Bytes or Artists of Utah. Our editions are published monthly on the first Wednesday of the month. Our deadline for submissions is the last Wednesday of the preceeding month.

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Assitant Editor: Laura Durham
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Feature: On The Spot
Salt Lake's Shawn Porter

Shawn Porter works for the University of Utah art department. He is included in the faculty show at the UMFA this month.

1) What are you reading lately?
Lately I have been reading, (or rather looking at) a book by Rainer Zerbst about the architect Antoni Gaudi. I find his fusion of structure and organic form amazing and attention to detail obsessive. I guess it's this attention to detail that I find so interesting and strive for in my own work. Being a craftsman under his direction must have been an incredible yet sometimes painful experience.

2) What hangs above your mantel?
This year we have taken down the mirror to make room for a wreath, this is a bit unusual for us, we generally have an "untraditional" view of the holidays. But tradition is what you make of it I suppose.

3) What artist, living or dead, would you choose to paint, sculpt or photograph your portrait?
I would like to watch Robert and Shana Parke Harrison paint, sculpt and photograph a construct of what I do for a living, a representation of a multifaceted person by multifaceted artists. Now THAT I would hang over the mantel.

Shawn Porter