December 2006
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Exhibition Announcements
Up and Upcoming to the South
work by Jeff Hein
Springville Museum of Art UP: Through December 18th, Painters of the North; Popov, Semenyuk and Stozharov. These four exhibitions offer a variety of artistic styles, from Soviet Realism to American Pop Art. Ranging in subject from urban to rural, from Northern Russia to Southern Utah, masterful artists at their best are represented in these exhibitions. ALSO: 8 November - 27 December, 21st Annual Religious and Spiritual Exhibition (see page 1).

Woodbury Art Museum UP: Smith, Marshall, Doxey. This show is the second exhibit since the museum made renovations over the summer, and will run through January 6, 2007. “When one considers the development of the arts in Utah, and more particularly in Utah County, an account would be incomplete without acknowledging the imprint of Robert Marshall and Bruce Smith,” says Woodbury director Marcus Vincent. “[And] Downy Doxey is an emerging artist of growing reputation and, coincidentally, daughter-in-law to Marshall.” Smith, who teaches drawing and painting at Brigham Young University, is best known for his contributions to figurative painting and composition. Marshall has been a part of the studio art faculty at BYU since 1969. His recent work focuses on intimate close-ups of wetlands and conveying what Marshall calls “the intrinsic beauty of a particular location." Doxey thinks of her pieces as “clothes of memories” as she explores the interplay between image and material. She provides a fresh context for familiar themes, touching on nostalgia while exploring new possibilities.

Harold B. Lee Library (Brigham Young University Campus) UP: A Show of Hands: Utah Women Printmakers Auditorium Gallery, level 1 through January 30, 2007. Remains of Unsung Objects Gary Hall, BFA Final Project, Hallway Gallery, level 2 through December 20, 2006.

Brigham Young University Museum of Art
UP: Candida Höfer: Architecture of Absence, on view through Jan. 6, 2007, is the first North American survey exhibition devoted to this celebrated artist (see October edition). Types and Typologies: German Photographers from the Norton Museum of Art through January 6. Made primarily in Germany, each of the images demonstrates the commitment to a sachlich, or objective, approach, which is evident in each photographer’s attempt to isolate the object’s essential characteristics. Also evident is a shared fascination with the concept of an archetype, or the perfect example of a particular type. The arrangement of variations within a type into rows or a grid constitutes a typology, which facilitates classification based upon the comparative study and analysis of types. ALSO: Beholding Salvation: Images of Christ, through June 16, 2007, chronicles the life and ministryof Jesus Christ through 170 works of paintings, prints, icons, illuminated manuscripts and sculpture from diverse times and creeds (see page 1).

Utah County Gallery (151 S University Ave; 785-2059) “Rock and Water” pastels by Anne Weber, “Rust and Roses” watercolors by Susan Morris.

Freedom Gallery (225 W. Center, Provo) — Watercolors by Ian Ramsay. Also art by 30 other local artists, including Gary Kapp, Steve Adams, Kaziah Hancock, John Hughes, Wilson J. Ong, Joseph Brickey and others.
Moab Art Works UP: South Eastern Utah's newest venue for visual arts will host an opening reception for its latest show of works, "fLux - photographers explore change" on Saturday, December 9th from 6pm through 9pm. The show features works by six of Moab’s leading photographers including Chris Conrad, Bill Godschalx, Bruce Hucko, Brian Parkin, Patrick Paul Rene, and Deborah Shank. Each artist will exhibit photographs that explore the concept of flux or change.

College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum Gallery UP: Ancient Paths, The Echo of Ancestral Footsteps, through December 31st, features the work of Iris Howe and Arlene Meade Connolly. This exhibit will be showcasing beautiful pottery fashioned with ancestral flavor as well as the petroglyphs and pictographs from the Great Basin and a series of horses inspired by a visit to the French Caves.

Central Utah Art Center UP: Through December 14th, Amy Jorgensen (see page 1). UPCOMING: Rick Gate, Jackie Biggs Larsen, Jean Arnold, Robert Kingston December 15 - January 18. Opening December 15 from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. In conjunction with the exhibition, Geoff Lecture, Painters' Painters. December 21st.

Braithwaite Fine Art Gallery
UPCOMING: High School Fine Art CompetitionDecember 7-16 and January 9-20. Come and see promising work in drawing, painting, ceramics, and graphic design by the next generation of artists. Featuring work by selected entrants from Utah high schools, this exhibit offers younger artists an opportunity to display their artwork and receive awards and critiques from the faculty of the SUU Department of Art and Design.

Sears Art Gallery
UP: The Print's in the Paper and Constructive Novels through Feb. 1 features prints from the artists and acquaintances of Salt Lake City's Saltgrass Printmakers and The Southern Utah Walking Lizards. The 3D element of the exhibit will feature some of the best book artists in the region.

St. George Art Museum UP: The Glowing Landscape: Paintings by Colleen Howe. Colleen Howe’s paintings have received a number of awards including Outstanding Landscape by the Pastel Society of the Northeast Juried Exhibition in July 2005 and many others. They have been shown in many areas of the West, featured in magazine articles, and are a part of several art collections. Howe has an ingrained love of artistic materials: rough paper, the dry feeling of charcoal and pastel, and the flow of paint over a prepared surface. The texture of nature is forever fascinating to Howe who reads about the lives and processes of other artists in order to understand herself. Many of her finished paintings will be accompanied by her sketches. The exhibit will feature both her pastels and oils. The exhibit continues through December 27. ALSO: Visionscapes: The Vanishing Rock Art Sites of the West by Diane Orr. This exhibit features panoramic photographs of major rock art sites of the West including Desert Archaic, Anasazi, Fremont, Barrier Canyon Style, Chihuahuan Polychrome, Abstract, Basketmaker II, Early Historic Ute and Historic Navaho rock art styles. Each photograph is accompanied by a one-page description of the cultural group represented by the style and particular preservation concerns. Diane Orr is an award winning documentary filmmaker and photographer who has been filming and photographing the people, issues, and wide spaces of the West for over 30 years. Her recent work, 360-degree photographs of western rock art sites, is inspired by the beauty and on-going destruction of a significant cultural heritage.

Juniper Sky Fine Art Gallery (851 N. Coyote Gulch Court, Ivins, 435-674-1994) — "The Art & Mythology of Father Christmas," featuring dolls by Shauna McCullough, through Dec. 31.

11/1 Twisted Pictures: Cindy Roberts' photography gets a digital distortion.

11/12 Trent Alvey: Propensity for Repetition. Life is recognizing patterns and naming them.

11/2 Painting a cure for rare genetic disease: Sarah Barley, a former Davis County resident, has organized a group of artists to raise money Nov. 3-Nov. 18 in a Paint for a Cure show and auction.

11/11 Artist sits out fate in Mexico. His choices: Return to his hometown or stay in a jail cell.

11/13 Utahns rally behind deportee: Fund-raiser set to help local sculptor gain legal status

11/16 TRASA Urban Arts Collective gives artists a chance to branch out.

11/16 European Study Produces Student Art Exhibit

11/18 Film portrait captures Maynard Dixon's restless spirit

11/19 Abstract observations: Bonnie Sucec's UMFA exhibition has something to say.

11/21 Smithsonian artist paints Utah life: Justin Hayward continues to paint his way into the Utah community.

11/23 Images of Christ: Local exhibit shows diversity through images of Christ's life

11/23 Getting painting wasn't easy.

11/25 Precursor to galleries' irrelevancy? Web commerce paints traditional art sellers into a dimly lit financial corner.

11/25 Impressionistic trees grow at Patrick Moore.

11/30 True Calling: Local artist Trent Call gets grounded at Tres Flores.

11/30 Beholding Salvation: Images of Christ at BYU Museum of Art

12/1 Aviary exhibits fine art by Utahns: Year-round bird programs also offered at S.L. facility

12/2 'Bloodline' book too hot to handle? Utahn's work finding limited space at LDS bookstores

12/3 Utah's Wassmer prolific, giving artist


Terra Nova Gallery UP: At the end of every year, this Provo gallery fills their space with small new works by a variety of painters and sculptors. The gallery sees Great Things/Small Packages as a way to help their patrons begin collecting art (smaller pieces mean smaller prices). It is also a time to introduce some of their up-and-coming artists. Some (but not all) of the artists who are scheduled for this exhibit are: Guy Francis, Doug Fryer, Anne Gregerson, Cristall Harper, Todd Orchard, Colleen Parker, Ron Rogers, Sarah Lee Samuelson, Gwen Toomalatai, and Anne Weber. The gallery invites you to join them for a break from the holiday stress with warm soup and friendly conversation at the opening reception Friday, November 3rd from 6-8 pm. The exhibit will be up from through December 29th.

Coleman Studios (117 N University Ave; 225-5766) Showing prints and originals by Michael Coleman, also paintings by Morgan and Nicholas Coleman as well as religious paintings by other local artists.

Gallery OneTen UP: Light Cleaveth unto Light: Visual arts, Dance, and Poetry by the Utah School of Young Artists.