April 2006
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Exhibition Reviews
What's Up & Upcoming: To the North

The biggest news this month in Park City is the formation of the Park City Gallery Association. The new association, whose formation was spearheaded by the Kimball Art Center, gives the galleries a united front and a group marketing strategy to promote the arts in Park City. Twenty-three galleries have joined the association and have already created their own brochure, showcasing Park City as an art destination and also promoting the monthly Gallery Stroll events that take place on the last Friday of each month. The first new stroll, under the new umbrella of the association, took place Friday, March 31.

The Kimball Art Center director, Pam Crowe-Weisberg, was the first to conceive the idea. "There are so many galleries in Park City," she says, "it makes sense to join forces and have a united front. We are here to serve the community, and this association will give Park City galleries a chance to pool their advertising dollars and to increase participation in the gallery strolls."

The Gallery Strolls begin at the Kimball, where you can purchase a map and ticket on the last Friday of every month for $5. Then you follow the map and stroll the galleries. Many galleries offer hors d’oeuvres from select Park City restaurants and caterers. The event also gives strollers the opportunity to meet some of the artists whose works are showcased in the galleries. The Park City Jazz Foundation and the Kimball Art Center also partnered to offer live jazz at the Kimball during the Gallery Stroll events. At the end of the evening the Kimball Art Center holds a drawing and gives away prizes donated by the galleries.

Julie Nester Gallery UP: Opening this Friday, April 7th, with a reception from 5:30 - 8:00 pm, Julie Nester will feature the work of Utah State University professor Christopher Terry (above). Though he has been teaching for a number of years in Logan, Terry's work is seen infrequently in Utah. His first exhibition at Julie Nester Gallery in Park City will feature 12 to 15 new paintings, including oil on canvas and drawings/paintings on paper.

Terry is a still life painter whose topics are comfortable, everyday objects – a table top with a teapot; a counter with coffee cups, glasses and sugar bowl. His mastery lies in his ability to bring a set-piece painting to life through detail (the intricate folds of a table cloth) and light. "The surface is rarely a solid unified color," Terry says, "but rather a translucent layering of many hues, all close in value, that suggest colors often hard to put a name to. And the objects I use as my subject are chosen to act as talismans in the image. The visual drama of light playing over the surface of fabric or objects is intended to bring out this consecrated quality, increasing the sense of enigma in a ritual hinted at but not yet defined.”

Steven White Rosen, the former Director and Chief Curator for the Nora Eccles Museum of Art at Utah State University wrote the following about Terry’s work: “Terry creates stunning, skin-like surfaces that recall the inner glow of a dream. Light bathes each scene, casting shadows that affirm the compacted effects of perspective depth, adding to the spectators’ evanescent sense of reality. Christopher Terry and his sensual surfaces and information-filled tableaus make substantial contributions to our visual lives.”

Still life painting has had a fascinating lifespan stretching four centuries, and during this span styles and topics of still life painters has varied widely. In describing his personal style and approach, Terry says, “The image I compose when I make a painting is one of the few genuinely spontaneous things about my work. In most other aspects of painting, I lean toward a more methodical approach. I consciously try, for example, to develop a rhythm in my work that moves at a slower pace than the confusion of our everyday lives. I construct shapes within the painting that I know will heighten a visual drama evocative of ritual. I try to enhance the feeling of mystery in my images with colors that shift as the viewer observes them.”

Chester's Blacksmith Shop UP: Joseph Tolentino (see page 4).

Taminah Gallery UP: Joseph Alleman, Colleen Howe & Keith Larson.

The Art Is In The Salt Lake City Gallery has now moved to Park City and this month features the work of Ski Utah Tapestry.

Kimball Art Center UP: Thru April 21, the second annual Arte Latino in all three of the Center's galleries is a significant showcase of various artistic expressions created by Latinos living in Utah (see page 7). UPCOMING: Wasatch Back Student Art Show features artwork from K-12 students living in Summit and Wasatch counties. Main & Garage Galleries. UPCOMING: April 29 – May 29 Selected Work from Students of the Visual Art Institute. Located in Salt Lake City, the Visual Art Institute provides in-depth training and independent study in the visual arts for students grades K-12. Selected work features imaginative projects produced by High School students preparing their art portfolios for college.

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art UP: Eileen Doktorski: Domestic Arsenal, a memorial to victims of domestic violence and child abuse. It is an installation of several hundred pieces, cast in ceramic, from household items (pots, shoes, chairs, hairbrushes, a frozen turkey) which are loosely stacked, like a burial mound and a trash heap. Interspersed among them are six cast pieces in the children’s board game Clue, where players investigate murder. Yellowed newspaper articles on surrounding walls tell stories of common objects that have been used to harm or kill. In form, the cast objects retain their innocence, though their attractive/repulsive surfaces testify to the acts of aggression and betrayal in incidents of domestic violence, child abuse and abuse of elderly parents. Opening Reception Wednesday, April 5th, 6 to 7:30pm.Thru July 31

ALSO: Away Out Over Everything: The Olympic Peninsula and the Elwha River Photographs by Mary Peck selected from the artist's most recent body of work inspired by the landscape and wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. It features 30 wide format photographs that capture the mystery of the land and touches on ever-poignant issues of land management and conservation of nature. Thru June 30th.

BDAC UPCOMING: April 14th Davis School District High School Students & Art Educators Exhibition

Apple Frame Gallery UPCOMING: April 19th, New Works by Paul Ferney.

Universe City (2556 Washington Blvd): Strong Legacy (see page 7)

Artists and Heirlooms: Artists & Heirlooms is hosting a Spring Invitational Show at the gallery for the month of April. Invited gallery and area artists will be showing new art and celebrating the coming of spring. Heading up the show will be Gary Bateman, Lynn Cozzens, Lauri Eskelson, Janine Downing, Ilona Fellows, Aaron Fritz, Darlene Hamblin, Steven Hedgepeth, Steven Henry, Liz Kovacs, Dale Norton, Shawn Rossiter, Jalene Ward, many others. An open reception will be held on April 7th during Ogden's First Friday Art Stroll from 6 to 9 pm. Meet the artists, listen to live music, enjoy catered refreshments.

A special gallery reception for the Ogden/Weber area Chamber of Commerce and invited quests will be held on Wednesday April 12th, from 5 to 7 pm. Along with the gallery and area artists, we will be featuring information on the Ogden Arts Festival, Artists of Utah, and the summer events showcased on Ogden's Historic 25th Street. We will have live music, catering from 25th Street area restaurants, and prizes. You must be on the list to get in the door. For more information on how you can attend this event please contact Tami at

Eccles Community Art Center UP: Associated Utah Artists in the Main floor gallery and the print competition of members of Ogden Color Camera Club in the Carriage House Gallery. An artists reception and the Ogden Camera Club’s awards will be announced on Friday, April 7th from 7 to 9 p.m. Exhibits continue through April 22, 2006.

The Associated Utah Artists, founded in the 1940s as a selective art association to encourage artists and provide association and information as well as organizing exhibits of the work of members, is the longest standing artist association in Utah. The AUA's members pursue various styles and methods of painting, although most work in oils or watercolors. Some of them create abstract work, but the majority are objective painters. Artists include Stan Elmer and Beth Arbuckle both of Bountiful, Marjorie Paxman, Mona McGuire, Ruth Parry, Marjorie Mahoney, Grant Fairbanks, Arlo Johnson, Theresa Hahnel, Paul Lyon, Earl Duerden, Steven Sheffield, Kathy Paulsen, Afton Sorenson, Val Moffitt and Margy Lloyd,Beverly Mastrim and James Olsenof Salt Lake County.

Two Sisters Fine Art Gallery: UP: New work from artist Kerrie Baldwin Penney. Penney has a Bachelors of Fine Art in Painting and Drawing from the University of Utah. Her small, reasonably priced works reflecting the local landscape have made her a favorite at the gallery.


3/2 Gift of Imagination: Artist uses her talent for murals.

3/5 Budding artists: All-State High School Art Show on display at Springville museum.

3/5 Park City presents a day of picture takers: Thomas Mangelsen, Debora and John Scanlan to visit town.

3/7 Francis Hubert Zimbeaux, Utah artist, dies at age 93.

3/9 ¡Viva El Arte! How Latino artsts are adding hues to Utah's canvas.

3/12 Conceptual piece aims to inspire, heal and soothe.

3/14 Wasatch tapestry artist in Park City with her work:
Huge work, on display through spring, commemorates 2002.

3/19 Exhibit in Brigham City: Traveling display has photos from National Archive.

3/19 Friberg art going on display in West Valley: Works set film mood, depict Book of Mormon.

3/21 S.L. arts center closer to reality: Officials ask council to release funds.

3/23 Myth Understandings: Personal mythologies inform the work of two artists at the Kayo Gallery.

3/30 Members Only: With Walter Hunter long gone from Girls & Boys Club, who's got these kids' back?.

4/2 Intimacy on a large scale: Hyunmee Lee's abstract expressionist works are showcased in 2 galleries.

4/2 Landscape artist Kathryn Stats is highlighted in the April 2006 issue of American Art Collector.

4/2 The Utah Arts Council board of directors has awarded 13 grants totaling $16,000 to outstanding Utah artists.

4/2 Paintings inspire 'Postcards': Once again, the Repertory Dance Theatre has looked within Utah to find performance inspiration with "Postcards from Utah."

4/2 Art Around the Corner: Exhibit introduces 20 new sculptures to downtown St. George.