November 2005
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Up & Upcoming: SLC Galleries
What's Up and Upcoming
Compiled by 15 Bytes Staff. Unless otherwise noted, UPCOMING shows begin November Gallery Stroll, November 18, with a reception 6 to 9 pm.

SALT LAKE ART CENTER: UP: The Salt Lake Art Center presents, in both its Main and Street Level Galleries, an exhibition of works by internationally known artist Jun Kaneko.

A respected and highly influential artist in the realm of ceramics and design, Kaneko is perhaps best known in Utah for the large public commissioned work, Salt Palace Wall, made of several hundred hand-made ceramic tiles in the primary corridor of the Salt Palace Convention Center.

Kaneko’s prodigious body of work, his diversity, his use of color and attention to patterns are recognized throughout the world. Born in Nagoya, Japan in 1942, Kaneko immigrated to the United States in the early 1960’s and currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska. He has been working for more than 35 years in the disciplines of ceramics, painting, drawing and installation.

Our exhibition will include a ceramic tile wall, large ceramic objects, a site-specific installation and large scale drawings. Because of the large scale of many of the pieces, the exhibition will be an ambitious one for the Art Center. It is the fourth major project presented in this country since 1986 which combines the talents and skills of Kaneko and Curator Ric Collier. It will be accompanied by a small publication, a series of Art Talks Lectures and projects based on the exhibition in our ArtWORKS and KidsmART youth education programs.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS: UP: Shawn Rossiter 5: Scenes from Italy, France, Spain, Mexico & the American West. Local artist Shawn Rossiter has travelled extensively over the past five years, making yearly trips to Europe and occasional visits to Mexico. This exhibit features a selection of works from these locales, including scenes of the canals of Venice and nearby towns and villages; winter scenes from the heart of Paris the rugged and dry coastline of Spain's Costa Brava; and scenes from the streets of central Mexico. Shawn also finds inspiration for his work closer to home, in the rugged mountains and desert plateaus of the American West -- from Salt Lake City's Mt. Olympus to the remote areas of the San Rafael Swell. The artist will be present at the November Gallery Stroll with works not presented during the October stroll.

HORNE FINE ART UP: Moving Inside featuring interiors and still lifes. With the weather getting colder and the days shorter, this group exhibition invites the viewer to come back to the great indoors. Featuring paintings of cozy restaurant interiors as well as classic still life and tabletop scenes. Artists include Wilson J. Ong, Karen Horne, Traci O'Very Covey, and Mathew Stuver. The restaurant interiors of Karen Horne are featured in the October 2005 issue of Southwest Art, and selections in this show include local venues such as Market Street Broiler, The Paris and Wild Oats café. The exhibit includes the classic still lives of Wilson J. Ong, who employs an old-master approach to lighting and paint application. Also in the exhibition are the gem-like still lives by newcomer Mathew Stuver, who paints the blooms and tools of gardening with precision and vivid color.

ART ACCESS GALLERY: UP: Partners Redux, an exhibition featuring the paintings and drawings of Salt Lake artists Vojko Rizvanovic and Sam Wilson. The title,"Partners Redux" refers to shared experience in the artists' recent history. (for more details see October edition page 7)

Art Access II Gallery is pleased to present drawings by Anne Watson, a New York University trained artist. Pippi Explores Place will hang in the through November 11. The artist uses the device of a childhood doll Pippi Longstocking with her childlike, yet sophisticated drawings to deal with serious current day happenings. She says, "Life is like a movie sometimes. And the movie is Alice in Wonderland but sometimes Alice is Pippi and life is a place and everything is up down. I cannot make sense of place very well, or time, or sense, or nonsense. I cannot place "place" in a traditional box if I am frustrated, itty bitty and bouncing off the walls. Maybe life really is a movie and Pippi is the trickster, my trickster. She took me on a trip through this new landscape called America. Take me farther, Pippi, because the funny thing is you see the world up down too and place to you is also a place in the mind where there is in a moment of thought, a moment of clarity for at least in that moment, a person, a trickster who can own the thought. And now down again we go through the rabbit hole. And lookey here ­ more oil, greed, comfy, comfy chairs and TVs, guns, bombs, trains, blood, acts for patriots. Up down, I say. Up down." Anne Watson was born in SLC, left at 18, went to college in Massachusetts, moved to NYC, lived there 18 years, and returned to SLC three years ago. She has a BA in Studio Art and English from Smith College and an MA from NYU in Studio Art She has exhibited in solo and group shows in Venice, Italy, NYC, and SLC.

PHILLIPS GALLERY:   UP: Connie Borup: New Paintings and Monoprints. Borup’s work cannot simply be described as landscape; the transforming light of dusk (the after glow of day), border on dream and reverie. Her paintings are intimate places of contemplation, silent worlds undisturbed by human kind or any narrative reference. Viewing her serene realms requires your continued attention. They are compelling and mood provoking. Their stillness presents a tranquility that many seek when attempting to achieve balance in today’s life. UPCOMING: Holiday Group Show

ROCKWOOD STUDIOS: Semi-annual open house November 11th & 12th. Twice a year over twenty artists open their studio doors to the public to display their newest work. Rockwood Studios is located in the heart of Sugarhouse and this event always has a lively crowd, wonderful art and good grub. Participating artists include Darryl Erdmann, Carole Evans, Steve Sheffield, Shirley McKay, Susan N. Jarvis, Nancy Swanson, Bevan Chipman, Jeanine Tekron, Chris Miles, Kindra Fehr, Janet Bondi, Stanna Frampton Coury, Nancy Maxfield Lund, Karen Thorsen, Sandi Olson, Laura Boardman, Mark Knudsen, Leslie Thomas, Julie Morriss, Dottie Miles, Nancy Droubay, Joy Nunn, Christina Nilson. Friday November 11th 5:30 to 9:30 and Saturday November 12th 4 to 7 pm.

TANNER FRAMES: In conjunction with the semi-annual open house at Rockwood Studios (see above), Tanner Frames presents the work of John and Cassandria Parsons. Cassandria is a graduate of the University of Utah and paints landscapes, still lifes and nudes in an impressionistic style. Her husband, John, works in the 3rd dimension, creating both fine art sculpture and functional pottery. The exhibit will continue through the months of November and December.

MARIDADI DESIGN (1074 East 2100 South, SLC 801.466.3738) Adjacent to the Rockwood Studios (see above) and occupying the space formerly used by One Modern Art, you'll find Maridadi Interior Design, which will be featuring a solo exhibit of the work of Kyle Phillips. The show opens on Gallery Stroll, November 18th 6 - 9 pm and is open to the public.

UNKNOWN GALLERY UP: Essence, a group show featuring paintings by America Martin of Los Angeles, photographs by Dallas Graham of Salt Lake City, and mixed media prints by James Baker of Salt Lake City. America Martin, a graduate of the Museum School in Boston, paints with the structure and rigidity of a cubist while remaining free-flowing and feminine. Her work is highly collected in Los Angeles and Hollywood, by people that you know. Dallas Graham, local photographer and world traveler, shares his photographs that eloquently and artistically capture far off places and people. James Baker, a graduate of the University of Utah Art Dept, returns to Salt Lake to show some of his recent work. Those of you that know his name, know his work. His latest work appears to tap into a personal patchwork of previous experiences, while retaining the organic style for which he is known.

A GALLERY UP: Brent Godfrey 'A Path to the Self'. The artist says: "Cumulatively, these paintings form a record of the passing of time; the fuzzy visions of memory, the richness of the present and the murky mingling of the two. They are a record of paths taken or considered; freeways leading out, roads leading up, then down, sometimes winding back, other times heading off beyond imagination. With more and more miles behind me now I find myself considering the trip. It is true, as I've been told, that all my roads converge at me. The unexpected realization is that my arrivals continue to hold surprise." UPCOMING: Holiday Group Show.

LOCAL COLORS ARTWORKS (Trolley Square) Grand Opening for the new space during the November Gallery Stroll.

814 GALLERY (814 East 100 South, 801.533.0204) "Chronicles of the Day After Yesterday," photographs by Celine Boddy-Downen.

VISAGE SALON (2006 S. 900 E., 860-4333) UP: Watercolors by Daniel A. Nielson.UPCOMING:Visage Salon Studios will be exhibiting paintings and drawings by Mary Brooks from November 14 through the second week of January, and be open for both the November and December gallery strolls. The opening reception will be Friday November 18, 6 - 9 p.m. in conjunction w/ the monthly gallery stroll.

3W GALLERY (159 W. Broadway) UP: The sculptography of Shawn Harris thru December.

RIO GALLERY Exquisite Corpse, works by Von Allen, Alex Bigney and Downy Doxey.

ART BARN/FINCH LANE GALLERY : UP thru November 4 Tom Bettin & Tim Dolan, prints / sculpture / poetry and John Erickson & Thomas Hoffman, paintings.

PATRICK MOORE GALLERY UP: Salt Lake Assembled Printmakers 2005. (see page 6)

WASATCH FRAME SHOP UP: As part of their Emerging Artist Series: 'Invented Environments": drawing, paintings, and lithographs by P.J. Woods.

MUSEUM OF CHURCH HISTORY AND ART Rembrandt: The Biblical Etchings, featuring rare biblical etchings by the great 17th-century Dutch master, through Dec. 11. Also Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration, featuring historical documents, works of art, period artifacts and more, through Jan. 15, 2006. Also Follow the Prophet, featuring images created by LDS children, through Feb. 27, 2006. Also "You Have a Family Tree," featuring interactive children's exhibit, through Feb. 5, 2006.

ROSE WAGNER ARTS CENTER : UP: "Still Standing/Standing Still" historical urban scenes by G.J. LaBonty and desert landscapes by Royden Card. October thru December. Reception Friday October 14th, 6-9pm.

UTAH MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS: "The Art of the West: Reinterpreting Western Images," featuring art from the museum's collection and works on loan from local collectors. Also Africa: The Arts of a Continent, featuring works from the permanent collection of the UMFA.

MUSEUM OF UTAH ART & HISTORY: Large Scale Paintings from the State Fine Art Collection displays selected works from the Utah Arts Council. Over twenty artists are showcased in this exhbition, from nineteenth-century painters like Mahonri Young and H.L.A. Culmer to contemporary artists like Brian Kershisnik and Lee Edall Bennion. Continues thru January 15, 2006.

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Three Utahns in spotlight: Three Utah artists are discussed in the November issue of Southwest Art. The article on Nancy Seamons Crookston, "Everyday People," is found on page 124-7. Sean Diediker's "An Artist Abroad" is on page 128-33 of the magazine. In the Artists to Watch section, Nathan Bennett and his unusual approach to painting is treated.Salt Lake artists

Connie Burrup and Jeffrey Hein are highlighted in the premier issue of the art magazine American Art Collector.

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