November 2005
Letters 2 the Editor
What do you think?

No one enjoys writing in a vacuum. Besides messing up your hair and being hard to breathe, it can get pretty lonely. So let us know what you think. Love, hate, anger, bewilderment, agreement. Whatever it be, let us know what you thought of this edition. (your letters may take a day or two to post)


Thank you for the recent review of "Discovery and Conquest" in 15 Bytes.

Clearly, the work is an "obvious political statement"as was stated. That was the intent first and foremost. To say "to be political is as easy as saying the left is right, or the right is wrong" is as meaningless as saying the world is black and white. It deeply saddens me that the review of my work was reduced solely to aesthetics and line quality.

As for "lack of irony", it is not only ironic, but shameful that the land of the free still celebrates as a national holiday a pillaging murderer and racist slave trader that totally dehumanized and exterminated an entire population? This is the point, and your Watson missed it.

Respectfully Yours,

Lisa Nichols


This is to thank you for publishing the news about an art theft back in November 2003.

The painting has been recovered and I now have it back!

There is an interesting story about it. The guy who returned it to me bought it from a group in Salt Lake. He wanted to do some research about me and came across the article in your back issue. I also had a link to it on my Web site but he found it through YOU!

Thank you thank you thank you!

Stewart Anstead


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