May 2005
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Exhibition Review: Salt Lake City
Up and Upcoming at SL Galleries
by Shawn Rossiter and Kasey Boone

You have about ten days left before shows around Salt Lake City change for the May Gallery Stroll. We jotted a few things down on shows you should check out before they come down and those you should eagerly anticipate at the next Gallery Stroll, May 20th.

April has been the month of landscapes at three of Salt Lake's better-known galleries. A Gallery, Phillips Gallery, and Horne Fine Art are all exhibiting group shows with the finest in Utah landscape artists. Our favorite at Phillips Gallery is Earl Jones. Little needs to be said to entice one in to check out this artist's work. He is one of the most honest and most talented of our landscape painters. He paints the Utah that is all around us, even if not for long. He knows how to paint the harsh sunlight of Utah skies, something many other landscape painters shy away from. There is a particularly fine winter landscape in this present show. If you don't like the harsh sunlight and cast shadows, Phillips has plenty of tonalist landscapes as well, from the large scale, design-oriented trees of Connie Borup to the diminuitive moody panels of Dave Hall. And for unabashed color, texture and rhythm you'll enjoy the aspen dominated canvases of Hadley Rampton.


A Gallery is your place to go for trees, from subtly layered tonalist paintings of Brandon Cook to the lusciously slick poplars of Gregory Stocks to the close-up gnarled roots and branches of Brian Koch. For a variety of landscapes, you'll want to visit Horne Fine Art, where you can view lush green landscapes, as in the work of Barbara Summers Edwards or the parched desert of Anthony Cox. Not to be missed are the works of Doug Braithwaite, a dedicated plein air painter whose name appears on the awards list for almost any outdoor competition in the state. He creates more depth and richness in his small, on-site works than many artists are able to do inside a controlled studio environment. This show will be up until June 3rd, so no need to skip getting your mother a gift to see it this week, but be sure to stop in before the month is out.

Allen Bishop

Allen Bishop's exhibit at the Rose Wagner Art Center will also be up until June, but be sure not to procrastinate. Because it is not a regular gallery, the Art Center is sometimes overlooked by gallery goers, but to miss this show would be a mistake. Bishop's works are unique in this state. Constructed of multiple pieces of wood, which are painted over in vibrant colors, his "non-objective" pieces are both painting and sculpture at the same time. And sometimes they are do-it-yourselfers, as Bishop allows some of his pieces to be reassembled in different forms. Bishop pushes the concept of non-objective painting. His paintings do not "re-present" any object in an exterior world, but they are very much objects in and of themselves. Bishop constructs multi-dimensional pieces out of wood and then paints on them in acrylic, creating geometrical designs. The result is a "painting" in search of a canvas. The wall and space around the piece become the support on which the subject floats. Bishop challenges your aesthetic perceptions as your mind tries to determine whether to relate to his pieces as sculpture or as painting.

Layne Meacham's work, now being exhibited at the Art Barn, reaches beyond traditional painting as well. This current show features pieces inspired by Meacham's recent trips to Colombia and what Meacham has created gives you the impression he somehow fit a chunk of wall in his suitcase. Meacham has always worked with modeling paste and other materials to create thick surface play that often resembles a peeling plaster wall. In these pieces he incorporates posters, advertisements, graffiti and other visual techniques to create his man-size Colombian "wish you were here, gringo" postcards.

If you like what Meacham is doing you'll want to stop back at A Gallery for the May Gallery Stroll, where the work of University of Utah professor, John O'Connell will be on display. Like Meacham, O'Connell is a fan of surface, though his works tend to be slower and softer than Meacham's. His layers lounge on top of each other, gently allowing the other's voice to whisper through.

Art Access' upcoming exhibition, 300 Plates, will be THE event for May Gallery Stroll. Problem is, you need to come a day early to really know what we're talking about. 300 Plates is the non-profit art space's annual fundraiser. Each year a number of artists -- 78 this year -- are invited to create works in their signature style using the 11" x 10" plates. The plates are then numbered sequentially from 50 to 350, the plate's number being its dollar price. A small selection of plates is also part of a silent auction.

Some of Utah's best-known artists participate in this event, which means that for as low as $50 and at maximum $350, art lovers can walk away with a piece of original artwork by their favorite Utah artist. But you've got to get there Thursday May 19th, the night before the Gallery Stroll opening. A $25 donation ($30 at the door) will get you into this mass frenzy of art lovers hurriedly choosing their favorite piece and trying to snag a gallery employee to get the check in hand before someone else does. And don't be fooled. When we say "mass frenzy" we mean it. Get there early. Doors open at 6:00 but a long line usually forms beforehand. The collection of 300 plates will remain on display thru June. Because space is limited, patrons are asked to RSVP in advance. For more information or to receive an invitation, please call 801-328-0703.

SLC Galleries
What's Up and Upcoming
Compiled by 15 Bytes Staff. Unless otherwise note, UPCOMING shows begin May Gallery Stroll, May 20th, with a reception 6 to 9 pm.

NEW VISIONS : UP: In MY WORLD, juried by Kent Miles. Fine photography re-examining our immediate surroundings and affecting a new vision of and understanding for the familiar resemblance to the original subject. Features the work of Alina Smith, David Parson, Michael Harvey, Tom Szalay, Michael Vandenberg, Dan Tree, Brad Ford, Mallory Qualls, Russell Daniels, Patrick Nelson, Mike Incze, Michael Nyers

DOWNTOWN SL PUBLIC LIBRARY: The work of Chris Miles will be on exhibit in the Children's section, level 1 beginning May 5th. A reception will be held 7:00 to 8:30 pm.

LIBBY GARDNER CONCERT HALL: Photographs by Don Thorpe, "Children of Abraham" features Jewish, Muslim and Christian images. This show is up for a limited time.

A GALLERY UP: Landscape Show with works by Brandon Cook, Brian Koch, John Sproul, Gregory Stocks, Christopher Thornock, and Mike Walton. UPCOMING: Abstract Paintings by John O'Connell.

CHROMA GALLERY: New works by Darryl Erdmann & John Bell. 1064 East 2100 South, SLC.

ART ACCESS GALLERY: UP: "Really - Ideally Female ", Cassandra Barney & Patricia Kimball. Art Access II Gallery "Seasons at the Shrine: A Photographic Documentary" by Marguerite H. Roberts. UPCOMING: 300 Plates. See bottom left column..

PHILLIPS GALLERY:   UP: Landscape show and sketches from Waldo Midgley's sketchbook. UPCOMING: Chris Coleman.

E STREET GALLERY UPCOMING: "Imaginings Manifest" paintings and assemblage by Brink Chipman. Thru July 14.

UTAH MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS "Crayola Dream-Makers," featuring a national exhibit of children's art, through June 20.

UNKNOWN GALLERY UP: The Glamour Show, an open call for entries exhibition featuring works with Glamour as the theme. UPCOMING: Icons and Idols, an open call for entry tyeme show.

UTAH ARTIST HANDS: can't wait . . . for Spring.

HORNE FINE ART UP:"MOTHER EARTH", featuring an array of fertile landscapes and garden scenes by Ken Baxter, Doug Braithwaite, Antony Cox, Traci O'Very Covey, Barbara Summers Edwards, Glen Edwards, Karen Horne, Phyllis F. Horne and others.

WOMENS ART CENTER: UP: Mie Hommura, whose child-like and surreal pieces are based on what she sees, whether visible or not. Also, an installation and new work by Teresa Flowers titled "Without you there would be no light."

ROSE WAGNER ARTS CENTER : John Kaly and Brett Peterson through the end of March. Albert Wint and Allen Bishop April through June.

THE ART IS IN UP: "Celebrate Form and Color" featuring the artwork of Joe Triano and Jim Ford.

ART BARN : UP through June 3 sculpture and installation by Court Bennett and paintings by Layne Meacham. Bennett works n a variety of 3-dimensonal mixed media, choosng materials wth a strong texture and visceral weight. Meacham is presenting "immediate, unadorned images" of his recent experiences in Bogota Colombia. Photography by Carol Koleman in the Park Gallery.

MICHAEL BERRY GALLERY (754 E. South Temple; 521-0243) UP: "The Magic of Pilar." Featuring oil, watercolors, mixed media, sculpture and furniture by Pilar Pobil.

SOUTHAM GALLERY (50 E Broadway; 322-0376)

SALT LAKE ART CENTER "The Daily News" through May 29. Adam Worden (see page 1)

3W Gallery (159 W. Broadway) — "Washed Up," featuring art by Joe Babcock and Bruce Maurey through July 8.

MUSEUM OF UTAH ART & HISTORY (125 S. Main) — "A Homeland in the West: Utah Jews Remember," 120 black-and-white photographs illustrating the contributions to Utah by its Jewish population, through May 16.

Mixed Media: Recent Utah Visual Arts Articles

5/6 Polka-dotted Truth: Adam Worden Collages at the Salt Lake Art Center

5/6 Margaret Hunt: Bringing her whole self to the Utah Arts Council

5/2 Salt Lake County taking care of art, audit shows

4/29 3 censored paintings draw purchase, exhibition offers

4/28 $1 painting fetches . . . police

4/28 Art Ball royalty through the years

4/24 Smithson's 'Spiral' resurfaces

4/21 This Is Not a Pipe:Art and science form a unique hybrid at An Evening of Arts Technology.

4/14 ’Scape Plan: Cityscapes, landscapes and mindscapes at April 15 Gallery Stroll.

4/10 Works at Salt Lake Art Center incorporate bits, pieces of newspapers

4/3 Riley's captivating shots sure to please gallerygoers

4/1 Visual Arts: The Guthrie:Accidental art institute over a cyclery

3/31 World Traveler: Kim Riley's photography shows she's no ordinary tourist.

3/27 The camera's exquisite eye: Display by 9 women photographers of Mexico is at Library Square

CALL FOR ENTRY: The Kimball Art Center is pleased to announce a call for entries for its Art Auction to be held in conjunction with the 2005 Annual Park City Kimball Arts Festival. Acclaimed auctioneer Bruce Brock, will host this year’s live auction on Thursday, August 4, 2005, highlighting a variety of original artwork by talented local and national artists. An exhibition of the juried artwork will be featured in the Kimball’s Main Gallery from July 16 to August 26, 2005. The Art Auction benefits the Kimball Art Center in its efforts to provide valuable art experiences and education to the Park City community. For more info, visit the Forum.


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